Canada Regional

Event Recap: Canadian Regionals

12 individuals and 12 teams advance to the finals.

The final results are in from Canada. There will be more details to follow, but the final ceremonies have taken place and the representatives from Canada have been decided. Here are the final placements from the event organizers.

Alicia Connors took second place in both events for the day which was enough to cement her first place spot in the individual female competition. Dan Rogers smashed the Final Event - which included a run, tire flips, with  clean and jerks - to vault him into first place.

In the team competition, CrossFit Calgary won the Final Event - a run, barbell and burpee workout. CrossFit Vancouver took second place in the event - tying for first overall. It took two tie breakers to determine CrossFit Calgary as the winner.

Qualifying Women

1. Connors, Alicia
2. Pryor, Lauren
3. McKeage, Nancy
4. Leblanc-Bazinet, Camille
5. Robson, Elanna
6. Fleming, Shelly

Qualifying Men

1. Rogers, Dan
2. Prouse, Garth
3. Szakaly, Erik
4. FitzGerald, Michael
5. Malton, Nate
6. Wickham, Dj

Qualifying Affiliates

1. CrossFit Calgary
2. Crossfit Vancouver
3. OPT
4. CVI
5. CrossFit Regina
6. CrossFit Lions
7. Team Taranis
8. CrossFit Winnipeg
10. Element Crossfit
11. Crossfit Connection
12. CrossFit AI

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

15 comments on this entry

1. Wheels wrote...

Alicia Connors is the real deal.

2. FETUS wrote...

Alicia Connors eats babies.

3. Wolverine wrote...

well duh!! babies are paleo...

4. Jen wrote...

Congratulations to all the competitors and especially all of you who made it through. It was a great weekend, tough WOD's and an amazing atmosphere. So many wonderful people in the CrossFit world, we should all be proud. I am so happy to have been a part of it all. THANKS so much to the organizers- you all did a great job.

5. Rob Corson wrote...

The competition was awesome.
CF Natural High did a great job hosting and the volunteers/judges were enthusiastic.
The WODs were tough, but very fair test of fitness.
Congratulations to everyone.

6. Abe wrote...

Who is this A-Con. Where did she come from. Be worried, be scared Carson California.

7. Globo wrote...


8. Globo wrote...

I mean: YeAaAa FIRST PLACE...

9. Chaps wrote...

Wow, Crossfit Taranis is really on the map now. Well done to Alicia, team Taranis, and to all those who encouraged them in competition and training. The hard work you guys do @ your box has payed off.

10. Chris Schaalo wrote...

Look out Carson!

Not only did Alicia cement her first place finish, she demolished the field finishing ahead of 2nd place finisher and 2009 CF Games finalist Pryor by almost 30 points including FOUR top 2 finishes!

So proud of you Lish!

11. The Pie wrote...

Pretty much going to have to the credit for Alicia's performance this weekend....She threw down 1 training session at the Den a month or so ago. No big deal.

Big ups to our Athletes Garth "Bunches" Prouse for his second place performance that included two number 1's. It really is something special watching him train to the limit day in and day out.

Congrats to all the teams as well who qualified. Team Lions look forward to going up against you in Cali.

12. T-Bone McGee wrote...

Props to Dan "The Danimal" Rogers for his epic performance all weekend, as well as all of the other competitors. It sent shivers up my spine watching Dan, Garth and Eric (1st, 2nd, 3rd) compete side by side for the final WOD. There was more power contained in that one area than in most nuclear explosions.

Well done!!

13. Christine wrote...

Christoph Strubin is the best!!! He is going to take them by storm next year!!! I have such a huge crush on him too!!


14. Pete K wrote...

Congratulations to all the qualifiers that will be representing Canada at the Games this year. Special props to A-Con and Garth my BC neighbors... you guys both threw down some amazing performances. I'm glad our province will be represented by our best at the Games.

Huge Thank you to all the competitors, volunteers, judges and spectators for all contributing to such an amazing weekend of elite athletics. It was an honor to be a part of.

Pete K
CrossFit Optimum Performance - Vancouver

15. Keith wrote...

Great job to both Crossfit Calgary & Crossfit Vancouver for the Team Competition Showdown in the final WOD. Both teams brought it down to the final lap of the run and were back & forth all weekend. Great work in dialing it in Calgary!


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