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Athlete Profile: Benjamin B. Taylor - Northeast Regional

Former football player was a perfect fit for CrossFit

Name: Benjamin B. Taylor
Height: 69" or 5'9"
Weight: 185
Affiliate: Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit Montclair
Sectional: NJ/NY - 32nd
Fran: 3:58
Grace: 1:57
Cindy: 26
Fight Gone Bad: 302
Clean & Jerk: 245
Snatch: 185
Deadlift: 500
Back Squat: 405
Pull-ups: 35

What is your athletic background?
I grew up playing all kinds of sports, including, baseball, tennis, and bowling. I particularly took to football and track, and played both throughout high school and college. As a Division I college athlete, I was introduced to alot of the concepts that make up CrossFit (i.e. Olympic lifts, interval training). I had a brief stint with an NFL franchise but an ankle injury prevented any real chance of making it a career. Since that time I had been an off and on globo gym weekend warrior. That is, until I was introduced to CrossFit.

What is your history with CrossFit?
When I was introduced to CrossFit by my girlfriend, I was less than impressed. But after seeing the changes in her body and attitude I became more intrigued. I found myself visiting the Main site more and more to watch the videos. I became hooked before I ever tried a wod. I joined Guerrilla Fitness in August of 2009 and haven't looked back. Next, I'd like to become Level I certified and continue to improve in the sport of CrossFit.

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15 comments on this entry

1. Rhabdo wrote...

BEN T!!!!!!

2. Liz Wall wrote...

Yaaaahoooooo! Sweet Stats Ben.

For those of you out there who do not know him....Ben is one of the nicest and most motivating athletes at GFCM. He always includes everyone and has a heart and a smile larger then life. A true competitor and gentleman in ever sense of the meanings – Ben is going to Rock Albany on Team Guerrilla.

3. Michele wrote...

Ditto to what Liz said! Way to go Ben!

4. Mike D wrote...

+1 to Liz... Ben is the man.

5. jodianne wrote...

Here comes Ben rockin the pink T!

6. Liz V wrote...

Ben- I am sure that you will rock it!!

7. Scott Lewis wrote...

Ben is a great guy, friend, and training partner. He is also f*&$N" hardcore!! Watch OUT!!!

8. Gregg wrote...

Ben, I would say I feel like a proud father but you're older than me!!!!! You are one baaad Mutha....Shush your mouth!

9. Dana wrote...

SUPER KUDOS Ben!!!!! Proud of you... Wishing you (and everyone) SUPER KICK-ASSNESS in Albany this weekend!

10. Maria wrote...

Great guy great athlete! 143...

11. caitlin wrote...

I love how Maria just pulled out the 143! I'm stoked for this weekend Ben. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK IT. I'm lucky to be on your team.

12. Ron wrote...

Yeeeahhhh Boyeeeeeee!!!
Good Luck to all the Guerrillas this weekend.

13. CrossFit ACT wrote...

Ben, YOU BEAST! To a great athlete and a good man, im sure you're going to be an amazing asset to an already great team. Good luck from me and the rest of the CrossFit ACT crew! I'll see you up there...

14. Ben wrote...

Thanks everyone. It feels good to be a part of such a great group of people. We are going to have a blast this weekend. (Gregg, that was funny.) Thanks, MJ for being you...143.

15. Scott S wrote...

Yeah Big Ben!!!!


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