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Northeast Regional

North East Regional Events Announced

Competition heads North this weekend

The 2010 Northeast Qualifier will take place this coming weekend, May 21-23rd at Albany CrossFit. The top three males and females from the competition will join peers from other regions across the globe at the CrossFit Games finals in July. Organizer Jason Ackerman of Albany CrossFit has released the challenges the athletes will be up against.

"This is what you've been waiting for. The times listed are tentative and subject to change with the flow of the day.

Friday - May 21st:

Affiliate Event 1 * (4 - 7pm)
“Pull and Push”
in 12 Minutes complete:
Males - 40 Snatches @ 115#
Females - 40 Snatches @ 83#
Then - When both males and females are done with all 40 reps, the team will go for the maximum repetitions of handstand pushups in the time remaining, one individual at a time.
The score will be the number of Handstand Pushups completed as a team. The Snatch can be power or squat. HSPUs will have hands placed on 35# plates for the entire duration of the movement, with an Abmat below your head. Full extension of both arms is required at the top of the movement.
Saturday - May 22nd:

Individual Event 1 (9:30am - 12:30pm)
Overhead Squats (135/95)
Chest to Bar Pullups

No racks will be provided for the Overhead Squats. There is a 10 Minute Time Limit.

Affiliate Event 2 * (1 - 4pm)
For time:
100 Ground to Shoulder (135/95)
100 Box Jumps (24”/20")
100 Chest to Bar Pullups
100 SDHP (95/65)
100 Burpees
At the same time: Row a 4k
25 Minute Time Limit

Two athletes can be moving at the same time, however, one athlete must be on the rower until the entire 4k is completed. With the other movements, one of the three remaining athletes can move at a time. You must complete all 100 reps of one movement, before moving to the next. You will have two barbells, and the plates needed to make the weights necessary for the movements. After the 4k is completed, two athletes can move at once to finish the remaining 100 rep movements. If the 100 rep movements are done, but the 4k row is not finished, time will continue to run until the 4k is completed.  

Individual Event 2: (4 - 6:30pm)
Establish 3 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

You will have 10 minutes to establish your three rep max. All three lifts must occur within 40 seconds. If you miss a lift, you can make another attempt, as long as three successful lifts occur within 40 seconds. You will load your own bar. As long as the bar passes through the rack position, and you lock the weight out overhead with your feet below you, the lift will count. You may drop the bar from overhead. All 3 lifts must be entirely done before the 40 seconds has expired.   Athletes will be responsible for loading their own bars.  All athletes will be able to make 310 pounds in 5 pound increments.  If you feel you will go heavier than 310, please let us know.
Sunday's third Individual event will be announced Saturday night, the fourth event will be announced at the completion of event 3:

The third Affiliate event will also be announced Saturday night.

* All Affiliate events will have only 2 males and 2 females participating in each event.

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Standards - Affiliate Event 1

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Standards - Affiliate Event 2

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Standards - Individual Event 1

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Standards - Individual Event 2

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63 comments on this entry

1. LP wrote... better let Ackerman "know" for event 2! These all look AWESOME! Glad the affiliate team has the 4 K row :+) Can't wait to see you all Friday.

2. Jason Ackerman wrote...

To be clear on Affiliate WOD 2 - one athlete will be rowing, but that athlete can be rotated. The same athlete does not have to row the entire 4k.

3. Vlad wrote...

Concerning the HSPU, can they be kipped as long as there is full lockout of the arms?

4. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#3 - Vlad - Yes, as long as full ROM is met.

5. Justin McGinley wrote...

Steve, I KNOW you are happy with these WODs!

Go get 'em

6. BK wrote...

Jason! In WOD #1 for team,can the team keep rotating through HSPU or does the individual get 1 shot at max attempt.

7. Andrea D. wrote...

So excited for this weekend!! Good Luck to our ACF athletes: Brett, Kim, and Laura and our ACF Team: Javy,Caleb,Kevin,Viv,Kia, and Theresa! I know you will represent!

8. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#6 - BK - yes, you will have the remaining time to hit MAX HSPU, each athlete can go as often or as little as you decide and as many attempts as you can fit in the remaining time.

9. judah wrote...

In Affiliate WOD 2, do the events need to be done in order, or can he team choose the order to complete the tasks?

10. Pat wrote...

Well I was excited to see the wods...Is this a test of OH strength or GPP? Steve, kill it man!

11. Sandra wrote...

I echo Andrea D. Can't wait to see the ACF show their strength! Brett, Kim & Laura, you will do AMAZING and do us all, and especially MM proud! can't wait to see Javy, Caleb, Kevin, Viv, Kia and Theresa show their stuff as well! GO ACF!!

12. Allen Blanco wrote...

Will every affiliate have the oppurtunity to compete in the third affiliate event, or is it only for the top affiliate teams after two events?

13. BK wrote...

Can you give us an estimated start time for Sunday team WOD, late afternoon?

14. merle wrote...

very nice wods! great job Jason.

15. Ben B. wrote...

Hey Jay - The WODS look great!
For the Team Snatch event, is each athlete going to complete 40 snatches, or is it 40 reps for males and 40 for females?

16. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#9 - Judah - events must be done in order

#12 - Allen Blanco - logistics for that are still being finalized but our goal is to have every team compete on Sunday.

17. Hari wrote...

On the affilaite "Pull and Push" WOD, is there only one person snatching at a time, or do both men and women go at the same time?

18. Melissa Mulligan wrote...

Awesome! Jay, I can't wait to see you, the Albany crew and all of the Northeast Crossfitters this weekend!
Get some, PELICANS.
LP - maybe you should let Jay know about that 310 limit. :)

19. Mike wrote...

In response to #16 and your answer to #12: I though all Affiliate Teams were definitely competing in 3 WODs, which I believe is in line with the other regional events. A definite answer before Friday will help everyone decide who to place in the first two WODs to at least ensure every athlete has a chance to compete. Thanks.

20. Michael wrote...

Seems to be a heavy strength bias for the individual WODs.

21. Hari wrote...

Do the teams do a total of 80 snatches (40 by the men and 40 by the women) or a total of 160 snatches (40 by each of the four team members)?

22. wes hendricks wrote...

squat snatch the first rep, will it count as a rep?

23. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#13 - BK - Tentative Team start time for Saturday is 12:30pm.

#15 - Ben B. - 40 reps for both males and females.

#17 - Hari - Both men and women can be snatching at the same time.

#19 - Mike - you will surely be given a definite answer before Friday.

#20 - Mike - these are 2 of 4 individual WODs.

#21 - Hari - Each team does 80 snatches total - 40 for men and 40 for women.

#22 - Wes - as long as you still hit full ROM

24. wes hendricks wrote...

jason sounds good, thank you!

25. Nick wrote...

#1 Noone will even get 310 is my bet....

I'll pick Hobart to be atop going into Sunday...

26. Mike wrote...

Thanks Jason.

27. MARK T wrote...

hey these team workouts look great can't wait till this weekend its gonna be a blast!!!!!!!

28. Stacey Smolinski wrote...

Good Luck ACF!!!!

29. Steven Platek wrote...

Is there ANY CHANCE this event and the final games event will also be broadcast live over the internet? Please say yes, please say yes! My athletes want to hold a Games Party, like a superbowl party, except with paleo/zone food instead of beer and nachos.

30. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#29 - Steven - we are trying, but no guarantees.

31. nick wrote...

surely these events are made for Orlando.

32. jason leydon wrote...

Jason... I know how much time and effort you are putting into this. Great job with the workouts! This weekend is going to be EPIC!!! I will see you soon bro....

33. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#32 - Jason - Thanks Bro! Appreciate it!

34. Austin wrote...

Jason, Great work! I am stoked to be a part of this event this weekend. My Father and me are excited to both be competing! See you soon.

35. Angie Ahr wrote...

Good Luck to hometown ACF'ers & everyone competing-can't wait to cheer everyone on!!!

36. bk wrote...

Can you tell me Sunday estimated start time?

37. Jamie@CFA wrote...

If you want an easy method for streaming .. just use UStream .. all you need are a laptop and a decent Webcam. We used it out here and it worked out great ..but then your venue and number of athletes is greater than ours ....

38. TW wrote...

Can spectators pre-register online?

39. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#36 - BK - Plan on around 12pm for Affiliate WODs on Sunday.

#37 - Jamie - Thanks, I'll look into that.

#38 - TW - yes, on the Northeast Page - Register - Spectators

40. Jezz wrote...

Looks good.

41. Mike K wrote...

Great 1st WOD's. I'm curious on how it may be scored, specifically for the clean + jerk WOD. I'm assuming a point based system is the plan. In the event of a tie, does speed count for getting the 3 reps. Say if you me and your brother all get 225, but your brother does it in 32 seconds and we do it in 33/34 seconds would he get a place ahead of us, or would we all be scored evenly. Thanks. You're doing a great job Jason!

42. Nick @ OTG wrote...

J -
Great work on the WOD's!! It's going to be a terrific weekend!!

43. Larry wrote...

For Friday's Affiliate Snatch/HSPU WOD - hypothetically, can one male do 30 snatches and the other 10? Or one woman do all 40? How would that work?

44. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#41 -Mike K - no speed will not play a role in scoring 3RM WOD.

#43 - Larry - It's for per men and women, how your team decides to break up the reps is at your discretion. One person can do all 40, you can split them evenly, it is your team's decision.

45. Daniel BOOMSUACE Tyminski wrote...

When will the heats be posted?

46. Jocelyn Leydon wrote...

Jay, after hosting sectionals at our box I know how much time and effort goes into hosting this event. It is going to be awesome! Great WOD's so far! Can't wait for this weekend!! I only hope the excitement doesn't put me into early labor!

47. Seth wrote...

How many athletes advance to the final wod in the individual competition?

48. LP wrote...

Jay-is there any way to purchase spectator tickets at the door or just online?


49. overhead wrote...

If overhead strength work is your game, these individual wods are right up your alley and will have you in a nice position going into Sunday.

50. Tom wrote...

Are the workouts the same for the Masters division?

51. Fox wrote...

Orlando will own this event. Hope Sunday has a killer metcon that requires running.

52. K Malz wrote...

Thanks to Jay and everyone involved in putting Regionals together.

Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing everyone in a few days!

53. Scott Lewis wrote...

Jason...looks like a lot of FUN!! Thanks for all the effort that you and your crew have put in to this event. I look forward to the competition.

54. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#45 - Daniel - no later than Thursday night.

#47 - Seth - not finalized yet

#48 - LP - yes

Everyone else - thanks for the kind words - we look forward to seeing all of you!

55. Rob Orlando wrote...


Really looking forward to a great weekend of competition. Events look great...I know how hard it is to run this stuff and I'm sure you've got your team in place. Ask for help when you need it and enjoy yourself.

Good luck-

56. Daniel BOOMSUACE Tyminski wrote...

Thanks Jason! Let me know if you need anything!

57. Sara wrote...


Will the women have ladies bars for the clean and jerk?

58. Denise Thomas wrote...

Hey Jason...

If you miss a jerk on the 3RM C&J, can you re-jerk or does the bar have to come back down to the ground first?

Great job with the WODS and good luck for the weekend :) Looking forward to it.

- Denise.

59. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#57 - Sara - yes

#58 - Denise - yes, you can re-jerk

60. Katie Burke wrote...

Hi Jason -

How many Affiliate teams are competiting and are all teams competiting Sunday?
Looking forward to a awesome weekend!

- Katie

61. Jason Ackerman wrote...

#60 - Katie - 30, yes.

62. Shawn T wrote...

Jason, just looked over affiliate heats and noticed that it said 30 snatches. Is this a typo?

63. Sky wrote...

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