Central East Regional

Central East Regional - Individual Events Announced

Big lifts and big runs, come prepared.

The Affiliate Cup events were released, now Bill Henninger checks in to unveil the individual competition for the Central East Region this weekend.

Things are underway, the Big Rig is in place at the regional location in Logan Ohio.  Checkout the first four workouts:

Individual Challenge #1 – The Complex
5-4-3-2-1 Reps of the MU and Complex

  • Muscle Ups
  • Barbell Complex 115LB Men/65LB Women
  • Complex includes – Power Clean, Front Squat, Overhead, Back Squat, Overhead – All movements will have clear completion.  We will release a video with this complex.

Score: Individual Score will be given based on lowest time

Individual Challenge #2 – The Run
Approx 5K Trail Run with very large hill and sandbags
Score:  Individual Score will be given based on lowest time

Individual Challenge #3 – The Deadlift
1 Rep Max Deadlift– Each athlete will have a bar, an infinite supply of plates and ten minutes to achieve their max deadlift.
Score:  Individual Score will be given based on max deadlift


Individual Challenge #4 – The Chipper
50 Box Jumps 24"/20"
40 Kettlebell Overhead Swings 24/16kg
30 Burpees with jump over sand bag
20 Sand Bag Cleans from ground to front squat 40/20lbs
10 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead 65/40lbs
20 Sand Bag Cleans from ground to front squat 40/20lbs
30 Burpees with jump over sand bag
40 Kettlebell Overhead Swings 24/16kg
50 Box Jumps 24"/20"
Score:  Individual Score will be given based on lowest time to complete

Individual Challenge #5 – Announced on Sunday – There will be 20 Men and 20 Women competing in the final event!

Scoring System will be based off of point placement system.

Click Here for the Saturday Schedule

We will release the heat schedule later this week.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

26 comments on this entry

1. J Hoggan wrote...

*HUGE grin*

2. D Samarov wrote...


3. Arjuna wrote...


4. Jen wrote...

What happens if you don't have muscle ups yet?

5. Jay wrote...

Look like great WODs. Curious, for the Masters DU Helen where would the DU's take place if the Big Rig is set up in the grass?

6. Bill Henniger wrote...


We will have a way to advance someone that cannot complete a workout and/or an individual movement. We are very well aware that everyone has trained hard and spent money to come to the event. We have 4 events planned for all the competitors signed up right now.

We do not plan on advancing an athlete to the final workout unless they have successfully completed all the movements.


7. Ben wrote...

There was drug testing at the Games last summer. Will there be testing at the regionals? If so, what type and does it apply to all contestants?

8. Chris G wrote...

Are belts allowed in the DL event?

9. The Champ wrote...

The Champ likes this.

10. Bill Henniger wrote...

No belts, no wraps - just chalk

11. Ralph Hicks wrote...

Holmberg killin it!

12. Steve wrote...

Yikes. Low backs are gonna get very spicy with the no belt rule.

Can we drop from the top like at last year's Games?

13. yvonne wrote...

1. Will there be time cut-offs for the WODs?

2. Is the entire 5k run with sandbags, or just portions of it?

14. Kyle wrote...


Do athletes have to load their own bars?

On what surface(s) will the athletes deadlift?

What's the height of the Muscle Up station?

Are the WODs done under a roof or ten or are they open (given the chance of rain)?

15. Josh Courage wrote...

WOD's look awesome guys, very well put together, and a realistic challenge to produce the top athletes to represent our region!

Wish I could be competing with everyone, but I have some major ligament damage in my hand thanks to a bicycle wreck while riding across the country.

All the best to everyone, and I will be ready for next year for sure!

16. Tony Vegas wrote...

Whoop some ass Chris

17. Matt DeMinico wrote...

Steve, I wouldn't worry about a belt. I've deadlifted 400 weighing only 170 lbs and have never worn a belt for deadlifting in my life.

18. Imtiaz wrote...

Massive! All the best ya'll!

19. Lexy wrote...

did you secure 20 females for the event? i know they were into alternates as of 2wks ago.

20. Danny wrote...

Too many questions. Just show up and perform.

21. Matthew Young wrote...

Will spectators be able to purchase bands at the site to attend regionals?

22. Nick wrote...

Unless, and it is quite possible, we have overlooked the Masters Division individual qualifier events, will this be posted soon?

23. Craig wrote...

Can spectators come, and is there a charge?

24. Brian Y wrote...

Standards video can be seen here


25. Tom Seryak wrote...

Brian, fyi the standards video with stephen skips from muscle-up standard straight to deadlift standard without going over complex standards.

26. Kyle wrote...

Do you have to clean the sandbag, stand up fully and then do the front squat or can you do a full clean (i.e. below parallel) and then stand up?


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