Southwest Regional

Athlete Profile: Neal Maddox - Southwest Regional

First place finisher from NorCal has his eyes on a 2010 Games spot.

Neal Maddox put out a very consistent effort at the NorCal Sectional, finishing within the top five in all of the four workouts that took place throughout the weekend. Maddox has a background in professional sports and is applying the solid foundation he's built up over the past 14 years on his road to the Games.

Name: Neal Maddox
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195lbs
Sectional: NorCal - 1st Place
Regional: Southwest

What is your athletic background?
My athletic Background consisted of Football, Track, and  Wrestling. I competed at the collegiate level in football for 4 years. I graduated with a degree in exercise science and a minor in religion. I started off as a typical athlete doing power lifts mixed in with core stability and some body building techniques. That all changed when I was introduced to crossfit.

I played football in McMinnville, Oregon for Linfield College which holds the nations most consecutive winning seasons (54). I also coach football for Los Gatos high which has recorded an impressive record of 43-10 with 2 Central Coast Section titles since I arrived in the last 4 years. a few now-Pro players (like Trent Edwards and Jarred Allen) attended school there before my tenure. I also am the strength and conditioning coach for San Jose City college women's basketball team.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I have been a trainer for over 14 years and have owned my own gym, X-treme Athletics for the last 4 1/2 years. I found out about CrossFit through a friend and realized that this was the type of training I liked and needed to do on a regular basis. So I started implementing it in my everyday activities. I got my Level One Certification over a year ago and am currently working on my Level 2. I am not a affiliate yet but intend on becoming one in the next year. I realized the way you train people in the Globo-gym atmosphere was to soft for me. I like train hard core and I tell my clients this "if you have never asked yourself what the F%*% am I doing this for then you have not trained hard enough."

I love to teach but realized that I still like to compete also. I noticed that I could compare my times to other people online and saw that my times were usually comparable to the top 5%. Competition motivates me and since I was done playing football CrossFit was the avenue for me to turn to. So I got certified and was a judge at the 2009 CrossFit Games. I realized then that I had the ability to compete with the guys who were there. This year I competed in the Nor Cal Sectional and placed 1st out of 250 athletes.

What is unique about you as an individual or athlete?
What can I say about my life I grew up in poverty and always had a dream to make it big and realized CrossFit was going to be the way to put my name on the map. I know that I need to put in many training hours to be at the level of some of these guys but I feel that I am on pace and life has set me up for all of this to happen. I am very passionate and dedicated to my success in CrossFit.

Other than that, I let my performances do the talking.

Watch all of Neal's performances in real time with our live webcast of the SouthWest Regional Event.

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11 comments on this entry

1. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...

Did you play with Ryan Powell at Linfield?

2. Manny Morales wrote...

Neal is a great athlete and coach, very inspirational. The best of his performance has yet to come.. Release the beast!!!

3. neal wrote...

Yes Tommy, I played with Ryan Powell.. have not seen him in years...

4. She Ra wrote...

Neal, your a stud! But please no more two tone hair. You are very handsome au naturel!!!! Let your performance speak to your studliness!

5. peter nguyen wrote...

neal is the man that im always chasing to beat in the gym, great trainer and friend, looking forward to southwest reagionals

6. Terry wrote...

Looking forward to this weekend and watching this competition. Looks like I am training hard enough I am always asking myself that question.

7. John Hall wrote...

The two tone hair is awesome! Neal, I saw you compete in March, and I'm rooting for you this weekend, watching you makes me want to get better than I am now. Tear it up brother!

8. Christopher Stange wrote...

Neal my brotha, you have changed my life, health and attitude in so many ways in the past year... thank you thank you thank you! Never before have I witnessed 1st hand someone's thoughts and goals manifest out of shear will power, it is inspiring.
PS No surprise you're sitting at the top after day 1, give 'em hell tomorrow!!!!

9. Sarah Jane Medrano wrote...

Neal Maddox is truly a living inspiration. Joining his gym was seriously the best decision I could have made as it has truly changed my life. He is a tremdous athlete and transforms his dreams into reality. I am so thankful for having such an amazing individual in my life! He is such a wonderful coach and great friend.

Can't wait to watch conquer and defeat at the Crossfit games in July!!!!

10. HENRY (hennessy) wrote...

I just worked out with this dude yesterday (5/12/10) and man talk about a workout, i puked like 4 times then again it was my first time, despite the throwing up i felt great. At first i was intimidated because everyone there is in shape except for me i felt like the fat kid in class, we ran a mile and guess who came in last that's right Neal hahaha. I definitely will be back,I've been trying to find a gym like this for so long, he actually CARES about the people that attend his gym he pushes you and pushes you when i felt like i couldn't do one more sit up,one more pull up,one more push up,one more squat he shouted words of encouragement PUSH IT GET UP THERE COME ON!!!! He gave me that motivation to do not just 1 more but 10 more...This guy most definitely inherits the 3 D's Desire,Determination and Dedication.I will be committed to gym for a very long time who knows one day i might be competing. Neal is a great great trainer and very inspirational this is one of the best decisions i've made in my life for me and my health.

11. Joe wrote...

Neal, you are such an inspiration. Keep it up.


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