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Australia Regional

Australian Regional Event Standards

Explanation on all of the movements you expect to see at the AUS Regional.

These standard are for ease of Judging. If people fail to achieve what is require they will be DNF on their score card.

KB Swing - The KB must come between the legs and be raised above head at arms ext, ears clearly seen in front of the arms.

Snatch - The weight must be on the ground taken to overhead through a full squat(hip below Parallel)

Ground-to-Overhead - This can be done as a clean and jerk or snatch. The hips and knees must be open and the arms extended

Deadlift - Weight starting on ground and lifted to hips extension.

Push-ups - Starting with an extended body from toes to shoulders lower the shoulders so the upper arm is parallel with the ground.

Pull-ups - Starting from an extended arm raising the body until the middle of the neck comes above the bar.

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups - Starting from an extended arm raising the body until the chest touches the bar (from sternum to clavicle).

Muscle-up - Starting from a hang, raise yourself up and extend your arms to extension.

Squat - Starting with an extended body lower until the crease of the hip is clearly seen below the knee, before raising again.

OHS - Starting with an extended body and bar locked out overhead lower until the crease of the hip is clearly seen below the knee, before raising again.

Thruster - With the bar in the rack position squat into a front squat. Hip must be clearly below the knee, then raise the bar above your head. Arms hips and knees are all at extension.

Ring Dips - The arm must come to extension then lowered until the upper arm touches the ring before raising again.

Box Jump -  Both feet start on the ground then jump on the box with both feet, raise to hips extension before descending.

Double-unders - In a skipping motion the rope must pass under the feet twice for every single repetition.

Toes-to-Bar - The athlete must start from a hanging position then raise the foot must touch the bar.

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7 comments on this entry

1. Alex Porter wrote...

whoop whoop

2. sue wrote...

Does that mean we won't see other movements that are not on the list? Eg. Hspu.

3. MIck Shaw wrote...

There are a couple of other exercises but form is not as important.
The workouts will be release sometime in the next day or two keep watching the games page for updates.

4. Suzi Dafnis wrote...

Good to see Nadine Burns (who competed at Aromas last year) as the example of good form in your photo. Good luck on the weekend y'all. I'll be cheering on!

5. craig wrote...

when you say muscle up starts with a hang, is it full extension or just a hang

6. sue wrote...

craig - on the video/demo , its full extension.

7. carolyn wrote...

Go guys ,well done to everyone competing .
Go Anna, go for it girl your amazing . Love to be there, maybe next year.


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