Central/South America Regional

Day 1 Recap: Central & South American Regional

A first day recap plus the events announced for day 2.

The following report comes from Geoffrey Tudisco on the Central & South American Qualifier.

Central & South America's fittest came to Bogota, Colombia, and battled it out to see which two men, two women and one Affiliate Team would make the trip to the 2010 CrossFit Games. The event was a spectacular sight. While the it started off with some technical difficulties, an unstable pull-up bar system caused nearly a two hour delay in starting, the energy from the Regional participants, their friends and fans was electric. This was the first experience for many, and it really drove home the unique community that is CrossFit. While not nearly as large as some other Regional events, tents boasting the names Gatorade and Nike turned this rustic hillside school into an event that would rival any major sporting event.

As day one's carnage came to a close, the Men's heat had narrowed to three frontrunners. Geoff Tudisco (CrossFit Bogota), pulled into the lead with back-to-back first place finishes to close the day. Joel Fridman (CrossFit Brasil) shocked everyone with a commanding performance in the first event of the day, which flattened most of the Men's field. And newcomer Doug Oberbeck (CrossFit Bogota) put in consistently solid performances keeping him in the hunt. On the women's side, Nelly Rodriguez (CrossFit Guayaquil) and Johana Diago (CrossFit Bogota) have been battling for the top women's spot, and have pulled solidly ahead of the Women's pack. A couple of videos of the first Individual and Team events can be found at http://losjuegoscrossfit.tumblr.com/. We will be adding them to our weekend wrap-up post Sunday or Monday.

On the Affiliate Teams front, CrossFit Cayman established early dominance with an impressive win in the Row/Burpee event. The highlight was Jennifer Chailler who not only managed to crank out over 100 burpees during the event, but also performed an eyepopping 100+ Handstand Push-ups in the Overhead Squat/HSPU event. CrossFit Bogota, a team made up of CrossFit newcomers, put up a good fight, as did CrossFit Peru, but in the end the Caymanites swept the events of Day One.

Though, the performance of the day went to Alejo Guarin (CrossFit Bogota) who valiently tried to complete the Men's events as RX'd. He set a PR on the Snatch event, and proceeded to do 30 Snatches at that weight. And then went on to do 7 Deadlifts also at his PR weight. The crowd was cheering, helping coach, and watching in awe as Guarin demonstrated real heart to push through these events. Watch out for Alejo at next year's qualifier!

With day one thankfully behind us, the Central & South American Regional's final events for Individuals and Teams may leave a few mothers crying for their lost children this Mother's Day. Bodies may be sore, but the competitors will return to face a final test to determine who will be making the trip to the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Top 5 Men
1. Geoffrey Tudisco
2. Joel Fridman
3. Douglas Oberbeck
4. Oriel Ortega
5. Oyden Ortega

Top 5 Women
1. Nelly Rodriguez
2. Johana Diago
3. Veronica Pimiento
4. Juliana Neira
5. Angie Campbell

Top Affiliate Teams
1. CrossFit Cayman
2. CrossFit Bogota
3. CrossFit Peru

Individual Event 4
For Time:

30 Kettlebell Push Press (16/8kg)
900m Farmer's Hill Walk carrying Kettlebells
30 Right Arm Kettlebell Swings (16/8kg)
30 Left Arm Kettlebell Swings (16/8kg)
900m Hill Trail Run
30 Double-unders
900m Hill Trail Run
30 Burpees

1. The Kettlebell Push Press is done with a kettlebell in both hands simultaneously.
2. During the Farmer's Walk, athletes must hold the Kettlebells in both hands only at the sides of the hips. If an athlete attempts to offload the Kettlebells onto any other body part they will be immediately disqualified from the event.
3. The Kettlebell Swings must be done while the non-swinging hand is holding the other Kettlebell (swings done without the other kettlebell in hand will not be counted).
4. Range of Motion Standards will be explained and demonstrated by the Officiating Team Sunday morning an hour prior to the first heat.

1. The Trail Run is approximately 900m through the forest, which will be marked. Judges and medical staff will be positioned along the route to guide and monitor athletes. The Trail Run includes an ascent portion of approximately 120m, and each Trail Run will end back in the central event area.
2. Athletes are encouraged to bring their own jump ropes, but if they did not bring one they will be provided a standard jump rope.

Team Event 4
20,000lbs Anyway Ground-to-Overhead

The team can divide up the reps amongst teammates as they wish and in any order; however, only one athlete may work at a time and each athlete must lift a minimum of 2,500lbs. Athletes can choose from among the following weights x minimum reps: 65lbs x 39 reps, 75lbs x 34 reps, 85lbs x 30 reps, 95lbs x 27 reps, 105lbs x 24 reps, 115lbs x 22 reps, 125lbs x 20 reps or 135lbs x 19 reps.

Non-working teammates may assist with changing the weights on the barbell. Judges will be armed with scorecards and calculators to ensure teams lift accurately, and to keep teams updated on their current completed load.

Score: Time

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A glimpse of the Hill Trail Run
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5 comments on this entry

1. Jaime (CF Peru) wrote...

It was a good day in Bogota. I just have a question: Unfortunatelly, despite of her great efforts, one member of the CF Bogota team did not finish the 3rd event.
What is the status of the team in cases like this?

2. tommy wrote...

This is sweet! Amazing to see CF expand into my home country.

Best of luck to CF Bogota and the rest of the competition.


3. Rafael Susigan wrote...

CF Brasil come to WIN!!

4. Angie Campbell-CF Bogota wrote...

"You can make some of the people happy some of the time..."
Keith Wiser

Thank you teams for having such an amazing team spirit..Especially CF Cayman and CF Bogota....Very classy!
Best of luck to team Cayman who by the way "smoked" some ass! what an honor to have competed against your team!
Represent in California!

5. Oyden Ortega wrote...

What a wonderful weekend I had competing in this regionals.
The competitive spirit was all over the place and every athlete was going all out to try to complete the WODs.
Congratulations to the winners, Geoff and Doug.
Hopefully we can have this Regionals next year in Panama City, Panama.
Let´s keep up growing CrossFit in the Caribean, Central and South America.
Bless to everyone.


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