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Natural High CrossFit

Canada Regional

Canadian Regional Schedule Announced

The Canada Regional event is fast approaching. Our neighbors to the North will be sending six male and female individual competitors and 12 teams to compete in the 2010 CrossFit Games final at the Home Depot Center in July. The coordinators have checked in with a schedule of what you can expect if you're traveling to Alberta next weekend.

We wanted to release the tentative schedule as early as we could.  This schedule could change as late as the day-of, but this the plan...

Friday May 28, 2010
Natural High CrossFit, Okotoks

Doors open 3pm
3pm to 5pm - Mandatory athlete check-in
5:30pm to 7:30pm - All athletes

Saturday May 29, 2010
Natural High CrossFit, Okotoks

Doors open 7am
8:30 to 10:30am - Individuals
11am to 12:30pm - Teams
12:45 to 1:30pm - Masters
2 to 5:30pm - Individuals

Sunday May 30, 2010
Murray Arena, Okotoks

Doors open 7am
8 to 10am - Individuals
10:15am to 11:45am - Teams
12:00 to 12:30pm - Masters
12:30 to 4:15pm - Individuals
Immediately following will be closing ceremonies.


We will provide jump ropes.  Or you may bring your own jump rope to use in competition but it must be a Buddy Lee's "Rope Master" jump rope (see picture).  It must have the original rope or the same Buddy Lee replacement rope.  Shortening the rope by cutting is ok; No other modifications will be allowed.  This applies to Individuals only.

There will not be "cuts."  All athletes will compete in all of the events.

We plan to release the events (WODs) on Wednesday May 26, 2010 and we will make any necessary ammendments to the schedule then as well.

As stated in the Affiliate Cup Competition page on the Games site, all team events will be conducted as team workouts with teams of 4.

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Buddy Lee "Rope Master"
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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

20 comments on this entry

1. Nolan Osadczuk wrote...

is there a workout Friday?

2. DeeJay wrote...


3. kris wrote...

All athletes have a workout Friday night. This includes individual males, individual females, teams and masters.

4. Woody wrote...

can we cut the jump rope that is provided or should we bring our own if we want to cut it?

5. kris wrote...

you will not be able to cut the provided jump ropes as they will be used by others.

6. cam birtwell wrote...

Obviously this isn't going to change anything but I think it should be mentioned -

Doesn't this jump rope standard give a distinct advantage to people familiar with that type of rope? DU"s are all about timing (if we ARE actually doing du's ;) and it can vary quite a bit between rope weights and speeds.

By making them all the same it actually may cause more disadvantage as opposed to less. Adjustments could be tricky too, not sure how the BL adjusts but some fine tuning is necessary for optimal performance (which is what we're after right???).

Either way, realllllllly looking forward to this, going to be epic!

7. kris wrote...

wanted to note that putting knots in the rope WILL be allowed to shorten them. you can do this with the ropes provided, or the rope you bring.

standards need to be set and so they have been. there's still plenty of time to practice...

8. cam birtwell wrote...

Hi Kris, thaks for the response, I understand the need for standards, obviously we wouldn't have people lifting on different bars or with different plates etc.

No offense but I would prefer to have my year and a bit practice with my current rope than a day of practice with an unfamiliar one ;)

Either way, I'm a big fan of double unders (if that's what's going on) so just bringing this up as food for thought.

Thanks for all your hard work!

9. marcel avalos wrote...

Hi... I have the smaller version of the rope master which is the Buddy Lee's Junior Speed Jump Rope. would that be acceptable??

10. Louise Hodge wrote...

Just bought a buddy lee aero speed. It is exactly the same as the rope master just smaller for little hands. It is made for ages 10 and up, the rope master if for ages 12 and up. Can I use it? If not, no worries I am sure I will find one that fits. Thank you.

11. Kat wrote...

People... it says the rope "MUST BE a Buddy Lee's "Rope Master" jump rope"

Any other Buddy Lee's are not allowed. Or modified Buddy Lee's.

Glad to see the same equipment will be required for all athletes. So what if you don't have one or have never used one. It would be the same arguement for those people who train with Werksan Oly Plates VS Rogue Bumpers.

Can't wait for next weekend!!

12. Ian MacLeod wrote...

np where is the masters workout posted on this page. I saw it elsehwere, but how else would I know what it is? When was it posted?

13. Louise Hodge wrote...

Thanks Kat,
I am new in the Buddy Lee world. My friend is lending me hers, so I am OK and will use the Aero Speed or whatever it is called when I pratice. I never knew the rope world was so complicated :) CU next weekend.

14. woody wrote...

Really short notice on the Jump rope situation. To late to order one. Hopefully someone my size has one i can borrow.

15. kris wrote...

ian- masters wods were posted by HQ here

16. Rob Corson wrote...

They will supply ropes if you don't have one, so no worries about buying one.

17. Can't see wrote...

where do guests do the online reg? I can't seem to find it?

18. kris wrote...

look for the canada regional in the list below the map, and click register. on the next page you can choose spectator. remember that your online registration gets you TWO spectator passes for the weekend.

19. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

Kris, it says spectator registration is closed. Can we pay at the door?

20. Dee wrote...

Where are the WOD's? It's the 26th...


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