Northeast Regional

Northeast Regional - Pre-qualified Female Athletes

The female division is stacked.

Stacey Kroon - CrossFit Fenway
2009 Northeast Regional - 1st
2009 CrossFit Games - 10th
Kroon didn't perform as well on the fringes last year (run and deadlift), but when it comes to classic CrossFit couplets and triplets she excels. Lighter and faster is her game. A 6th place finish in last year's chipper event highlights her versatility.

Lauren Erwin - CrossFit Milford
2009 Northeast Regional - 2nd
2009 CrossFit Games - 19th
Erwin played D1 collegiate soccer at Boston University. A second place finish in the long run in Aromas says she can go long, and she'll be crossing her fingers for a run on Sunday. The Clean and Jerk event could trip her up.

Heather Keenan Bergeron- CrossFit New England
2009 Northeast Regional - 3rd
2009 CrossFit Games - 17th
2010 New England Sectional - 1st
Burgeron is a very competitive athlete and plays to win. After missing day two in Aromas by ten seconds last year she will be back with a purpose. A sub three minute Fran time and some impressive strength numbers will make her a hard competitor to beat. Burgeron also has a background in middle and long distance triathlons, so going long does not scare her.

Kim Malz - CrossFit Persevere
2009 Northeast Regionals - 3rd
2009 CrossFit Games - 56th
One of the most inspirational stories to come out of last year's Games, Malz is a fighter. She was cut before the final couplet of day one, missing inclusion by one point. Expect to see a balanced performance from this athlete.

Lauren Plumey - Shoreline CrossFit
2009 Northeast Regionals - 5th
2009 CrossFit Games - 45th
A top finish at the Hybrid Winter Challenge in the lightweight division showed this young lady has brute strength and power. The clean and jerk even could favor her. If something long comes up on Sunday she could be in trouble.

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Lauren Erwin - 2009 Interview

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Stacy Kroon - 2009 Interview

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5 comments on this entry

1. AV wrote...

Kim's story is inspiring, and she is a PHENOMENAL athlete, but I think that is a type that she came in 17th at the Games...Bergeron did.

2. Derek wrote...

No Gillian Mounsey?

3. Miranda 801 wrote...

I am in love with Heather Keenan Bergeron! Sorry Ben!

4. Kim's Mom wrote...

Kim Malz is the affiliate owner of CrossFit Persevere ~ 3-2-1 GO Fit Mom!

5. Gillian Mounsey wrote...

Sitting this year out. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! Have a great time and go kick some butt.


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