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Brett Marshall at Sectionals

Canada Regional

5 minutes with Brett "AFT" Marshall

Individual competition will kick off tomorrow in Canada. The event coordinators checked in with Brett "AFT" Marshall (2nd place in 2007, 4th in affiliate competition with CrossFit Calgary in 2009) in preparation for the event.

Picture Brett Marshall at his home in Calgary with his wife and 2 kids, preparing breakfast, groggy from being up at 4am with his almost 1 year old.  "Today training is not going to be that fun for me."  But his eyes light up at the first mention of CrossFit.

For those of you that don't know who Brett is, he set the CrossFit world ablaze in 2006 with a "Diane" time of 1:49 and is often credited as the originator of the butterfly kipping pull-up.  He also finished a very close second place in the first CrossFit Games.

Of course Brett is not the only athlete preparing for the Games and trying to spend time with his family.  He continues his very active roll as head coach at the box he and his wife co-own with James "OPT" FitzGerald and his wife - CrossFit Calgary  in addition to managing an expanding personal training client base. Was it mentioned that he works full-time as a fire fighter. OK, he has a lot on. "It's going to take a year of work to prepare for the Games... My intent was to prepare from January on... I got 8 weeks in."  Brett appeared at Sectionals sick, and pushed through to finish in second place. "I will never do another competition when I'm sick," he says, "It left me depleted."

Now back to his normal self, he continues to follow the Big Dawgs blog. "I like the volume and periodization," says Marshall. He just tweaks things a bit to work on weaknesses. And after the Games? "A phase of powerlifting, a phase of olympic lifting and some WODs."

When asked about speculations for the upcoming Canada Regionals, his answer comes quickly: "I don't think its worth it to spend any time on it (anticipating the workouts). You don't even concern yourself for what may or may not come up. But I do know it will be a true test of overall fitness. There will be a couple WODs that I hope to win, and a couple I hope to do my best."

And as anyone who knows Brett will attest, the best is what you always get from him.

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Brett Marshall at Big Dawgs Competition
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1. Deric M wrote...

Thank you Brett for all you do CF and in service. A true CF stud, and my first inspiration when I started CF in 2006.


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