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Central East Regional

Day 2 Recap: Central East Regional

A brief recap along with the announcement of the final workout.

Day two kicked off with the "Complex" workout with the barbell complex and muscle-ups. Graham Holmberg pulled off the best time by 6 seconds barely edging out the CrossFit legend Jeff Tincher.

This event proved to be a very difficult barrier to pass during the women's heats, only fourteen of the women completed the workout as prescribed. Christy Phillips took the first place spot by over a minute with Becky Conzelman and Lisa Shiu not far behind.

The rings came down to ready for the trail run with much of it up a steady grade only to be followed by steeply pitched hill. Each competitor had to pick up a sand bag and carry it up the hill then to the last 800m for the sprint to finish. John Steger smoked the run, coming in nearly two minutes ahead of the pack. Christy Phillips came out of the woods first to pull the first place finish. This run was a beast, should be something for many to remember.

The masters final competition went off without a hitch, Jay Thomas' time was good enough to put him in the lead. Mike Lyons is in the running as well, he competed in the sectionals at the Arnold.

The Deadlift event found Benjamin Scott pulling a massive 575lbs off the ground in front of a roaring crowd. He was followed by Thomas Hooton at 560lbs. Kelly McIntosh lifted 365lbs with Gretchen Kittlebarger's lift at 325 as the closest second.

Top 5 Men
1. Dan Bailey
2. David Ulmer
3. Thomas Hooton
4. Ben Smith
5. Braden Lutz

Top 5 Women
1. Christine Phillips
2. Julie Foucher
3. Becky Conzelman
4. Kelly McIntosh
5. Kate Rawlings

Top 5 Affiliates
1. CrossFit Apex
2. Crossfit Maximus
3. CrossFit Fairfax
4. CrossFit Hampton Roads

Per the ranking above you can see we have a heavy day of competion tomorrow with the Chipper then followed by this couplet:

3 Rounds for time of:
9 Reps Snatch 135LBS Men/83LBS Women
18 Reps Chest to Bar Pullups

Sled Pull to Finish!

We will also have the final Affiliate competition going which includes a 6' 250LB log for each team.

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22 comments on this entry

1. Michelle wrote...

Go Julie!!!!!

2. Elizabeth wrote...

where can i find the WODs?

3. Q wrote...

Christy Phillips is not human.

4. Troy wrote...

Keep up the awesome work, Kate! Less Talking, More Working!

5. Mike and Gabi wrote...

Way to go! Crosssfit Hampton Roads!

6. Kevin Hinchman wrote...

What about Masters results? Where can I find them?

7. Linda M Dionne wrote...

Go Danielle - you are awesome! Congratulations Crossfit Balance Affiliate Team - GREAT JOB!

8. Davissons wrote...

Go Hootie!

9. Lauren Acuna wrote...


10. Diane E Phillips wrote...

The best mother's day gift - Christy Phillips in 1st place after day one!!!

11. Jo Ann Frame wrote...

You are doing great. Knew there no doubt you would be at the top. Go Hootie

12. Steve wrote...

It would be great if...when posting the results from all regionals...the workouts for each event were also
What's the chipper?

13. denise thomas wrote...

Good Luck, Aimee!!!!!

14. Brewer wrote...

Congrats to all the members of the CrossFit Hampton Roads Affiliate team! Well Done folks!

15. Mary wrote...

Go Julie!!!!! LOVE YOU.

16. ral wrote...

Anyone know how the number of qualifying spots for each region were determined? It seems that athletes from this region are really getting the short end of the stick. The Ohio sectional alone had 178 men, plus 270 more men from the other two sectionals, and yet they only get 3 finals qualifying spots. The North Central region had just 220 men total (less than half of this region), yet it got 4 qualifying spots. South America got two, and there were about 15 athletes total.

It seems like it would make the most sense to wait until after the entries have been finalized (or close to finalized) to determine how many qualifying spots each region should get. I'm not trying to slam the other regions, but only three spots for this entire region is crazy. Congrats to the three who made it out.

17. Dara wrote...

Congratulations to Jay Thomas of Firebreather Fitness in Charleston, WV!! He is currently sitting in first place in the Masters division. Jay you are an amazing athlete and the most kind, generous and humble man around. We are all pulling for you!!

18. Shannon wrote...

Way to go CrossFit Apex!!!!! CrossFit Texas is cheering y'all on!!!!

19. N wrote...

Who do we contact if we think there is a mistake with one of the times in the final workout?

20. steve mckenrick wrote...

boy I'm glad i didn't go down to this hole in ohio . wow no place to change, no good place to get good food and then charge ten bucks to park in a field. I went to the one last year in V beach and it was class act 2nd to none. Didn't even charge to watch .

21. Mike Lyons wrote...

Much is being said about the conditions of the competition. My supporters had a lot to say about it, I choose to not "Piss and Moan". See my reflection about this especially as it pertained to the masters competition.

22. Jeff Gehrisch wrote...

Congrats Brade Lutz !!!!! 1st place in the Regionals!!! You are now a legitimate card carrying Firebreather!!!! (I had no doubts all along) You are an outstanding athlete and person. Your dedication, patience(thank you), hard work and belief in Crossfit has made you one of the fittest men on the planet. You should be proud of yourself. I know I am.
By the way, I thought guys that worked out in a one stall garage in their backyard weren't supposed to be dragon slayers???


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