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Athlete Profile: Eric Love - Northeast regional

Distance athlete used CrossFit to recover and improve.

A broken back from a skydiving accident might scare some people into a life of treadmills and thera-bands for life. Eric Love used the experience as a catalyst for jump starting a new life in elite fitness. The owner of CrossFit Metropolis has improved his triathlon and marathon times since starting CrossFit and hopes to spread his message to as many New Yorkers as he can reach. Next weekend he will compete in Albany with the regions best. 

Name:  Eric Love
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200
Affiliate: CrossFit Metropolis
Sectional: NY/NJ - 18th
Regional: Northeast
Fran: 3:23
Cindy: 25
Fight Gone Bad:
Clean & Jerk: 215
Snatch: 155
Deadlift: 405
Back Squat: 295
Pull-ups: 30

What is your athletic background?
I've had a relatively modest athletic trajectory. I played multiple team sports in high school but not up to standard to play at college. I missed team sports once I was at college, so I picked up club level Rugby for a couple of years. Great sport, but I was always a bit of a pansy when it came to taking on a rumbling 200lb'er looking to knock my head off. After university, I continued the Back and Bi, Shoulder and Tri, Chest and forget-the-legs routine as best I could until work and corporate life drew me into several years of chubby, periodic inactivity.

What is your history with CrossFit?
Just over two years ago I broke my back skydiving. L4/L5 fracture. This meant 2 plus months in a body brace essentially confined to bed. Fortunately I could manage to shower and wipe my own ass (so at least I was functional!). After getting out of the brace, I vowed to get back into "shape". At the time I decided running a marathon was indicative of being in shape, so exactly a year-to-the-date of the back break I ran the NYC Marathon. Nothing special; about 3hrs 50min. However I felt weak and scrawny, after essentially doing nothing but jogging 3-5 days a week for 8 months. I decided I wanted to get back to some weight training and get strong again. I remember an old rugby buddy of mine spouting off about some CrossFit thingy, so I checked out the website and headed off to the New York Sports Club (local globo) to give "Eva" a try (it was the WOD). Yeah right. I literally could not make it through the CF Warm-up. And the rest is history. I find it hard to imagine I would ever do anything but CrossFit again. To prove a point, during my first year of CrossFitting, with nothing other than the WOD as training, I completed 2 Half-Ironman (5hrs 30min), and re-ran the NYC Marathon with a 10 minute improvement. Now I train folks and own/operate CrossFit Metropolis in NYC.  I will never be a great CrossFitter, but I hope I can maintain an average level of capacity, while getting more and more NewYorkers to take a sip of the magic potion.

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2 comments on this entry

1. Liz Wall wrote...

Eric - Can't wait to see your dress socks this weekend. You are a great CrossFitter by being an example for all those Wall-Street/Investment Managers NY types that think fitness should come easy and does not require sweat and tears. Looking forward to judging you and meeting your wife again.

2. Eric wrote...

Liz! Thanks so much, you were an awesome judge and motivator, it will be great to see you this weekend. the dress socks will be in full effect.
PS..ha..still just girlfriend, not wifey yet


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