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Southeast Regional Event Information

All the info you need to enjoy the SE event.

The following note comes from Johnny Mac on the Southeast Regional.

CrossFit Games South East Regional Qualifier is fast approaching! As 140 Individuals, 43 Teams and 22 Master athletes from Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina all begin their last few weeks of preparation so does the Dirty South Event Staff.

March thru April were very productive in that we had given life to the event workouts and appropriately so their names. For the individuals: Old Glory, Normandy D-Day, 3rd US Infantry and The Qualifier. Honorable mention for the Affiliate Teams and Masters events goes to Platoon, Taps, and a twist on two old favorites Helenish and Chesty Cindy.

Some Important Dates
Thursday May 20th
Registration closes for the Affiliate Teams, all rosters must be complete and entered into our online registration. Prior to the May 20th deadline, if after failed attempts to make roster additions or changes online and you need assistance please call 1 (877) 408-3012.

Tuesday May 25th
Release of Individual and Affiliate Team Event Workouts.

Thursday May 27th
Release of Friday and Saturday event heats and competitor lists including Masters.

Friday May 28th
Mandatory participant check-in located on-site, opens at 10:00 till 18:00. Photo ID required for all competitors at check-in. Affiliate Teams and Masters Event Workouts begin at 14:00. Mandatory meeting for all Event Staff (Event Judges and Volunteers) on-site at 18:00.  

Saturday May 29th
Venue opens at 07:00 late check-in and all spectator admission. Opening ceremonies at 08:00 sharp followed by a very full day of Event Workouts for all competitors.

Sunday May 30th  
Venue opens at 07:00 with another full day of Event Workouts for Affiliate Teams and Individual competitors. Tentative closing ceremonies are scheduled for 18:30.

Affiliate Teams
Great news, it looks like we now have 8, yes EIGHT Affiliate Team spots from the Southeast Regional that will get invited to the Games in California!

Team Captains, you must have you rosters set and online by May 20th. Additionally, each athlete listed on that roster must be present at check-in registration with a photo ID on May 28th. The Team must check in together as one group, please plan accordingly.

If your Affiliate wishes to sell T-Shirts onsite please contact Rob LaBar at crossfitnow@hotmail.com for information as requirements have changed from last year.

Spectators, Guests and Competitors
To make your weekend more enjoyable please plan for all weather conditions from hot to mild to rainy, bring shade i.e. EZ-up tents with anchors as we will have a very large outdoor Village area set aside. We will have both indoor and outdoor event workouts, giving you a nice break from the potential weather. Limited food vending will be onsite but please plan on supplying yourself. Our location is ideal as anything and everything is within .1 to .2 miles just outside of the park gates.  

Equipment Sales
We will have reserved equipment sales available from our event sponsors. The process is simple, contact Todd Lynch at todd@bgifit.com and on a first-come, first-served basis, your equipment will be reserved and available for pre-purchase and pick up Sunday post event. Exact equipment cost will be discounted from Rogue retail and available to you by May 25th. What equipment you ask, without giving away the event this is our very generic list:

Rogue Bars 20kg men’s
Rogue Bumpers 5lbs to 45lbs
Rogue Collars
Rogue Rings
Rogue Kettlebells 70lb 53lb and 35lb
Rogue Sandbags and Fillers
C2 Rowers           

Event Staff and Sponsors
Let me start by saying thank you for your generosity, you are the foundation for the entire event! Three things can and will make or break our event Programming, Consistency in Event Judging and Communication throughout the event. "What we should care about is whether the rules are fairly communicated, established such that athletes can comply, and adjudicated impartially, consistently, and to facilitate enjoyment of the performance. If so, that's about all the fairness I can stand." Author Paul "Apolloswabbie" Eich?

Volunteers and Event Judges are still needed, please register online under the CrossFit Games Southeast Regional Volunteer link.

For all sponsorship opportunities contact Rob LaBar at crossfitnow@hotmail.com.

See everyone soon,

Johnny Mac

Rogue Fitness Again Faster Equipment CrossFit Journal

Proudly supporting the 2010 CrossFit Games

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19 comments on this entry

1. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

I'm looking forward to competing with some great athletes. It is going to be awesome!

2. Leo S wrote...

This is exciting. Can't wait to meet old friends, fellow competitors, get to know new folks & have "fun"!

To JMac, Todd Lynch & all the organizers, volunteers, DJ's, medical staff and the rest of the crew - thank you for putting in many hours of work to make this happen!

3. RD wrote...

Looks good! How many affiliate and individual spots were there originally?

4. Ashley D wrote...

Getting excited! Love the shirt design!

5. Johnny Mac wrote...

RD we originally were allotted 4 Affiliate Teams, Individuals have always been 4 male 4 female.

6. Paige wrote...

Shouldn't it be Rogue equipment? Not Rouge. Just sayin'...you should probably spell the name of a sponsor correctly. Unless it IS Rouge...then I will slap my own wrist. Good luck to all the competitors (especially from Forged Fitness)!!!

7. Christopher Holt wrote...

This is going to be epic! Can't wait! Everyone down here at CrossFit Threshold deeply appreciates all the hard work, dedication, and passion that's been poured into this event by you guys. You make our community stronger!

8. Christmas wrote...

Stoked to get in this and put out some serious heat!! Dirty South, cant get a better slogan than that.

9. 73 wrote...

Go Blake!!!! Competing in the dirty south!! FWHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!

10. Johnny Mac wrote...

Paige Thank you it will be fixed. Bill I'm sorry brother!

11. Mike McGoldrick wrote...

Ohhhh man, it's almost here! Can't wait for an awesome weekend filled with a bunch of Bad@$$ athletes!! Thanks for all the hard work setting this up! See you there.

12. BK wrote...

anyone know if there are plans to video stream southeast regional like the southwest was done?

13. Johnny Mac wrote...

Sorry no online streaming our athletes are too fast for the limits of online video.

14. Laura McBee wrote...

Where's our girl, Polly Bobseine?! Polly! Polly! Good luck sweet girl!

15. Lance Mosley wrote...

Gonna be a crazy 1!!!!

16. Kris wrote...

Price for spectators?

17. Joel Borgan wrote...

Any suggestions for camping nearby?

18. tj wrote...

I want to welcome you to Jacksonville. Home to Crossfiteast, Crossfitjax, crossfitamelia island, crossfitdsouthside, crossfitwestjax, crossfit crucible, crossfitnocotee, crossfitblackfin,Crossfitdaytona and our family of affiliate friends under the Crossfiteast family banner. While I will be away for 1/2 of this event, Running and Gunning at a Rifle Program, we welcome you and hope to have full friendship banners waving. JMac, and the Florida friends crew...welcome in advance. 3,2,1 gooo !!!!!

19. Daniel Martin wrote...

Here we go...
Looking forward to a great time just like last year but bigger, better and badder.


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