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2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Masters Competition Update

A quick look at the current leaders.

This year's Masters competition is the first of it's kind. Competitors aged 50 and older from around the world are competing for 15 spots to the CrossFit Games finals at the Home Depot Center in July. A top performance at your regional event does not guarantee that you will advance to the finals, your times must stand strong against every competitor from every region across the world, for you to advance.

Already the competition has proved its worth. We've seen heartbreak and triumph at each of the Regional competitions. In some instances the stories coming out of the Master's event have been the highlight of the competition for spectators. Mothers, fathers and grandparents of individual competitors have been laying it on the line and producing results that would be impressive for people half their age.

Here's a quick look at the current leader board. For up to the minute scores in the Master's competition, check here regularly.

Top 5 Masters Men
1. Jay Thomas 
2. Paul Flores 
3. Jon Hults  
4. Terry Dickman  
5. Mike Lyons 

Top 5 Masters Women
1. Heidi Fish
2. Mary Kathryn Itnyre
3. Lisa Switzer
4. Rhonda Pierce
5. Lynne Knapman

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Masters Competition From The North Central Regional

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Masters Competition From The Southwest Regional

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38 comments on this entry

1. Adam Stevenson wrote...


2. Jane H wrote...

Great work everyong - as the only female competitor at the European Regional last weekend - all I can say is that the support and encouragement that I received from everyone- main competitors, judges and spectators alike - was phenomenal, my performance did not live up to it, but it didn't stop me having a great time. Roll on next year! -
Can someone clarify how many actually go through? - according to the link attached its top 15 men and top 15 women -but its say top 20 above, so a little confused.

3. Jane H wrote...

Great work everyone - as the only female competitor at the European Regional last weekend - all I can say is that the support and encouragement that I received from everyone- competitors, judges and spectators alike - was phenomenal, my performance did not live up to it, but it didn't stop me having a great time. Roll on next year! -
Can someone clarify how many actually go through? - according to the link attached its top 15 men and top 15 women -but its say top 20 above, so a little confused.

4. Grant Davis wrote...

Mouse, Brick Connors, Top Gun Instructor, says Hi. He coaches my son at high school lacrosse. I encouraged him to step it up.

5. mark barnes wrote...

Jane stop hoggin the comments page! PS. You did great last weekend.

6. Larry wrote...

Nice work boys and girls - we all know this is the real competition!

7. Dana wrote...

How about listing the region along side their name?

8. Maggie wrote...

Go MK! Go CF Fairfax!!!!
You make us proud girl!

9. Glenn wrote...

Im with Jane, is it top 15 or top 20? People on other side of world possibly need to start arranging flights etc...
As a coach of one of the female masters entered last weekend, I have to say it was one of the greatest moments I have had within CrossFit. Witnessing all the "Masters" go at it at the Australian regional, albeit small in number was really inspiring. That special moment I had with Jen will remain with me for a long time. The person who came up with the saying "Big boys don't cry" didnt witness Jen going after C2B Cindy. Your my hero Jen.

10. Sue wrote...

Yay Rhonda!!! CF Rockford is so proud!

11. Gary wrote...

I mean this in the most constructive fashion....

This Masters event should have been handled in a more fair manner. The WODs were announced weeks ago for many of these athletes and this gives an unfair advantage to those doing the WODs at later regionals.

Athletes at the North Central Regionals had a week to prepare for the "unknown" and then at the Southwest Regionals the athletes had not only an additional week, but knew what numbers to beat from the previous Regional event.

Now we have Masters that will have had three plus weeks to prepare....

This is a very unfair advantage.

You can dial in your Cindy and Double Unders to give you an unfair advantage.

Should have been planned better

12. Lisa wrote...

Great event and I am so happy to have had a Masters event to compete in. Something to the live coverage and the posted videos there is no masters....we all worked really hard and it would be nice to be included. AND...therer are a lot of people 50+ who would be inspired and think..."I can do that and I want to try!" They are future CrossFit box members... I hope at the Games you can mix in the Masters events so people can watch instead of having them on a different day or all first thing in the morning before everyone gets there :)
Not complaining ...just a thought :) Great job on the was smooth and on time and teh people who came to watch, who didn't know Crossfit were amazed!!

13. LAL wrote...

Go Jay Thomas! You are a true firebreather! Awesome! Keep it going and bring it home to WV!

14. Ryan @ CrossFit 714 wrote...

Putting my money on Lisa S


15. ron wrote...

the masters addition this year has been wonderful and very appreciated. How about next year having an "open division" where anyone of any age can compete if they so desire; a "young masters division "40-49; "masters division"50-59; and a "seniors division" 60+?

16. Mary wrote...

Can you update the women's master's results. It say Lorie Carver had a 820 pound thruster. Amazing performance from her but I think perhaps that one is a miss print. Thanks.

17. Jojo wrote...


While you may bring up a valid point theoretically, it may not necessarily be the case that those at a later scheduled Regional has an advantage. Take a look at the current scores. In this weekend's NW Regionals, only a handful were able to complete the Helen DU WOD. Too many variables play a role in determining the fittest Masters athlete... work schedule, competition environment, even skill or lack of, strength and/or lack of, speed and/or lack of. While uniformity in different locales may prove to be a challenge, I have to say that CF HQ has accomplished the task of organizing a worldwide event as best as they can. Given the different circumstances that each athlete had to have undergone, there isn't a perfect solution. Crossfit deals with life and life has lots of unknowns. It is up to us athletes to perform at our highest capacity given the unknown factors. He or she that succeeds will find success in meeting their goals.

I just want to thank HQ and the regional organizers for providing us the opportunity to compete. Congrats to all the Masters athletes who've undertaken this task!!

18. Davis wrote...


Gary is correct in that there us an advantage to knowing the event in further advance. The focus will become these three WODs which becomes specialization; and this not what Crossfit and the unknown and unknowable is all about.

Don't cut HQ too much slack. These events are pulled off at a local level, with local staff, and local equipment. Crossfit has grown and it isn't acceptable at this size to not be prepared to make the event level for all those competing.

You can't claim to be the proving grounds for the fittest athletes in the world and then fall short of providing the "proving grounds".

I love that they are FINALLY acknowledging age!!!

I hope it continues to grow and new age divisions identified (40 is a serious set of biological changes in regards to recovery).

19. Christin Street wrote...

Agree with Dana. Would be great to know the Region of the top 5. Looking forward to Jax in two weeks. I know this is an inaugural event so we're the guinea pigs. I'm just happy HQ is doing this! No complaints.
As per the current reads that Laurie Carver had 820# thruster, so I've got my work cut out.

20. DQ wrote...

Go Rhonda! I want to be just like you when I grow up! :0)

21. Dean wrote...

Probably also need to check number 811 Radcliffe, David "double under Helen" time.
0 minutes seems a bit fast.

Congratulations to all of the Master's athletes. It was awesome to see them compete.

22. Jojo wrote...

Like I said, Gary's point is valid, but not necessarily correct, as in the case of this weekend's results from the NW Regionals. Those athletes had more time to prepare than I did, and I had more time than those from North Central. But the results show that even with that advantage, even with the knowledge of what times we needed to beat, there were still a great number of athletes who were not able to finish the DU WOD, or were unable to get past 15 rounds of Cindy, etc. If Gary is correct, then those from the SE Regionals would have a tremendous advantage over all of us that have competed early on...?? Hmm, we'll have to wait and see.

As far as age division is concerned, at what division or divisions should age be separated? If we have a division for the 60+ or the 70+, would it be fair to divide the 20+ from the 30+?? I'm not so sure.

23. Terry wrote...

Jojo's point is valid. 8 out of 10at the NW regional DNF'd the DU Helen WOD. I think the the format for the Masters is more fair than the open division, at least we are doing the same WODs. It would be better if they were all held closer together. But regardless I think the best athletes will come out on top.

24. Christin wrote...

Maybe this has already been explained/covered. Yes, a large number of DNFs on Helen. What is the implication for advancing 15 (or is is 20?) women to Cali? I know scaling isn't allowed, but DNF?

25. Kathleen wrote...

Thrilled about the Masters Competition. Love to see ages posted.

26. Terry wrote...

Jane, Glenn,
Looks like HQ caught the error. It says "competing for 15 spots" above now. This was confirmed by an email I got from Tony.

If you are trying to figure out what regions folks are from; Here is my best guess.
For the women; 100's are for sure Southwest regional. I think 300's are North Central and 800's are Northwest.

For the Men 200,300,400,500,600's are Southwest. 100's are Central East, 300's are North Central, 800's are Southwest.

27. Jon B wrote...

I agree with Jojo -- Gary, The results speak for themselves. If your programming is good, and you are in great shape, these masters workouts are very standard Crossfit benchmarks. I highly doubt someone would want to get in their gym and start doing Cindy every day just to improve their scores because other aspects of their training will suffer. And I highly doubt someone is going to get much stronger in a week or two for the 1 RM thruster.

28. Jane H wrote...

Well spotted Terry - that's as it should be I think, especially with so few entries in the womens - massive congratulations to everyone who qualifies. See you next year!

29. Glenn wrote...

Dido, well spotted Terry. Im definetly travelling to Carson from Australia as a spectator & cant wait to see all the Masters go around. Give em hell guys..

30. Neilfit wrote...

Has anyone else noticed that this weekends Northeast Masters event is being held over a three day period. Ie One event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Is this fare to all the other 82 competitors who have completed the events over two days?
The Masters event is suposed to be a Worldwide competition with competitors taking part in exactally the same events and the same conditions, so as it's a completely level playing field.
Three events completed over three days is not the same as three event completed over a two day period.
I would welcome the thoughts of some of other competitors, fans and orginisers on this matter.

BTW A huge well done to all who have taken up the challenge of the Masters Competition. The performances so far have been truley outstanding.

Allthough I'm taking issue with this three day spread. It is not the fault of the competitors but of the orginisers.

So I wish the very best of luck to every Master taking part this weekend.

31. Jojo wrote...

Neil, you may have misread the info. I show 2 WODs on Friday and 1 on Saturday as scheduled.

32. Terry wrote...

Actually Neil most likely read the post on CF Albany's website.
It does say Fri, Sat, Sun...must be an error because the schedule below on the same page shows it to be it Fri, Sat only. This was posted before the schedule on the Games site.

33. Neilfit wrote...

Hi Jojo,

If you go to

You get Events Details for Northeast Region

Masters Division
In addition, there will a Masters Division this year. You must be over 50 years old to compete. There will be a limited number of spots for this division. The Master’s competition will take place on Friday, May 21st, Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd.

Friday May 21st
12pm - 6pm Venue opens, spectator admission, Mandatory participant check-in all registrants
1pm - 2pm Event WOD Check-in for Affiliate Teams
2pm - 4pm Masters WOD
4pm - 7pm Affiliate Teams WOD
7pm - Announcements
7:30pm - Mandatory Meeting for all Staff (Event Judges and Volunteers)

Saturday May 22nd
7am - Venue opens, late check-in and spectator admission
8:30am - Opening Ceremonies
9am - Individual Competitor WODs begin
1pm - Masters WOD
7pm - Sunday Event WOD’s Q and A, Sunday heats and start time posted

Sunday May 23rd
7am - Venue opens
9am - Sunday WODs begin
6pm - Awards Ceremony

Masters Competitors 1 WOD on Friday, 1 WOD on Saturday and 1 WOD on Sunday

This was the info I was acting on.

I'm glad this has now been re-posted with the correct details ie Two wods on Friday and one on Saturday.

However it now looks as though the Masters at the Northeast are being hard done to if this info is correct.
Wod 1 @ 1.30 and WOD 2 @ 2.40.
That's a hell of a short recovery for an age group that if they're like me needs every min of rest they can get.

Anyway I wish all of them the best of luck .

34. Jojo wrote...


Note however, that it did say that that particular schedule was subject to change. That was the preliminary notice of events posted a few weeks back.

This link below provides the latest info posted this week.

Best of luck to all..

35. Terry wrote...

Looks like the guys from Northeast did very well, specially on C2B Cindy. Congrats! You checkout the top 15 with Regions listed on my blog. Send me an email if I have any errors.

36. Chip J wrote...

Looking over the masters results - it would be great to list the region and box affiliate the athletes train with. As a mater of fact, this should be done for all contestants!!

37. Terry wrote...

@ Chip
I put together a Google Map of where all the Male Masters are located. Click on their name and the link to their box will come up.

38. Ron wrote...

There was an oversight in the individual athlete registration process that their affiliate was not collected.


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