Australia Regional

Athlete Profile: Megan Smith - Australia Regional

Committed mother of five fighting for a spot at the Games.

Megan Smith is a committed mother of five, plus a wife and a nurse. Juggling a career, kids and responsibilities at home doesn’t keep her from hitting workouts hard and competing for a chance to represent Australia at the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Name: Megan Smith
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150lbs
Affiliate: CrossFit Base
Regional: Australia
Cindy: 18 Rounds
Filthy Fifty: 21:20
Fight Gone Bad: 316
Clean & Jerk: 126lbs
Snatch: 110lbs
Deadlift: 253lbs
Back Squat: 180lbs
Pull-ups: 25

What is your athletic background?
Growing up I participated in numerous sports, cross country, road running and Field events, played softball, gymnastics and also danced for 13 years. But swimming was the sport that I ended up specializing in, gaining a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport in Swimming. I competed at National and International levels and was World ranked in a number of events.

After being a competitive swimmer, and then a coach, I became a heavy smoking skydiver who spent weekends at the dropzone jumping and partying... LOVED the life but then had an urge to quit smoking (I smoked for 17 years) and become fit, and so began my path to CrossFit.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I started CrossFitting Jan 2009. I used to attend the local gym and loved participating in bootcamp style sessions but was getting bored with them. I started searching the web to see what else there was out there and came across CrossGit and have never looked back. I would love it if this was my full time job but unfortunately it does not put food on the table, so I am an athlete.

What is unique and/or interesting about you as an individual or athlete?
As mentioned above I was a heavy smoker for 17 years and decided to not only quit smoking but to get fit again. I am also a mother of 5 children and I am a full time shift worker (Emergency Nurse and Midwife). My husband is in the Defense Force who spent/spends a lot of time away from home, so I needed to plan my sessions around my work and family commitments. I started by running around a lake close to home, usually at night once the kids were in bed, and in the beginning I managed about 2km and thought I was going to die but that just made me more determined. I also started kickboxing, boxing and attending the local gym and slowly things improved.
I cannot attend the normal group sessions that are available so I train either by myself or with a couple of friends who meet up with me at the local gym, it is difficult but I love what I do and I have a very supportive family.


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16 comments on this entry

1. Graeme wrote...

Impressive Megan; five kids would keep you fit enough. Well done at the strongman comp too.
See you in a few weeks

2. lelak wrote...

Megs, you're an inspiration. Kick butt & take names, girl.

3. Michaela wrote...

GO MUM! (:

4. Richard Jeans wrote...

Good Luck Megan, Your going to need it against the "Mighty Magpie !!! :o)
But seriously....what a could have been furry slippers with zips up the middle, a packet of Winnie reds and a chardy.... but you chose to walk towards the light instead.
as lela says, an inspiration to all the mums out there and to most women.... Christ and most of the Aussie males too Bahahahha.... All the best. and God Bless.


5. Kurt Southam wrote...

Hey Megs,

Awesome profile, You're going to SMASH regionals. Good Luck

6. Mandy Kinzett wrote...

Very inspiring Megan - it can be difficult co-ordinating motherhood, a career and training! I only hope I can be as successful as you - but only with one child!! Good luck at Regionals!! I'll be cheering you on!!

7. Stella Pappas wrote...

Megan absolutely without a doubt amazing acheivements and that's only so far... truly an inspiration...

8. Dad wrote...

Onya Migs.

9. Deborah wrote...

Megan - aka The Machine. Best of luck with the regionals, and if you can do what you did in February at Newcastle, you will be opening a huge can of whoop ass in a few weeks.
You are an inspiration to not only women but to many men as all. Your determination and being able to juggle motherhood, a career and your daily WOD's. You should be so proud of yourself.
Bes of luck and hope to be there cheering you on !!!!
GO GIRL xxxxxx

10. Glenn (CFP) wrote...

Love your work Megan

11. Maciej wrote...

Good luck - you're a real inspiration. Cheers from
a garage Crossfitter in Wamboin.

12. Francine Pehi wrote...

I read this article about you last week Megan and was in awe of you with your incredible achievements to date, with many more to come. I had never met you until today but was not aware it was you, The Megan! Then I found this article again and realised it was YOU who was there beside me encouraging and supporting me on the final leg (12x 40kg thrusters) of our 3rd WOD of the Australasian Regionals!
How honoured I am to be competing alongside women like you! I don't know you but I do know that you are just as amazing, inspirational and genuine as all those before me have commented.
Thank you so much for what you and Rachel Vickery did for me this afternoon. Now that is the TRUE spirit of Crossfit. I'll see you in the morning Megan!!!!! Ready to be inspired again! X

13. megan smith wrote...

Thank-you all for your wonderful words of encouragement, I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement that I have received from our wonderful crossfit community.
Francine It was my gave it your all and I also gain insipration from people like yourself who give it there all and never quit - be proud of yourself!!

14. Helen Moulas wrote...

Well done overall this weekend Megan, you are an inspiration, I also had the privalege to meet 3 of your beautiful daughters on the weekend. And I must say they are very very proud of you, and you have done a great job, they are good girls.

I think at least one of them will take your place in crossfit events in years to come, good luck in the US.

15. Gail Batman wrote...

Congratulations Megan. What a fabulous effort! You really deserve your success. I am so excited that you're going to the States to represent Australian Crossfit women.

16. steam mops for tile floors wrote...

Are you serious? I am not so sure about the legitimacy of your facts. Seems kinda bogus.


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