Southeast Regional

Athlete Profile: Melissa Kiel - Southeast Regional

1st place from the Florida Sectional.

Name: Melissa Kiel
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155
Sectional: Florida - 1st
Regional: Southeast
Affiliate: CrossFit Daytona
Clean & Jerk: 165
Snatch: 115
Deadlift: 285
Max Pullups: 35
400 meters: 59 seconds

What is your athletic background?
Growing up I wasn't much of an athlete. Just liked being outdoors playing sports for fun, mostly surfing, running and swimming. In high school I played as many sports as I could fit in. Swimming was the sport in which I excelled the most. After high school I trained a lot in a globo gym and joined a club level rugby team. When I became pregnant with my son I had to put the contact sport away and after his birth I decided I'd train for triathlons and lose all 60 lbs I put on. Somewhere in there I ended up becoming a certified personal trainer. My training partner and I came across CrossFit when I was signing up for my first triathlon. We were fired from globo gym soon after getting our level 1 cert for training our clients CrossFit style. We opened a box and never looked back.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I am a co-founder and a part time trainer at CrossFit Daytona. The funds I have generated in the past 2 years at CFD are being used to put myself through massage therapy school. I'm looking forward to bringing some recovery action to our clients. Constantly looking for ways to make our box successful. Which is why I am trying to represent CFD well in this years Games. I almost made it to Cali last year. I was tied for 7th (points) in the southeast region but was DQ'd due to a time limit. I've trained hard this year and hopefully its my year for Aromas.

What is unique about you as an individual or athlete?
CrossFit and my CF friends and clients inspire me, not the other way around.


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5 comments on this entry

1. matt baird wrote...

Meliissa Kiel is an absolute beast. I have trained with her many times and WOW. How many women do you know that consistently use RX men's weight, and beat most the men in her gym? SHE WILL BE IN AROMAS.

2. Jesse Emers wrote...

Melissa is a beast.

3. Meri Albert wrote...

Melissa inspires all of us at Crossfit Daytona. She is an amazing athlete and infuses our box with strength and energy. She wants those around her to strive for their best and she's always willing to help them. Good Luck Melissa!!!!!

4. Jess Connatser wrote...

Melissa is the one who inspired me to accomplish many of my goals, and always had faith in me from day one. Hearing her shout at me to keep going while I"m pushing through a WOD is motivation at it's best. She's a beast and I can't wait to watch her compete. Go Melissa!

5. Craig wrote...

I remember that I wanted to check back on Melissa after reading her progile and Matt's comments that she will make it. But I saw she DNF'd a couple of WODs. Does anyone know what happened?


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