Europe Regional

Athlete Profile: Lauren Guibert - European Regionial

First place finisher from Southern European sectional.

Lauren proudly serves in the United States Air Force as a Logistics Readiness Officer and is currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. She is currently one of eight trainers at CrossFit Ramstein and is fighting for a spot at the 2010 Games.

Name: Lauren Guibert
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 135lbs
Affiliate: CrossFit Ramstein
Sectional: South Europe - 1st
Regional: Europe
Cindy: 22 Rounds
400m Run: 1:30

What is your athletic background?
I grew up playing sports and always loved learning how to play new ones so I was exposed to a large variety. I learned how to play touch football and soccer on the playground. Away from the playground my Dad taught me how to play tennis. I lettered in Varsity Soccer, Cross Country, and Flag Football in High School. By the time I went to the Air Force Academy I was bored with soccer so I joined the club Lacrosse team and ended up playing for two years. After graduating I started doing distance running races for fun. I ran a marathon in early 2007 and then started to get into cycling. I made the transition from running and cycling to triathlon and completed a Half Ironman Triathlon in October of 2008.

While I was on my ‘winter break’ from triathlon training a friend introduced me to CrossFit and I started cherry picking some of the workouts as my off season strength training. When I found out I was going to be stationed in Ramstein, Germany and that they had an affiliate I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the program. After doing the fundamentals orientation I was hooked and started using the CrossFit Main Site and CrossFit Endurance as my only source of training for my upcoming Half Ironman. I ended up having to cancel my race and got my Level 1 certification in August of 2009.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I’ve been a trainer at CrossFit Ramstein for about 6 months. I love teaching people about what we do and how we do it. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a good teaching schedule going since most of us are active duty military and training is a volunteer job, but we do the best we can. It’s also tough to get more specific training by going to certifications here in Europe because there aren’t many of them and our schedule tends to be very unpredictable. I’m very excited because I’m signed up for the CrossFit Football and CrossFit Kids certifications this summer.

What is unique about you as an individual or athlete?
I decided to compete for the Games to test my fitness and because I love the environment of friendly competition. It’s been challenging to stay on a good training program due to the demands from my job, especially traveling to places that don’t have any equipment to train with. I’ve gotten good at improvising workouts with what’s available and whatever personal equipment I’m able to pack. I do this program because I love it and because it’s effective. I believe that it provides a state of physical and mental readiness unmatched by anything else out there. I take my training and my diet seriously because to some people a WOD is just workout, but to me it could be the difference between life and death on a battlefield.

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10 comments on this entry

1. Courtney wrote...

Go Lauren!!! You're a great athlete and person!! Good luck this weekend!!

2. J Hoggan wrote...

Ha! Look who's famous now! Funny how two '05 Air Force Academy grads each get profiled on the games site. What a small world! Hmm... it's almost like an HQ conspiracy or something. Anyway, kill it this weekend, and maybe we'll see you soon!

3. Lauren G wrote...

Thanks Courtney, you're a great trainer so thanks for all your help! J you want to talk small world, there are actually 3 service academy grads competing at the European Regionals this weekend, and we're all class of '05! Jason Mulligan is a West Pointer and Corbin Dryden is an USNA Midshipman. Hopefully Air Force, Army, and Navy can all represent in California!

4. Vanessa wrote...

GO LAUREN! So proud of you, Girl! Can't wait to hear the updates this weekend. Thinking about you and wish I were there!

5. Kat wrote...

Go Lauren!! :)

6. rosalia lentini wrote...

Lauren, what a pleasure meeting you in milan, very insipiring, Crossfit Alcamo is hooting for you!! Good luck!!!!

7. shannon Linville wrote...

Go lauren, I am in Graf- One of the CF level one's over here- We are cheering you on in spirit!! Good Luck

8. Leah wrote...

Go Lauren!!! You will do awesome! So exciting to see your progress and success!!!

9. Bryan Mashburn wrote...

Watch out girls, Lauren is a monster. No doubt in my mind you will make it Lauren. Good luck and kill the Regional for the Air Force and CrossFit Ramstein!

10. Brian--CrossFit Ramstein wrote...

Lauren: CrossFit Ramstein is so VERY proud of your accomplishments thus far. We know that you will give 100% this weekend and represent our affiliate well. Best of luck to you!



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