Photo Credit: Dan and Alicia Stanton

Dan and Alicia Stanton

Northwest Regional

Athlete Profiles: Meet the Stantons

Married couple competing together at Regionals

The family that suffers together, stays together. Dan and Alicia Stanton started CrossFit together in 2008 and were married shortly afterwards. This year they showed up to the Oregon sectional event and both secured qualifying spots in the top three (Dan, second place and Alicia first). This weekend the power couple will travel to Puyallup, WA with the hope that a repeat performance will send them both to the Home Depot Center in July.
Dan and Alicia
Age: 28 - 24
Height: 5' 7" - 5' 5"
Weight: 160 lb - 135 lb
Regional: Northwest
OR-ID Sectional: 2nd - 1st 
Fran: 2:17 - 3:44
Helen: 7:05 - 8:00
Cindy: 32 - 24
FGB: 410 - 360
Clean & Jerk - 245 - 158
Deadlift: 465 - 285
Back Squat: 335 - 195
Filthy Fifty: 16:50 - 18:30
Pull-ups: 58 - 35
Snatch: 180 - 110
What is your athletic background?
Dan: does bowhunting count, I do that a lot.
Alicia: D1 Javelin at the  University of Montana, School Record Holder.

What is your history with CrossFit?
Dan - I started an Affiliate in 2008 with a business partner, hired my soon to be wife and the rest is history.
Alicia - I also started in July 2008.
What is unique about you as an individual or athlete?
Dan - I tore my ACL at sectionals this year and postponed surgery until the fall so I can compete.
Alicia - I am a country girl: shoot guns and bows, ride dirt bikes, and chop lots of firewood
See the video highlights of Dan and Alicia dominating the Oregon Sectionals on Vimeo.
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8 comments on this entry

1. SM wrote...

Good luck this weekend guys! You are sure to kick a$$.

btw: Really hoping Dan wears the gold singlet this weekend.

Snatch out

2. Ross Carper wrote...

Yeah Dan and Alicia --- you guys are absurdly athletic and awesome people as well. And a quick edit: it's Staton.

Good luck in the next round! Represent!

3. kpl wrote...

Dan and Alicia, you are two of my favorites. thanks to you both and the whole crossfit ftp team for investing in the community of spokane.

Get after it this weekend.

4. B-Rob wrote...

You two rock! You guys are both amazing and I cant wait to see you both tear it up this weekend! And I agree Snatch, gold tighties all the way!

5. Ryan Brown wrote...

Regionals with a torn ACL? How is that even possible?

6. Fiddle wrote...

Good Luck! I agree with Snatch and!

7. Judy wrote...

Meet the Statons, aka The Incredibles! Awesome athletes while simultaneously being the best coaches (and friends)ever! If anyone can rule at the Regionals with a torn ACL it will be DS! Can't wait to see you both kill it this weekend!

8. Xena wrote...

Alicia & Dan: you guys inspire me!! Can't wait to watch you both rock it out this weekend!!! Go Statons!


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