Central East Regional

Athlete Profile: John Steger - Central East Regional

1st Place at the VA/DC/WVA Sectionals.

John Steger is committed athlete and student with plans to open his own CrossFit affiliate one day. Until then, he's chasing the dream of the Games with an overall win at the Virginia Sectional. He will be competing in the upcoming Central East Regional with hopes of claiming one of the three transfer spots to the 2010 Games.

Name: John Steger
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 165lbs
Sectional: Virginia (inv. DC. WV) - 1st
Regional: Central East
Affiliate: CrossFit NRV
Fran: 3:01
Helen: 6:38
Cindy: 34 Rounds
Filthy Fifty: 15:35
Fight Gone Bad: 370
Deadlift: 355lbs
Max Pull-ups: 54

What is your athletic background?
I played football and lacrosse in high school in suburban Washington, DC. I have been enrolled in the Army ROTC program at Virginia Tech since Fall 2006 and will be commissioning as an Infantry officer this May. Throughout college I have focused my physical training on preparing for the rigors of modern combat. I was introduced to CrossFit in Spring 2007 by a personal trainer friend of mine. I spent about 1.5 years doing the WODs on my own in the local gym until I joined CrossFit Blacksburg in February 2009.

What is your history with CrossFit?
As a full time student I have not been able to pursue coaching as much as I would like. I earned my level 1 certification this past January and plan on coaching part time after graduation this May at Crossfit Blacksburg. After my time in the service is completed I plan on opening up my own affiliate.

As I began CrossFitting three years ago I also began to focus more on my running. Since then I have competed three marathons including the Boston Marathon with a PR of 2:59:23. As I have become more serious in my training and CrossFit association it has become a major part of who I am as a person. It is my goal to expose as many people as possible to the CrossFit community. I have seen what it has done in my life and I want to share that with others.

What is unique about you as an individual or athlete?
I have no doubt that the pain, suffering, and training that I have received through CrossFit over the years will pay dividends throughout my Army career. I do not think that there is a better training program to prepare soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen for the unknown challenges of combat.

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8 comments on this entry

1. Marsha wrote...

John is a superb example of what Crossfit is all about!!

Good luck at the Regionals...all of CrossFit Blacksburg is there with you.....

2. nicolas vatskil wrote...

WTF??? 6' 38" Helen and 34 rounds Cindy
Does he know that Bionic men are not allowed to compete!!! LOL
Impressive stats!!!

3. Amy Crawford wrote...

Can't wait for this weekend John. You're going to do great!!

4. erin cianciolo wrote...

john is such a great and humble guy...i'm sure you will smoke everyone!!! i'm pulling for you!!

5. Michael W. wrote...

Some of his stats are crazy, but that 355DL is going to derail him this weekend.

6. Lerronious wrote...

Dig deep John! Your going to do great.

7. brewhark wrote...


8. Lyell wrote...

Go get'em.


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