Northeast Regional

Athlete Profile: Mike McKenna - Northeast Regional

Former fighter turned CrossFitter competes for the Games.

Mike McKenna is the proud new owner of CrossFit 914. After finishing first in the NY/NJ Sectional he's hopeful for a spot in the 2010 CrossFit Games.

Name: Mike McKenna
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172
Affiliate: CrossFit 914
Sectional: NY/NJ - 1st
Regional: Northeast
Fran: 2:51
Grace: 3:25 (Squat Clean)
Cindy: 29 Rounds
Fight Gone Bad: 388
Clean & Jerk: 245lbs
Snatch: 185lbs
Deadlift: 435lbs
Back Squat: 345lbs
Pull-ups: 42

What is your athletic background?
I have competed in several sports growing up but basketball has always been my passion. I also played football and tennis competitively throughout high school. In 2009 I competed in the NJ Golden Gloves and now more recently competed in the NY/NJ CrossFit Games Sectional where I finished 1st, to my surprise.  In every sport I participated in and have found that I liked training for the game or fight more then I enjoyed the game/fight. I love CrossFit because you can only do what you can do. There is no reason to be nervous, just go out and give everything you got. I just find myself very lucky that I have found a sport that combines my two passions, exercise and competition.      

What is your history with CrossFit?
I found out about CrossFit late in 2008. I was training for a fight at the time, in a globo gym where I worked when someone came up to me and asked, "Are you doing CrossFit?"  I asked him what CrossFit was, went home and googled it. I thought it looked great so I added a couple main site WOD's into my routine. I found the powerful weightlifting and gymnastics movements (that I wasn't doing) really helped my Boxing. Pretty soon I found myself training exclusively through CrossFit and eventually instead of using CrossFit to train for boxing, I was using boxing and basketball and any other activity to supplement my CrossFit. Again, I just feel very lucky to have found CrossFit and all I wanted was to open a Box and give others what CF has given me, so I am very excited because I was recently able to open CrossFit 914 just 5 weeks ago! Thank you CrossFit!

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9 comments on this entry

1. Eric wrote...

Mike - impressive performance at sectionals, best of luck at regionals; do NY/NJ proud.
and congrats on the new affiliate

2. Rob Orlando wrote...

Ladies and Mike McKenna!!! Great guy and solid competitor. Nice to see him getting some love.

We'll have fun this weekend, Mike.

Rob O

3. Jennifer wrote...

So proud of you! Can't wait for this weekend, you're gonna kill it!!!

4. Denise Thomas wrote...

Mike, you got "some love" finally :)
See you there.

5. Los Davila wrote...

Ladies and gentlemen this man right here is a BEAST!!! Can't wait to see what he can do against some of the more extablished Big Boys within CrossFit. Let the BloodBath Begin!!!!

6. Skyler wrote...


7. Cesar B. wrote...

A BEAST for sure!
Bring it home Mike!!!

8. Justin P wrote...


I am sending you positive vibrations from the west coast via Ryan O'. Good luck! Justin P

9. Ferpomexess wrote...

ohhhhh, really?


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