South Central Regional

Event Recap: South Central Regionals

Zachary and Ruiz top the box in Texas.

The following report comes from Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics on this weekend’s South Central Regional.

Hell's Half Acre was on fire this weekend with performances for the South Central Regional from these incredible athletes in spite of the Texas sun bearing down on GSX, with temperatures reaching 106.6 in the full heat of the day. By the end, after the awards came and the crowds started to disperse the Gods took pity on all of those in attendance with some soothing cool rain.

But before the rains could close the final ceremonies and the last recognition was handed out - all in attendance bore witness to every athlete giving of themselves completely on every event. Not one athlete left room for doubt, each male and female stepped up and performed until their reserves were tapped on every workout.

At the end of the weekend’s events, the top athletes and teams separated themselves from the rest of the pack. With no cuts made prior to the final event – all individuals were able to make their mark for one final attempt to stand on the podium and it was epic! Consistency and overall skills from the full range of movements combined with strength was the deciding factor. Those with the fewest overall weaknesses in their training rose to the top of the score boards.

For me – the spectacle was seeing our community gather, and fellowship that ensues as we cheered on those dedicated people who give so much of themselves for the passion of CrossFit.

Masters, Individuals, and Teams - we congratulate all the athletes that secured their spot at the finals in LA!

Qualifying Men
1. Vic Zachary
2. Breck Berry
3. Chase Ingraham
4. Deric Maruquin

Qualifying Women
1. Candice Ruiz
2. Whitney Welsch
3. Jen Cardella
4. Jessica Sharratt

Qualifying Teams
1. CrossFit Central
2. CrossFit Albuquerque
3. CrossFit Dallas Central
4. CrossFit Denton County
5. Body Armor
6. CrossFit Strong
7. CrossFit Sky
8. Get Lifted

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35 comments on this entry

1. tucker wrote...

it was our honor!

2. tucker wrote...

my post posted before i was ready - wrong key stroke.

it was our honor hosting this event. it was a great deal of work and lots of prep went into this. all that attended and approached me persoanlly were very gracious and kind and many came up to share a beer, shake a hand, say thank you, and give praise and suggestions.

what a weekend!

3. john Brown wrote...

well done everyone, that heat was brutal and you all killed it.

4. Ron wrote...

I'm confused - am I supposed to complain about the scoring on this post, or on the Saturday recap?

P.S.- I'm joking. I wrote the scoring system.

5. ashley wrote...

it was hotter than hell...but GSX...Tuck and staff pulled off a phenonmenal event!...I would have posted that even if there wasn't free beer :)

6. tucker wrote...

atta boy ron!

7. erik wrote...

Tucker the event was awesome--the masters were incredible--what a impressive group--thank you to all of you and your team at GSX, the judges and volunteers--First Class

8. Ginny wrote...

Amazing weekend. Thanks Tucker for putting on such a great event once again! Congrats to the top four females, Candice, Whitney, Jen and Jessica. All four of you are very deserving. You are all great athletes and classy ladies.

9. Leah G. wrote...

Awesome event Tucker! Thank you so much for all your hard work! Can't wait to do it again next year!

10. Pamela wrote...

Thanks, Tucker, for letting Matt and me be a part of this event! We love this community and having the opportunity to give back to it was awesome!! We had the best volunteers and judges that anyone could hope for and I thank them all for giving so much.
Thanks again, Tuck!

11. Chad S wrote...

Tucker thanks so much for an awesome event! Congrats to the top athletes that are going to L.A.

12. CFCMatt wrote...

Pam and I, our 2nd in commands and all our judges and volunteer staff were absolutely exhausted by the end of Sunday...but I would do it again in a heartbeat and we heard that from just about everyone we worked with.
It truly was an honor for us and the staff to work with all the athletes.

On top of the incredible performances, what impressed me personally, more than anything else was the athletes' professional demeanor (with only a very few rare exceptions) and their stringent adherence to our standards. Considering that our weekend at Hell's Half Acre spanned 10 separate workouts with countless heats, we found ourselves for the most part only having to get the athletes to make minor corrections. An incredibly few number of form, standards and violations occurred.

So, kudos to all the athletes for coming so well prepared and for conforming to the standards laid out.

Matt Munson
CrossFit Champions

13. ken c wrote...

thought the event went very well. great job tucker, jason, chris, trevor, chuck and the whole gsx gang.

candice - thanks for the props. proud of how far you've come. you've got more power than you know. we'll be tapping into that soon. get some rest and then we've got some work to do.

14. Melissa Wistrom wrote...

Where can I order pictures or videos from the event?

Also thank you for an awesome event. There was great friendly competition and a lot of wonderful people that volunteered their time to put this event on for us. Thanks to all who contributed to making this a valuable life experience.

15. Steve wrote...

Job well done to the great community of the South Central Region. We came to watch your event and what a party. Good polite people who welcomed us and made us feel at home.

Congrats to the athletes for your work in the awesome heat. And huge thanks to the judges and the volunteers for making it all happen. You are the essence of this community.

See you in July!

16. tucker wrote...

Melissa - I will get some picks up for you rfolks in the next few days. We have many many shots to choose from.


17. Robert wrote...

Matt, Pam, and Tucker - Awesome event! Thanks for inviting me to participate as a judge this weekend. It was my first time judging a CF event, so I wanted to make sure I did a good job enforcing the standards.

Vic Zachary was the first athlete I worked with in the 1st event...and he made that one easy for me to judge. So it was pretty cool to see him earn the top male spot to represent the region! Congratulations Vic!

Candice, you're a fearless yet gracious competitor. Congratulations on earning the top female spot! Although I didn't have an opportunity to work with you this weekend, I watched you put in serious work girl! You, Vic, and all the other amazing athletes who qualified this weekend will definitely represent our region well.

I'll definitely keep you all lifted in prayer for successful outcomes as you prepare for and compete in the 2010 CrossFit Games!

Robert Selders
CrossFit Garland

18. Candice Ruiz wrote...

"Candice-you've got more power than you know. we'll be tapping into that soon. get some rest and then we've got some work to do."
uuuuuugggggggghhhhhh! Can I at least have two days off? Haha! (are you kidding me, I am sore but I cannot wait to get back in the box!!)

Thank you for your kind words and though I may appear fearless prior to a wod, truth be told I am really trying my best not to pass out or reveal my prewod meal to everyone. Thanks for your help at the event! (as well as all other judges/volunteers).




20. Robert wrote...

Correction. Gene Lamonica from Albuquerque, NM was the first athlete I worked with in the 1st event, Vic was the second. Gene, great working with you and all the other athletes this weekend. I wish you all the best! - Robert Selders

21. Mike - CrossFitPEI wrote...

Amazing job Tucker! Congratulations to you and your team on putting together such a great event. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed (especially in that heat) and all the best to those who qualified.


22. Miguel wrote...

Tucker, that was an awesome event. More than I expected, even better the leadership, was outstanding. That's the way Sh!$ like this has to be run, like a damm Drill Sgt. In order to be successful. Thank you, and thanks to Matt and Pam, for allowing me to be a judge for the first time at a CF event. I really got motivated to try and compete next year. So hopefully I can see you guys again whether as an athlete or a judge.

Congrats to both of my Ranger Buddies, Vic and Deric, Guys this is the way Rangers Lead the Way!! hoooaah! Now go Lead the Way at the Games.

All Athletes were awesome, great discipline, and every single one of the athletes I judged thanked me. That was cool as hell. Of course like Matt said, a few A - Holes, but hey they didn't make it, for a reason.

See you all in the future.

Ranger CrossFit

23. Ron Fielder wrote...

I had a blast. It was fun to judge outstanding athletes. I really appreciate the effort that everyone put in and the award ceremony at the end was the best.
Good luck in Cali.
See you guys next year at Sectionals!

24. paul smith wrote...

Wow what a great event. All the wods were tough and the best athletes won and qualified, hands down. The beauty of Crossfit is that it is anyone's game at any time. Weaknesses are exposed, strengths are witnessed, and everyone lays their heart on the line for everyone to see. It is very easy to be critical when you are a spectator but athletes know every thing in Crossfit is earned. No scoring system in the world can dictate who the best athletes are. Its just the nature of the beast. The work is is front of you, there are standards, now who can do them the best. No excuses! 30 inches is tight for a big man, but that is the standard. Big men need to be able to do handstand push-ups no matter what the hand spacings are. Vice versa 275lbs is heavy for some people, so is a 75lb sandbag run!! Appreciate all the support, but it is what it is. Every athlete was under the same scoring system and the best men won. Hats off to the judges, volunteers, and athletes. Met some amazing people over the weekend. Now I have to go knock out another set of 2 on my handstands lmao. see you guys next year!!!!

25. Ryan Bolles wrote...

This weekend was impressive. I was impressed that guys 20 years my senior were kicking my ass, I was impressed that the final WOD was done in sub 5:00, I was impressed that the most successful athletes were some of the most humble, I was impressed while I watched an athlete claw his way into 5th place and then never complain or make excuses about why he came up ever so short, I was impressed when any female athlete even completed the last workout, I was impressed when athletes refused to give up and tried like hell to get another muscle up, I was impressed that the judges kept a professional attitude and smile on their face for the entire competition, I was impressed by Coach Tucker's hard work outstanding attitude and jovial demeanor but mostly by the fact that he wore jeans all weekend. Congrats to all the competitors, good luck to the athletes moving on and thank you to everyone that made this weekend possible.

26. Coach G wrote...

Thanks for letting us old dogs have some fun. With a little help from our friends we'll be back next year bigger, stronger and faster!

27. dean. wrote...

Oh boy, what more can I add?

Sometimes you have to take your focus off of the rules and regulations, planning and scheming, advantages and disadvantages and just look up. Can you believe how fortunate we all are? Not only do we get to do the things we do, but we can compete with one another, share experiences with each other, and for some of us, make a living doing so. What more do we have to complain about?

Short people, tall people, thin people, thick people, athletes, spectators, judges: we are all the same flesh and blood. Realize that we all come together to do what we do because Crossfit is for the human experience. In this vast and lonely world, we have all found a community of brothers and sisters sharing the same passion for competition, for camaraderie, for life.

This weekend was truly another magical moment in our Crossfit community's history. Thanks again to all the competitors, to the fans, to the vendors, to the hosts, and to the friends and family that support this community and keep it running. On behalf of Crossfit Dallas Central, we thank everyone for their hard work. And remember:

1) Have fun
2) Love what you do
3) Kick some ass

- the entire crossfit dallas central family.

28. Andy wrote...


Very eloquent and inspiring comment that exposes the real motivation behind the athletes involved in the sport of fitness.


Still cannot stop laughing about the jeans comment. Seriously, how in the hell did Tucker do it?

29. ken c wrote...

vic and breck

great to see you guys back in the games. both of you are humble and inspiring representatives of crossfit. making it back to the games in the field where it is now is a true accompolishment.

chase - great to watch your progression. you managed to some how also do well in a fairly gymnastics intensive competition. not sure there's anything captain america can't do.

derek - great performance. you deserve to be exctly where you are.

paul smith - great post. hand shake to you man. comeback strong.

30. Chase wrote...

Ken C - I respect and admire you so much, and to get a compliment like that from you just blows me away, thank you. And trust me, there are plenty of things I cant do.. (just ask my Dad, haha kidding Dad... kinda)

Paul Smith - True competitor, true gentlemen, truly and honor to compete with you.

What an amazing weekend, still not sure how it all panned out the way it did but it definitely has not sunk in for me yet. Thanks to everyone helping create and evolve the sport and community of crossfit as it is. Like Dean said, we are so blessed to be able to do what we do, lets not forget why this... because its fun!! I mean, I have been wanting to dress up as a super hero since I was six... just living a child hood fantasy and its a blast.

31. tucker wrote...

some folks wear lululemons - others wear jeans... it's a cowboy thang!

32. theo wrote...

great effffffffnnnnnnnnn weekend! my hats off, and jeans, to tucker! One question. I know Paul didn't do the prof. pics, but is there a place where we can order some?

33. tucker wrote...

pics on the way soon!

34. Jeff Germond wrote...

Tucker, Matt, and Pam, thanks so much for an awesome weekend! All the volunteers and judges did an amazing job and it is truly appreciated.

Congrats to all the athletes, it was awesome competing with you! Best of luck to our qualifiers, have fun in L.A.!

35. Whit Welsch wrote...

Tucker, Pam and Matt, ya'll put on an awesome weekend. Thank you for your hard work.

To all the competitors (individual, team, and masters), all I can say is way to show heart. Despite heat, challenging WODs, and facing one tough region, every performance was awe inspiring.

There is a saying that I've taken very much to heart the last few months, "I fight not because of what is in front of me, but because of what is behind me." This regional has made each of us stronger, more prepared.

Everyone of us took on demons, faced them, and did our best.

Congrats!! Whether it was a first muscle up, handstand pushup, PR, or just plan finishing, congrats!


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