Scott Olson of Front Range CrossFit won the Masters competition today.

North Central Regional

Day 2 Results: North Central Regional

A 355lb clean & jerk, fast mile times and blazing times in the masters class cap the day.

Skip Miller, of Front Range CrossFit sent the following update from the North Central Regional competition.

Day two of the North Central Regional qualifier started off way too early for those of us who closed down bars the night before, but not for the male competitors running sub-five minute miles at 8 in the morning.  The course was a beautiful rolling 1440m course along the playing fields, creeks and park space that abut the Events center. Under sunny skies with brisk temperatures the men were running just under a metric mile in respectable times for college or high school track athletes (top 40 finishers under 5 minutes). Inside the main competition space the women were tossing up body weight plus clean & jerks the way hypoglycemics toss down M&Ms. Kelly Allen of ML CrossFit led the charge with a lift of 215lb that had many spectators convinced that 235 isn’t far off for her.
At 10am the events shifted and the women headed outside while the men began warming up for their one rep max clean and jerks. Despite the warmer temperatures outside the women met similar fates at the hands of the unforgiving 1440m course.  The finish line was soon littered with capable young women challenged with getting enough oxygen down narrow wind pipes. Undaunted, Shannan Simpson of Front Range CrossFit put down the fastest time of the day for the women at 4:52. The rest of the women’s field was not far behind. At the same time in the main competition space someone had tied up gravity and tossed it in a corner because for an hour weights that normally remain firmly secured to the planet were getting tossed overhead with disturbing regularity. Nate Beard, of CrossFit Red, led the charge with a 355lbs lift, and seven other athletes followed him lifting 300 or more.
The day took a turn for the ridiculously inspirational when the master’s finals began. In the first heat Rhonda Pierce put a serious dent in the underestimation of what is capable for a master’s athlete. The second heat belonged to the eventual Master’s Champion, Scott Olson and his workout side kick - the patch of his son’s Marine Unit deployed in Afghanistan. After laying down a blistering pace in the C2B Cindy workout, Scott held aloft the patch.  There were a few less dry eyes in the competition space and fewer outlooks distracted by the inconsequential, like temporary pain.
After a brief respite for food, massages, rest and motivational alignment seminars the athletes were ready for the second half of the day. Unfortunately the last workout of the day took the sunny runs and long rest intervals from this morning’s workouts, placed them in a pretty box, rested the box on a designer butcher block, and pounded them senseless with a 20lb sledge hammer.
Suddenly oxygen was in short supply in the main competition space. Only three women from the first heat of nine beat the cut off time; and those that did, didn’t feel like they got away with anything.  Kelly Jo Smith of CrossFit Montana eventually laid down the fastest time (11:00) in the fourth heat. The men started off the first heat with eight out of ten beating the cut off time.  This was no ordinary workout.  Matt Chan from CrossFit Verve, brought home the fastest time of 9:18, with fourteen other athlete’s within sixty seconds.
These were no ordinary athletes and this was no ordinary day in Douglas County. Stop by tomorrow for the Affiliate, Men’s and Women finals!

Top 5 Men
1. Matt Chan
2. Josh Nimmo
3. Sean Tallman
4. Nate Beard    
5. Matthew Hathcock

Top 5 Women
1. Kelly Jo Smith  
2. Jasmine Dever
3. Megan John
4. Kelly Allen
5. Stacie Tovar

Top 5 Affiliates
1. CrossFit Omaha
2. Brother's CrossFit
3. Atlas CrossFit
4. CrossFit Castle Rock
5. CrossFit Rockford

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16 comments on this entry

1. kristen olson wrote...

GO DAD! So proud of you, way to kill it!

2. DT wrote...

To my son Sean Tallman. You're a stud my man and I couldn't be more proud. I've watched you train until you literally drop. Athleticism counts, but Drive makes you a winner.

Good luck on day 2 son.

This kid is a flat out animal!

3. JK wrote...

Way to go Josh! Kill it on Sunday!

4. Jen H wrote...

Kelly Allen from ML make us proud!! Good luck today in the FINALS!!!

5. Gilles wrote...

Old Man Olson, you ROCK!!!! Its easy to see why your family is always the best at kicking ass and taking names! Wish I could have been there to see it!

6. Liz O wrote...

Yeah miss Megs!!!! Sooo proud of you! You're amazing!

7. Dre wrote...

Scott is amazing! I heard yesterday in the audience..."What a cool Dad"!

8. Brandon L wrote...

Matthew Hathcock (Crossfit Unbroken) you inspire us all!

9. Greg P wrote...

Congrats to Scott, hope you go all the way! Enjoyed meeting the other Masters, great events Skip.

10. Lisa Long wrote...

Awesome job Meg!!!!

11. ron wrote...

what were the results in the masters wod's?

12. Ro wrote...

You can find all of the Master's live scores here:

13. Megan wrote...

Skip, you are a great writer. Thanks for the great update of what sounds like it was a spectacular event. Congrats to all the competitors for showing up and giving it their all!

14. Skip wrote...


Thank you for your comment, but I was not the writer. We had several people writing pretty much all day. Big Jon was the guy that wrote the wrap-ups at the end of the day. And we had two beautiful ladies, Speidi and Yorkie doing the play-by-play on the Twitter feed.

I will pass on your compliment though.

Front Range CrossFit

15. Brittney Olson wrote...

Wow Uncle Scott things never change... Your still the best athlete in this family!!! I love u and miss u!!! Good job!!!

16. Candy Olson wrote...

Britney is wright you are the Best. You got me inspired. You have all those great kids to motovate you.L Candy


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