Northeast Regional

Athlete Profile: Dave Lipson - Northeast Regional

Returning competitor will be hard to beat.

Dave Lipson's real passion is bringing CrossFit to people and educating them on fitness. If you didn't know any better, you would think his passion was lifting really heavy things, really quickly. "I want to push myself to be a better person, coach, and athlete every day," says Lipson. It's a fortunate coincidence that he is also an extremely proficient athlete by all measures. Lipson's athletic background can be traced to collegiate and Minor League baseball, where he pitched for various teams before an elbow injury ended his career early.

Dave made the shift to training others and found CrossFit in 2008. He started his affiliate - CrossFit Exodus - soon afterwards. As a coach lipson is helping people transform their lives with CrossFit. Currently he is an intern coach with the Level One Seminar team. As an athlete he has appeared twice in the CrossFit Games (2008 and 2009). He is also an NAS strongman competitor. Lipson's career has even delved into the showbiz where he is NBC's LX TV fitness expert/host. This weekend he'll be looking to secure one of three male qualifying spots to the CrossFit Games Finals in July.   

Name:Dave Lipson
Age: 27
Affiliate: CrossFit Exodus, owner
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 215
2008 CrossFit Games: 14th
2009 Northeast Regional: 4th
2009 CrossFit Games: 45th
Deadlift: 615 dead
Squat: 515 squat
Front Squat: 425 front
Isabelle 1:02
Grace 1:06 (3:15 at 200lb)
Deadlift/Burpee 2:25 (275), 7:10 (500lb)
2k row: 6:31
Fran: 2:31
Max Pullups: 50
DT: 4:49

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Dave Lipson Does The 2008 Deadlift/Burpees Event @ 500

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Dave Lipson - Hang Clean Burpee Wod

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Dave Lipson - Front Squats 3 X 416

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11 comments on this entry

1. Denise wrote...

Yo Hunky, Trainer #3.....flip the switch!!
Set the bar high, Dave. Go have some fun :)

2. NP wrote...

Dayumm... those stats are ridiculous!!

3. Broofturker wrote...

Absolutely unreal stats! Can't wait for the games with so many freaks of nature ready to compete. Unreal! What percent of even elite athletes can do 50 pull-ups, 615 deadlift, and 2:30 Fran?! Unbelievable.

4. nick williams wrote...

they are very special stats. sub 5 DT is mind blowing

5. karianne wrote...

it's been awesome getting to know you! crush it!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Trish wrote...


7. chris wrote...

Kill it for NYC Dave!

8. Ronda Rockett wrote...

Rootin' for ya Dave!

9. alice wrote...

Go Dave--Always rootin' for you--your biggest fan!

10. Greg Hammond / Concept2 wrote...

Dave, Go get em! Then get yourself to Vermont an open up and affiliate here. The Green Mountains are calling your name buddy. See you at the games. - Greg

11. Andrew Foster wrote...

Get some Bro Montana! I wont be able to make the games because of this deployement but ill rooting for ya man. When well have to crush a WOD.


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