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Central/South America Regional

Central & South American Regional Day 1 Events Announced

Saturday's Schedule of Events

In just a few days, Latin America's fittest men and women will ascend 8,600ft (2,600m) to the Andean capital city of Bogota, Colombia, to determine who will be the fittest men and women of Central & South America. This year, the region is sending 2 Men, 2 Women and 1 Team to the 2010 CrossFit Games. Athlete profiles of several competitors are available at

The athletes will face two days of grueling events, and Day 1 events are ready to be announced. Day 2 events will be announced after the final event on Saturday. Here is the Day 1 schedule of events for both individual and team competition:

Friday, May 7
4:00-6:00pm - Competitor registration at CrossFit Bogota. Logistics Team conducts final inspection of facility, installations and equipment.

Saturday, May 8
7:15am - Vans will depart from CrossFit Bogota to the venue, all athletes must be at CrossFit Bogota no later than 7:15AM or they will need to find their own transportation to the venue.
7:30am - Logisitics Team arrives at Games site
8:00-8:45am - Mandatory Competitor Briefing by Event Coordinator, Competitor Range of Motion Q&A with Officiating Team
9:00am - Opening Ceremony presented by Nike
9:10am - Team Event 1

10 Minute Time Limit:
Row 2,000 meters

One teammate will row 500m while the remaining three teammates do burpees. Each teammate must row a single 500m row (no more, no less). Teams may decide in what order to row. When the final teammate, the anchor rower, finishes his/her 500m row, the clock will stop and the event will end; however, each team must complete the 2K row in 10 minutes and 0 seconds or less. Failure to row 2,000 meters will result in a “DNF."

Score: Total number of Burpees

9:30-11:30AM - Individual Event 1 "Thrustin' Cindy"
7 rounds for time (Men)/ 5 rounds for time (Women):
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
10 Thrusters, 115lb/75lb

Score: Time (There is a 25 minute time limit)

Scaling options: Jumping Pull-ups may be substituted for Pull-ups, Knee Push-ups may be substituted for Push-ups, None for Squats, Thruster weight may be reduced.

11:30am - Team Event 2
20 minute time limit to achieve the following:
Team Cumulative 1 Rep Max of:
Overhead Squat
Team Total Max Reps of:
Handstand Push-ups (Women to 1 Abmat)

Only two athletes may be working at the same time -- one athlete may attempt 1RM of Overhead Squat and another athlete may be doing Handstand Push-ups. The Team has 20 minutes for all athletes to achieve both a 1 RM for the Overhead Squat and the maximum number of Handstand Push-ups. All athletes must complete at least one (1) attempt at a 1RM Overhead Squat and must perform at least one (1) handstand push-up. Teammates may assist with changing the weights on the barbell. Kipping Handstand Push-ups are allowed, and will be judged according to the Central & South American Regional official ROM standards.

Score: Team Total 1 Rep Max Weight (the sum of all four athletes’ 1 rep max) for Overhead Squat plus Team Total Number of Handstand Push-ups (the sum of all four athletes HSPUs). Each HSPU = 1lb.

Scaling options: None for Overhead Squat, additional Abmats may be used for Handstand Push-ups

12:00-1:00PM - LUNCH BREAK

1:00-3:00pm - Individual Event 2
For time:
50 Box Jumps, 24”/20”
30 Snatch, 115/75
1000m Row

Score: Time (There is a time limit of 15 minutes) 

Scaling options: None for Box Jumps, Snatch weight may be reduced, none for Row.

3:00PM - Team Event 3

Each athlete must complete the entire circuit one (1) time, and hand baton to the next person on their team. The next athlete will wait at the Gatorade starting gate, and he/she cannot start running until he/she receives the baton (alternating male/female):

Run to Driveway and Back
50 Thrusters, 45/25
30 Pull-ups
10 Ring Dips

Score: Time

Scaling options: None for thrusters, Jumping Pull-ups may be substituted for Pull-ups and Ring Dips may be done assisted either with feet on a box or on the floor. 

3:45-5:00PM - Individual Event 3

Max Reps in 10 minutes of (minimum: 20 of each for Men, 10 of each for Women):
Deadlift, 315lb/185lb

Score: The lower number of repetitions of either Deadlifts or Muscle Ups. For example, if a competitor completes 35 Deadlifts and 22 Muscle Ups their score will be 22, which is the lower of the two.

Scaling options: Deadlifts weight can be reduced, Muscle Ups may be converted into 3 pull-ups and 3 ring dips.

5:00pm - Closing & Announcement of Day 2 Events

Sunday, May 9

8:00-8:45am - Mandatory Competitor Meeting with Officiating Team. Explanation of movements and ROM. Competitor Q&A with Judges
9:00am - Individual Event 4 (to be announced Saturday)
11:00am - Team Event 4 (to be announced Saturday)
11:30am - Awards & Closing Ceremonies presented by Gatorade

Thanks to Our Sponsors
Our sponsors, Nike and Gatorade, are pround to present Los Juegos CrossFit 2010 - Centro y Sur America Regionales (The Central & South American Regionals for the 2010 CrossFit Games). They will be providing all competitors with a welcome package, and complimentary Gatorade and water throughout the 2-day event. In addition, several local sponsors will be selling food and drink (including beer) to spectators and athletes. Finally, as a courtesy to all competitors, each CrossFit Affiliate sending competitors will have a designated "Team Locker Room" where their athletes may store their belongings and rest between events.

Recommended Packing List:

  • Umbrella and rain gear (the likelihood of rain at some point during the event is high)
  • Jump Rope (Individuals only - otherwise a standard jump rope will be provided to you)
  • Trail running shoes
  • Athletic tape
  • Yoga mat, pillows, blankets to rest between events

Scaling options are available for some events, but not all. Scaling an event automatically disqualifies a competitor (Individual or Team) from earning one of the Central & South American seeds to the 2010 CrossFit Games.

As stated earlier, the scoring for the Central & South American Regional will be based on the same scoring system used for the 2009 CrossFit Games. 1 point will be awarded for first place, two points will be awarded for second place, etc. In the event of a tie among Individuals, the tiebreaker will be the total number of repetitions in Event 3. And in the event of a tie among Teams, the tiebreaker will be the total number of Burpees in Event 1.

Rogue Fitness Again Faster Equipment CrossFit Journal

Proudly supporting the 2010 CrossFit Games

Photo Gallery

Johana Diago (CF Bogota) Gianni Chang (CF Peru) Oyden Ortega (CF Briga) Juan Pablo Raba (CF Bogota) - First Muscle Up
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1. Angie wrote...

This is siccccccccckkkkk yo!!!!
Bring IT on!!!!! Let the games begin.....

2. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

Goodluck Team Crossfit Cayman!!! Kill it and we will see you in California!!

3. Carl wrote...

It is Cayman with an A

4. Geoff wrote...

To answer a few questions I received via e-mail:

1. Snatches - the snatch for Individual Event 2 can be performed as a full (squat) snatch or power snatch) . The key is that the bar must not stop anywhere along the way to the overhead position.

2. Handstand Push-ups - for Team Event 2 each athlete on the team must complete a single Handstand Push-up as required.

3. Push-ups - Kipping push-ups are allowed, however, after reviewing the video of the kipping push-up on CF main site, the Judges remind athletes that they must lock out their elbows in the top position. The Judges are concerned that athletes performing kipping push-ups may not lock out the elbows due to the speed of the movement.

4. Pull-ups - Kipping pull-ups of all varieties are allowed: standard kip, frog kick and butterfly. The key is not the style of pull-up, but achieving the required range of motion.

As more questions come in, I will reply and post them here as well for all to see.


5. Alejo wrote...

Vamos con toda crossfit Bogotá!!!!

6. Geoff wrote...

Some more questions & answers:

5. Team Event 1 - each athlete must remain on the rower until they complete their 500m. They may row as fast or slow as they wish, but must complete their 500m before starting/restarting Burpees.

6. Team Event 2 - the Overhead Squat must be initiated from the ground, meaning the athletes must perform a clean and jerk, snatch, etc. to get the barbell into an overhead position. No assistance from teammates is allowed other than changing the weights.

7. Team Event 3 - the run is approximately 900m in total including both the uphill and downhill portions. The trail will be marked with Nike Race Tape.


7. Denisse wrote...

Nelly Rodriguez... The Queen of the mountain!!!... Go CF Guayaquil!!!!


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