Southwest Regional

Ingrid Kantola Out for Southwest Regionals

Games hopeful struck down with Meningitis.

Ingrid Kantola left little doubt to those attending the Southern California Sectional that she was prepared for a place at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Finishing convincingly in first in each of three events throughout the weekend, leaving many in the Region excited to see her compete at a higher level. Unfortunately, Kantola’s health couldn’t stay on pace with her performance at the Sectionals and she’s been forced to withdraw from competition.

"On April 9th I was admitted to the UCLA/Santa Monica Hospital for meningitis symptoms which I’d had for a week. While I was recovering from the meningitis, the doctors discovered a previously undetected heart murmur which upon further testing was diagnosed as mitral valve damage. Over the course of several days of blood tests, a spinal tap, and an MRI of my brain, my infectious disease doctor (who happened to be a former CrossFit Los Angeles client) determined that the damage was caused by a bacterial growth on the valve. He believes that the same bacterial infection may have caused the meningitis symptoms. I was released on April 22nd and the next step is open heart mitral valve surgery scheduled for May 5th at UCLA. I want to thank everyone for their support and all the "posi vibes" that have been sent my way from the members of the CrossFit community. I want to wish all the regional competitors good luck and send fist bumps/hugs to all. I hope to catch the live feed of the Southwest Regional and I'll be there cheering at the Home Depot Center!" said Kantola.

Get well soon, Ingrid, from the whole CrossFit Team.

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16 comments on this entry

1. Jaime Llopis wrote...

Ingrid, we will miss you. Stop by when you are in SAC.

2. Jaime wrote...

A bacterial infection does not constitute an injury. Ingrid, we are glad that you did not have bacterial meningitis and hope to see you back competing soon. I have watched you grow as an athlete since Jr. High School and was not surprised to see that you won the So-Cal sectionals. So-Cal is lucky to have one of Nor-Cals best athletes.

3. Matt wrote...

Larry, to use that definition of health requires measuring the work capacity across multiple years.

Ingrid, our thoughts are with you. Get well soon! You are a great athlete!

4. Zeb wrote...

Best of luck Ingrid. So sorry to hear about this.

5. Donna wrote...

Ingrid, best of luck, heal fast. Positive thoughts going out to you.

6. Kiki wrote...

You are such an amazing athlete Ingrid! It was fantastic to watch you perform at the sectionals! I'm sure the surgery will go well...

Larry- if you ever get the chance to work out with Ingrid, you'll witness first hand the definition of health and firebreather.

Speedy recovery Miss Kantola!!

7. ron wrote...

thoughts and prayers with you...

8. Justin Riley wrote...

You are a warrior and you will come out of this even stronger. All of us at East Sac are pulin' for you.

9. Anne Harty wrote...

Ingrid- I am praying for your full and fast recovery. Your strength and determination will help you through. Much love,

10. Michael Moseley wrote...

Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Take care.

11. travis cassidy wrote...

ingrid... jesus, i am so sorry to hear about this! i was so looking forward to you dominating the games. as justin said you will be back stronger, i miss competing with you when you are in sac... i hope you smash this infection and i am praying for you as well. -trav

12. Jonesy wrote...

Ingrid - much love my friend. We are all here for you and will be on when you go through this. Good luck!

13. Ingrid wrote...

Thanks for all of the messages of encouragement! This CF community has been incredibly uplifting and I'm so thankful for all the positivity.

Unfortunately the survey was postponed becase my surgeon was called to do an emergency heart/lung transplant. I don't yet have a date for the rescheduled operation. I'm glad I'm not a priority compared to transplants patients. I'm happy to be healthy enough to wait!

The Southwest Regional WODs look like good hard fun and I can't wait to see all the athletes crush them!! All my best!

Ingrd Kantola

14. Amy wrote...

Ingrid, I was so bummed when I heard the news. But I have no doubt that being as fit as you are that you will bounce back in no time. I am somewhat new to the CrossFit community, having started training only 5 months ago. Seeing you compete in the SoCal Sectionals was a true inspiration and one of the reasons I am determined to compete next year. You are one kick-ass athlete!! Best of luck to you with your surgery and on a speedy recovery. :)

15. Tom Ellison wrote...

I'm very sorry to hear this, Ingrid. I was looking forward to following your progress at the games. Know that our thoughts are with you, and we all hope you have a speedy recovery.

16. k Malz~FitMom wrote...


Best wishes for successful surgery and "boring" (meaning goes great!) recovery.

Having come back "to life" after cancer, I empathize with your motivation to "Get it done", healed, and back in the gym.

Sending you crazy good energy!


Kim Malz
Northeast Region (CT)


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