Central East Regional

Athlete Profile: Jud Dean - Central East Regional

2nd overall at the PA/MD/DE Sectional.

Name: Jud Dean
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175lbs
Affiliate: CrossFit First State
Sectional: PA/MD/DE - 2nd Place
Regional: North Central
Fran: 3:00
Helen: 9:55
Grace: 2:57
Cindy: 25 Rounds
Filthy Fifty: 22:09
Fight Gone Bad: 377
Clean & Jerk: 260lbs
Snatch: 205lbs
Deadlift: 385lbs
Back Squat: 405lbs
Pull-ups: 53
400m Run: 1:05

What is your athletic background?
I played high school football and basketball growing up. I played college football at the D3 level. I was a beach lifeguard and ran lead off for our 4X100 soft sand relay and we got 2nd place twice at nationals. In the past I started out by training mostly powerlifting type movements in high school (bench press/squat/deadlift). In college I started doing more bodybuilding style workouts. After college I started training with Stew Smith over at the Naval Academy with a lifeguarding buddy who was training for BUD's. That was the start of me doing any type of circuit style training with a lot of P.T. Once my friend became a SEAL a few years later he called me and said you gotta try this workout "Fran" - I began doing CrossFit. I thought I was pretty fit from doing my standard bodybuilding and P.T. Workouts.  I did the workout, got beat up pretty good but thought I still did well. He told me to check out times on line and it was there I saw I was not very Fit at all... So I started doing "half assed" CrossFit, as I call it, in my basement. I went to a Level 1 Cert in Febuary of 09 and opened up my eyes. I contacted an old friend George Dobbins who owns CrossFit Dover and went in for a few W.O.Ds. I got smashed and realized I could not push myself like i needed to in my basement. I started doing real CrossFit and only CrossFit in July of 2009 when I took over CrossFit 1st State in Delaware. Some guys and gals can go all out doing CrossFit at home - I can't. I need to have a place to go with a different atmosphere and other people screaming and working hard pushing themselves which in turn pushes me.

What is your history with CrossFit? 
George Dobbins owner of CrossFit Dover helped me do my first real WODs and convinced me to get the Cert. He was also the owner of CrossFit 1st State in Middletown where I live. I was and still am a trainer at a standard gym, but George decided to sell CrossFit 1st State so I bought it in July of 2009 and really started only doing CrossFit. Now I work part time at the regular gym while I try and build up my CrossFit! I was blessed to have good friends push me to get a certification and then trust me to take over his affiliate. I can't thank George enough with out him I would not be writing this I never would have gone for the certification nor would I have my own affiliate. Thanks George and best of luck at Regionals buddy I know you are gonna do great!

What is interesting about you as an individual or athlete?
Nothing really that great, I think I have the standard path to CrossFit. I lost my father to a heart attack and he was only 53. I am just grateful to have CrossFit in my life because I know by following the W.O.D's and following the Zone I will keep my body healthy! CrossFit is also something I get to share with my wife. She has come to all the certs with me and when she gets off work she comes to the gym gets a WOD in and then coaches the last class of the night so I can workout.

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8 comments on this entry

1. shiret wrote...

Jud is an awesome coach, he has a knack for knowing exactly how hard to push each of us, and elicits from every athlete in our box maximum effort during every WOD. Crossfit has been life changing for me, being fortunate enough to have Jud as a coach has taken my crossfit experience to a level I never imagined. Thanks a million Coach & good luck ,you're going to amaze everyone this weekend!!

2. Jud wrote...

thanks shiret. love coachin ya babe. Thanks to everyone for all the support it means more than you know. ps just for the record I am not even close to 5"11 that is only in cowboy boots.

3. Holly wrote...

Congrats on 2nd place at Sectionals!!! ......and I will be cheering for you in Ohio this weekend...in addition to George & Mike!! :)

4. elwon wrote...

Jud probably kicked his ass in high school. Still a little bitter bud? You should be, he actually made something of himself and is now a star.

Jud is the Hardest working guy i know. Best of luck, you are going to shred it!

5. Mara wrote...

Loved reading this and having a fellow delawarian profiled! I am so proud of all 4 DE competitors! I love our great coaches are here in Delaware. I love that I can catch a wod in Middletown with Jud, an amazing coach and athlete, when my kids are at school even though my home box is cf Dover and I know I am always welcome! GO DELAWARE! CRUSH IT! Small but mighty we are-- remember, it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the but size of the fight in the dog! Love ya Jud, good luck! (George, mike and holly too!)

6. Art wrote...

Boxers rule!!! I have a three year old female, and looking at your picture, I can see you're as close with yours as I am with mine. Best of luck!

7. Jud wrote...

thanks mara! I know george, mike, and holly are going to turn some heads. I know mike is gonna pull a huge amount in that deadlift, and george is gonna fly in the run, i am so happy and proud of holly! I am just as excited to watch them as I am to workout myself. Good luck to all the 302 crew. And ART boxers do rule! our boy is 3 also. he has a lot of health issues but it doen't effect him. He is an inspiration. He is Blind, has a thyroid condition and a heart condition. We give him meds 2x per day. It is amazing to watch him they said he wouldn't live to a year. Thanks for the good luck and give your boxer a treat from me haha.

8. Jocelyn wrote...

Jud..that's it! Our new tshirt logo Crossfit 302....GOOD LUCK!! We're proud of you!! 3...2...1.. GO!


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