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Athlete Profile: Mike Kaseman - Northeast Regional

Rugby coach is leading his athletes by example

Mike Kaseman used CrossFit to change his life. Now he is coaching rugby and hopes to make the same positive change in the lives of his athletes.

Name: Mike Kaseman
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175
Affiliate: Mike's Gym
Sectional: NY/NJ  - 10th   
Fran:  3:10
Grace: 3:48 @135, 3:41@155
Cindy: 26
Fight Gone Bad: 410
Clean & Jerk: 255   
Snatch: 170
Deadlift: 455
Back Squat: 375
Pull-ups: 30
2K Row:  7:10
Dead Man's Row:  4:32
Favorite Movement:  Clean, or burpee...tough call
Least Favorite Movement:  Pull Up

What is your athletic background?
In high school I played football, basketball, baseball, and pole vaulted (horribly). I have always had a passion for weightlifting, but I pursued more sport oriented fitness versus a standard bodybuilding routine. I am an avid outdoorsman - hiking, biking, indoor rock climbing and I've done a couple triathlons, foot races, and bike races. After college I began coaching and playing rugby and have found that it is the sport that has totally fit my personality and skill set. I kind of liken Rugby to Crossfit. Rugby is grueling - sometimes you bleed, you lean on your teammates to help you fight for one more inch, sometimes it hurts more the next day, but you always come back for more.

What is your history with CrossFit?
About two years ago I was at my heaviest, 205, and a friend of my now fiance told me how great this "CrossFit thing" was. I blew it off like another fitness fad. Then I found the Main site one day. I saw running combined with lifting and I was hooked. I think the first workout was AMRAP in 20 minutes of: run 400meters, 50 air squats. A week after later I did Fran in about 12 minutes. I thought, "how in the world can anyone do this crap in less than 3 minutes." I continued to follow the Main site and in about three months I had lost 25 pounds dropped my Fran time under 4 minutes (thanks to kipping pull ups and better conditioning). I decided to transform my one car garage into a gym. I have built it up over the past two years. I attended a Level 1 cert last summer, and in the off season I train some of my rugby players and their mothers out of the garage. My players are my main motivation for competing. They know I am doing the "Crossfit Games." Some have done crossfit, some haven't, but they all ask me every practice what my WOD was. I always tell them. Sometimes they say things like, "That sounds tough Coach." My usual response is, "Yeah, but not as tough as our fitness today (with a smile)." I run fitness with my team, which is good for both the kids and I. I need my team to push me, and they always try to beat me. I do lose in a sprint from time to time, then hear about it for a week from the kids. I'm a firm believer in the CrossFit methodology, and I look forward to being able to help my players become the best athletes they can be with the use of CrossFit.

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7 comments on this entry

1. Matt Temesy wrote...

Good luck bro!

2. Aunt Maureen wrote...

Mike, you rock! Best of luck this weekend.

3. tobrien wrote...

Mike, good luck this weekend, represent MD!!

4. marcos el padre de miguel wrote...

dios mio, that's my boy, good luck, i have believed in you my whole life, and know you will take the program to the max.

buen suerte de tu papa

good luck from dad

5. Mikie J wrote...

Good luck bro! Wish i could be there this weekend, but i know you'll move on and i'll catch you at Nationals!

6. Pat Moran wrote...

Fantastic stuff Mike, and congrats on all you have accomplished. You are a tremendous influence on the kids in the Fairport rugby program. Keep up the good work, and maybe I'll join ya at a competition one of these times!

Coach Moran

7. Lisa wrote...

Way to represent those of us who enjoy a cookie once in awhile and workout in our garage! (“aka Mike’s Gym”). Hope the 2nd day has some tire flipping for you :) I’ll be cheering for you back home while our Rugby Team wins a championship!!


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