Northeast Regional

Athlete Profile: Khaled Allen - Northeast Regional

"Ex-little guy" changed his life with training

Name: Khaled Allen
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 175lb
Affiliate: CrossFit Stamford
Sectional: New England, 1st place
Regional: Northeast Albany
Fran: Never done Rx'd
Grace: Never done Rx'd
Cindy: Never done Rx'd
Fight Gone Bad: Never done
Clean & Jerk: 190lb
Snatch: 135 lb
Deadlift: 315 lb
Back Squat: 225 lb
Pull-ups: 35

What is your athletic background?
I ran cross country in high school but through most of college let my athletics fall to the side. After three years of being pretty inactive, just running for fun occasionally, I decided to get back in shape while studying abroad in Jordan. Morning pushups led to a gym membership, followed by a traditional martial arts class in Chicago, then a developing interest in acrobatics and gymnastics which led to the discovery of CrossFit. I also worked as a first responder in college, and between that and martial arts, I realized my training needed to encompass all aspects of fitness in order to effectively win fights or rescue people. These two activities leave little room for error, and being in poor shape is a poor excuse for failure, so my motivation to train hard has always been based on these requirements.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I began training myself in CrossFit movements in January 2009. My first WOD was Murph, and for several months I only did the bodyweight WODs because I didn't know how to use a barbell safely. In March of that year I found a coach to teach me Olympic Weightlifting, as well as some friends from the ultimate frisbee team who did CrossFit three times a week. I learned most of my gymnastic and lifting technique from online resources, as well as whatever books I could find, and careful experimentation in the gym, generally avoiding adding much weight. Over the summer, I worked at a summer camp, where I had to improvise all of my training equipment. Power cleans were replaced with log flips, I did OH squats with tree limbs, thrusters with rocks, swings with sandbags, and pullups on tree branches. I remember coming up with 'canoe cleans' to find some way to work out while on a canoe trip, freaking my campers out. When I got back to civilization in October 2009, I joined my local CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Stamford, and hit the ground running. I was so into it I would show up several times a day to train. Money was an issue though, but I guess my passion won out as Andy and Kristie kept finding ways I could help out in the gym to pay my way (I vacuumed the gym for two months in order to afford the registration fee for sectionals), and eventually they offered to train me to coach, since I already had a strong grasp of the technical movements. As an ex-scrawny kid, CrossFit training has completely changed my concept of myself and redefined much of the way I deal with the world and interact with others, as well as introduced me to an amazing, supportive community of like-minded, borderline insane individuals who love to train hard and push themselves. I'm still pretty young, and have a long way to go, but it's amazing how far I've come with CrossFit in just a year.

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4 comments on this entry

1. nick wrote...

pretty special that you won your sectional with such low strength scores.

I don't mean that to be a negative comment - my point is that you must be very competent in other domains to win a sectional, because your competitors would be way stronger than you

good luck dude

2. Alex wrote...

Just wanted to comment to say that I think that there is a small error in this post, Khaled did not finish in first place in the sectional, but 31st place I believe. Regardless, good luck!

3. Khaled Allen wrote...

Yeah, I finished 32nd so that is a pretty big error. I'm happy with it though, considering it was my first competition.

4. Ammar Sagban (bacon) wrote...

It is an inspirational "rise to fitness". I wish you all the luck in future competitions and hope you will always be competing.

I can relate a little as I have no formal athletic background but have been cross-fitting for the past 6 months and I am hooked. It first started as a way to loose some weight and get in shape but I now I see it in a different light and am hoping to compete some day


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