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Central East Regional

Central East Regional Affiliate Events Announced

Bill Henniger checks in with a look at the Affiliate Cup workouts.

The following report comes from Bill Henninger of Rogue Fitness.

Our event is fast approaching. We will be kicking things off on Friday, May 7th and holding the final events on Sunday, May 10th. Over three hundred individual, masters and affiliate athletes will be competing for a chance to advance to the CrossFit Games Finals at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles.

We are announcing the Affiliate Events today and the Individual Events on Wednesday

Affilliate Team Events
Affiliate Challenge #1 – The Quad:

20 Kettlebell Swings
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
20 Burpees
10 Box Jumps (24/20”)

3 Rounds – 4 Athletes/Team will move through this event. Team score will be based on cumulative time

Affiliate Challenge #2 – The Run:
Trail Run – Approximately 5K with Sandbags and Hills

4 Person teams, score will be based on slowest team member

Special Note:  You will be running in the woods on trails so it would be a good idea to have some type of trail shoe. There is some minimal exposure to poison ivy/oak.

Affiliate Challenge #3 – The Snatch:
Max Snatch (15 Min. Cap 1 Men’s Bar, 1 Women’s Bar)
Max Handstand Push-ups (5Min)
Total Max loads plus total handstand push-ups will be the team score.

Final Affiliate Challenge #4 – "The Log":
Log Run
50 Muscle-ups – 2 Sets of Rings/Team
Log Run
100 Thrusters – 1 Men’s 95lb Bar & 1 Women’s 65lb Bar
Log Run
200 Deadlift – 1 Men’s 135lb Bar & 1 95lb Women’s Bar
4 Person Teams, Score will be based on fastest time

Scoring  & Placement Cuts:
The point placement system will be used for scoring the Affiliate and Individual Events
1. The Affiliate field will be cut down from 32 teams to 16 for the Final Event on Sunday
2. The Individual field will be cut down to 20 Men & 20 Women for the 5th and Final Event on Sunday afternoon

Schedule of events – Click Here for Online Schedule

Heats and Movement Standards will be released on Thursday


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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

21 comments on this entry

1. Wowzerz wrote...

For the HSPU are we using parallettes?

2. Kim wrote...

For the HSPU in #3 - does every team member have to do at least one? or does it matter?

3. Mike wrote...

i like how you mix in muscle up's into each affiliate cup event.

4. Rich V. wrote...

Log run? Woohoo!

5. Mike wrote...


Do women have to do chest to bar pullups or just regular pull ups?

6. Adam Stevenson wrote...


7. Bill wrote...

We are releasing the standards videos and event guidelines on Thursday. This will be a great event, just got back from the regional location. The pullup rig is up and ready to go!


8. J Hoggan wrote...

These events look awesome. Can't wait to see the individual events.

Considering it's supposed to rain and what not, will there be any place where spectators can hang out and stay dry?

9. Flea wrote...

Has anyone noticed that 7th-10th is across 4days? or was it a typo meaning the 9th?

10. Caity wrote...


That was just a typo. The last day will be the 9th.


11. MJ wrote...

What's the deal with spectator tickets?

12. Joel wrote...

So are all 4 events on Friday, and then a fifth and final wod on Sun?

13. kIm wrote...

That 5K trail run, seems like a lot of pressure for the slowest member of the "team". Seems like more an individual event for the slowest people. Wouldn't it make more sense to take the "teams" total time finish instead of just one individual??

14. Caity wrote...


The first 3 WOD's will be on Friday. The 4th event will be the final on Sunday.


15. Brad wrote...

Will every event have 2 girls/2 guys or can you enter 3/1?

16. B wrote...

Hope women are doing CTB, disappointing at Arnold when that was changed...

17. jenny wrote...

I agree. Why should standards be different for women?

18. Brad wrote...

Hate to repeat a previous post, but can you let me know if all events are 2/2 guy/girl? The info is important from a team-member standpoint and we're all probably traveling tomorrow so can we get some info today?

19. barb wrote...

Any hope of these standards videos and event guidelines being released soon? As you know, some of us are traveling a long distance and are leaving soon, and these cabins in Logan don't have internet. Thanks!

20. Foose wrote...

Our thoughts, hopes and dreams are with you guys wish we all could be there together. Kick ass and take names CrossFit West Chester Team!

21. steve wrote...

What happened to the singles events announcement? They aren't on here any longer.


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