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Overhead Carry

Europe Regional

Day 1 Recap: European Regional Day One Update

Results from across the pond.

The first day of competition in Halmstad, Sweden, was accompanied by bad weather - rainy and windy. This was nothing that the well prepared athletes couldn't handle of course. Everything went really smooth, and the event organizer Mads Jacobsen and his staff had the events running smoothly throughout the day.

Three events in the individual competition were held today, and not surprisingly some of the more established athletes shined leaving Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson and Blair Morrison, both participants in the final 16 in the 2009 games in the first two places in the mens competition. There is however a fierce competition over the last spot to the 2010 games going on, with Mikko Aronpää and Richard Vanmeerbeek both at 19 points going in to Sundays two remaining events.

For the womens competition Annie Thorisdottir and Samantha Briggs had one event each where they was outstanding - Samantha in the run and Annie in the overhead carry event, but Annie is currently in the lead going into Sunday. As in the Mens competition tomorrows two events will be vital in who is going to the games as Ingunn Ludviksdottir and Jenný Magnúsdóttir both have 10 points.
The event that stood out the most today was of course the 80kg overhead carry, which put huge demands on the functional strength of the athletes, and not surprisingly there was a lot of DNFs during this event, as well as some fantastic performances showcasing the strength that thrives in Europe. Even tho it was an hard event, it sure showed the difference of strength and technique in the field of athletes, and the ones who could handle the challenge took a step closer to the games in L.A.

Not only the individual athletes had fantastic showings, but the few in the Masters division did as well, and the Affiliates also gave the people that travelled here to witness the first European Regional a great display of willpower and determination.

Overall the day was filled with sportsmanship and comradery between fellow CrossFitters, and it showed that there is a revolution in fitness happening in Europe as well as in the rest of the world.

Tomorrow holds two events for the athletes that made the cut into Sunday, and after that we will know who will represent Europe in the CrossFit Games of 2010.

Top 5 Men
1. Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson
2. Blair Morrison
3. Mikko Aronpää
4. Richard Vanmeerbeek
5. Jonatan Westin

Top 5 Women
1. Annie Thorisdottir
2. Samantha Briggs
3. Ingunn Ludviksdottir
4. Jenný Magnúsdóttir
5. Helga Torfadóttir

Top Affiliate Teams
1. Bootcamp Iceland
2. CrossFit Iceland
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7 comments on this entry

1. Sevan wrote...

Classy event. Mads and the staff kept and maintained a tight and perfect schedule. The events were crowd friendly and intense!

The back drop was the world famous Eleiko facility in Halmstad Sweden. The equipment used was ALL BRAND NEW Eleiko gear. It was spectacular. The European regionals could not have asked for a better host. Food, friends, amazing gear, and I can't forget... FREE WIFI!

The woman coming out of Europe are ferocious! Iceland is a powerhouse for sure!

2. Speal Wifey wrote...

Sending tons of good luck to Jenny Jacobsen Rydh!!!!!! You will do great tomorrow!

3. Julie wrote...

Where are the masters results, cant seem to find them anywhere?

4. Joel Snape wrote...

Anybody know what happened to Owen Satterley? Hope he's okay.

5. Rob Silver wrote...

Owen had to stay home for paternal reasons but was given a chance to compete in one of the later North American regionals if he is healthy.

Sounded like a great event!

6. Martin Altemark wrote...

Julie: Not sure why you can't see the the masters results on the result site, but luckily I have them here so...

Foley, Neil, CTB cindy 17 rounds + 2 pullups, Max thruster 78kg, DU Helen: 12:02
Hardarson, Hilmar CTB cindy 17 rounds + 2 pullups, Max thruster 74kg, DU Helen: 10:44
Jane Holgate, JPU Cindy 11+5, Max thruster 53kg, DU Helen (Not RXd, jumping pullups); DNF

7. julie wrote...

Thanks Martin!

Only 2 men and 1 woman! I thought there was more than that.

hopefully next year will bring more masters out!

Oh I wish I was 50 and not a young pup of 44!!!lol


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