Jasmine Dever won top honors in the individual women's competition

North Central Regional

North Central Weekend Wrap-up

The first U.S. regional competition over-delivers

The first weekend of Regional competition has come to a close. In the typical fashion of CrossFit competition, the doors were blown off.  The event was both inspirational and unbelievable; a perfect start to a month of regional events. The following report comes from the organizer.

Sunday morning found the Douglas County Events Center converted into a bizarre manufacturing experiment that produced squat snatches, ball slams, pullups and 24” paralette jumps at break neck pace under the watchful eyes of a boisterous crowd and precise judging.  The inspiration of the morning came when Christopher Fabian of Air Force CrossFit wrestled with, shouted at, and eventually manufactured 20 close to bodyweight split snatches, for the first time in his life.  One athlete, 20 PRs, and it wasn’t even 10am.

In the final men’s heat of the morning, Patrick Burke of MBS CrossFit, cut 1:41 off the previous fastest time of the day and finished in 6:57.  Ricky Frausto of CrossFit Omaha, came in second in that same heat 28 seconds behind Pat.  The bar had been set high for the men’s final.  The action picked up in the first heat for the women when Trina Vanomy of CrossFit Flathead and Angella Starmer of CrossFit Iowa battled side by side to finish their snatches before the cutoff time.  Surrounded by cheering supporters they both came close.  The first heat was won by Megan Guthmiller of CrossFit Omaha in a time of 12:14.  Emmalee Moore of CrossFit Verve won the second women’s heat in a time of 11:05.  Everyone is anxiously waiting to see how these times will hold up once the finals begin.

The first heat of the Affiliate finals exploded at 1:30pm with a symphony of deadlifts, thrusters, pull ups, and burpees.  CrossFit Valley Park took the first heat in a time of 7:50.  The second heat which had the top finishers from the first day’s events went off at a blazing pace with CrossFit Rockford finishing first in a time of 6:42, and CrossFit Omaha finishing second in 7:43.

The North Central Region’s affiliate qualifiers for the 2010 CrossFit Games in July are:

1   CrossFit Omaha
2   CrossFit Rockford
3  Brother’s CrossFit
CrossFit Castle Rock
AIC CrossFit
Flatirons CrossFit
Windy City CrossFit
CrossFit Valley Park

The women’s final went off without a hitch and Jasmine Dever of Front Range CrossFit won the heat with a time of 8:09 and first place overall with a score of 1301.52.  But the hearts of the crowd were won by diminutive Megan John, an unaffiliated CrossFitter out of Fort Riley, Kansas.  Needing a booster plate to reach the pull up bar and easily 10lbs to equal the snatch weight, she had the entire east side of the Event Center on their feet as she bravely battled and beat the cut off time.  The roar of the crowd on her last lift was unbelievable.

The top ten women’s finishers for the North Central Region are listed below.  The top four have qualified for the 2010 CrossFit Games in July.

1  Jasmine Dever
2  Stacie Tovar
3  Kelly Jo Smith
4  Jessica Hellyer

5  Kelly Allen
6  Nicole Gibson
7  Erin Cunningham
8  Emmalee Moore
9  Erin Lamb-Smith
10  Libby DiBiase

The men’s final was no less spectacular.  Matt Chan of CrossFit Verve won the heat in a time of 6:35, and took first overall with a score of 914.42.  The shocker of the final heat was Ryan Lillienthal of CrossFit Parker, who started a minute and a half behind Matt in the staggered start and passed all other athletes to finish second with a time of 6:48. This gave him second overall and a total score of 1016.78.

The top ten men’s finishers are listed below.  The top four have qualified for the 2010 Crossfit Games in July.

1  Matt Chan
2  Ryan Lilienthal
3  Patrick Burke
4  Jeremy Christofferson

5  Ricky Frausto
6  Jake Howard
7  Kevin Montoya
8  Brandon Pastorek
9  Nate Beard
10  Alex Netty

View all live results from the regionals.

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Matt Chan won the men's division
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12 comments on this entry

1. J Hoggan wrote...

Wish I could have seen this... sounds like an awesome event. My heart goes out to you, Ricky. Tough break, but a great effort by everyone, I'm sure...

2. Evan5280 wrote...

Ryan Lillienthal's effort was one of the gutsiest and greatest things I've seen in person. Unreal my friend! Awesome work to all the competitors!

3. Dan S. wrote...

Great job Chris F.

4. CraigH - DiabloCrossFit wrote...

No Libby Dibiase at the Games?! No way! Tough competition at this regional.

5. AMH wrote...

Mad props to Garry Martin. This guy is a surgical resident, works 100 hours/week and just got off a 9 week rotation of nights. Gave it his all on the final workout. Awesome job!

6. Steve H wrote...

Congrats to Matt Chan! along with everyone else who competed.

7. Marci wrote...

How come there is no link to Brothers Crossfit? I can't find there location or website?

8. zaugg wrote...

Brothers Crossfit is the other team from Front Range.

9. tim wrote...

Wasn't it against the rules to have two teams from one affiliate?

10. Tony Budding wrote...

Brother's CrossFit is a legitimate, separate affiliate (separate license agreement, separate annual fee, etc) from Front Range. They do currently operate in a shared space while they look for their own box.

11. NCAthlete wrote...

To put on an event like this takes a lot of preparation, time and money. I commend Skip and everyone who made it happen seamlessly the last two years. I think the region can be proud of the event that took place. 99.9% of the athletes/coaches were great. However I think HQ should step in and develop an overarching "Spirit of the Games" mandate that applies to all athletes/coaches registering future CF competitions. You can start with the below.

1) We are here because we enjoy being competitive, healthy, and challenging our physical and mental capacity. The competition aspect never trumps appreciation and respect for athletes, coaches, judges, volunteers, and organizers as without any of these there is no competition.

2) It is the athletes responsibility (not the judges) to ensure proper range of motion and safety. Similar to a boxing or MMA match that comes down to a judges decision, if you make it close enough that a human judge has to make a decision than you have no right to question or complain. You had the opportunity to display clear full range of motion or in this analogies case for the knockout and it was not done. If your not sure what I'm referencing watch the video of Mikko's reaction and attitude from last year's games when asked about having a few kettelbell swing rep's taken away, that's how it is done;a humble champion

As Crossfit continues to grow and become more competitive we need to take a step back and put it in perspective and not let the competitive aspect cloud us from being grateful for what we have and the ability to do it

12. tao wrote...

Congrats to Chan and Jasmine!! Both repeated at the top spot in the region, no easy feat, as anyone can attest.
Even more than that, I'm STUNNED by the magnitude of their domination: Chan bested the next athlethe by almost 1 min, 45 sec. As incredible as that is, Jasmine won by almost 2 min 30 sec!!!! (Jasmine also came into the final heat with a 1:30 advantage and went on to post the fastest heat in the women's finals by almost A MINUTE. Unreal.)

Great event, with lots of spectacular, inspiring performances by individuals and teammates, most of whom go home now with no other accolades than having answered the call within and fought hard. I'm humbled by the spirit of all of you. tao


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