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More info from Jeff Tucker.

The following note comes from Jeff Tucker of GSX Athletics.

Some Logistics & FAQ’s for South Central Regional

Events: All events for teams and affiliates will be announced May 27th. Videos for standards will be posted same day on the Games site and

Packet pick-up for Teams - Team Captains and Individuals: GSX will open at 8am - We begin Packet pick up at 2pm on May 28th and this will be concluded at 6pm, we will go over all standards and flow at 6pm for participants and have a social after at 7pm. We will answer all questions for you.

Volunteers/Judges/Staff: We meet at 3pm May 28th and review the entire event, standards, and flow. We will hand out your credentials, shirts, etc…

Athletes and Teams: If anyone cannot be at required check in due to late arrival on Friday May 28, 2010 you may send a coach or person of your choice to check you in at GSX before 6pm if possible. If you cannot make it Friday at all then you must be at check in Saturday morning May 29th no later than 6:30am for registration. Please email me at so we can help you with your packet arrangements.

FAQ’s: We are announcing events on Wed May 27th along with video standards – look for them them here on the Games site. Events will be divided on both days for teams, masters, and individuals. We plan on starting early Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Our hope is to finish around 5pm Sunday times for everything will be announced Friday at check-in. Packets will include schedules for teams and athletes, credentials, t-shirts, info on Fort Worth, wrist bands, discount coupons, and all needed info for events weekend. We will not have room for large busses or RV’s in our parking area. Please do not plan on brining such to our site. We plan on accommodating automobiles. Sorry - We will not have room for team tents or overnight tent sites for camping, or be setting up additional space for your personal or team physicians, gurus, and chiropractors. If you have registered on site and are bringing a guest they must be with you at time of wrist band check in PERIOD. Fifty bucks gets you and your guest in for the weekend. Yes, we have equipment vendors on site and there is equipment to purchase from Rogue and Concept2. All teams and participants registration should be fully completed. We have a lead report for registration, we will check you all in on Friday to handle any issues that may have arisen due to injuries or last minute changes for teams etc… before beginning events Saturday. Yes, there will be coffee and heavy cream! Yes we will have massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, first aid, EMS, orthopedic specialists, and all the medical advice and therapy you may need on hand from Active Sport and Spine, Arrosti, and Reata Therapy. Yes – you can still register on the Games site as a spectator for you and your guest. Both of you must check in at registration table together for your wrist bands. Kids 12 and under are admitted free – any unattended children will be given a free puppy and a shot of espresso. Yes we have sectional posters for the event on hand, t-shirts, and much more to look at from our sponsors and friends. Yes - we will have Paleo style meals, bbq, with grass fed beef on the night of the social and for the events weekends on Saturday and Sunday - the food will be awesome. Yes – we are really giving away free beer – while it lasts! But we also have other beverages to choose from.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

34 comments on this entry

1. Winchester wrote...

Will the workouts be announced Wednesday the 26th, or Thursday the 27th?

Above it says Wednesday, the 27th...

Just curious!

2. Steve wrote...

Looking forward to it Tucker. Gonna be a good time.

3. tucker wrote...

We will announce Wed 27th. I for one am looking forward to getting the events out there for all of you.


4. Candice wrote...


Shoot for Wednesday.

5. ken c wrote...

27th is a thursday. just sayin.

6. tucker wrote...

I meant Wed the 26th - whoops.

7. Derek Atchley, DC wrote...

just wondering who the Chiropractor is going to be, I would like to either send him my notes on the team or chat with him via email to inform him of the what techniques I have been using. Thanks
you can send it to me via if you do not want to post the info

8. Woody wrote...

Hey Tuck! Is there a way to find out the food options beforehand? Will there be yams? Can competitors bring their own food?

9. jenC wrote...

no woody. no competitor is allowed to bring food of any kind. if you need nourishment please drink beer and eat sausage. haha. kidding!

10. Smitty wrote...

tucker, how do you prefer we pay for any equipment you sell post-competition? Will you accept credit cards?

11. mhlane wrote...

Tuck - Do Coaches (for Affiliate Teams) need to sign in on Friday or just participants?

12. gary wrote...

good to c that the central guys from austin won't have a huge heads up for the wods like they did for the sectionals.

13. tucker wrote...

mhlane - team capts can pick up team info for teams if need be, we need all participants to sign in though.

ken c - go to hell!

gary 0 dont know what your speaking too,,, we have had workouts under double secret key.

Smitty - ccd will be taken...

Woody - we are not cooking yams - lol,,, but you can bring food!

We are not taking notes for chiros to send to other chiros! Sorry!

14. Kelly G. wrote...

It's Wednesday... Where are the WODs?

15. Jen wrote...

Puppies and that's funny!

16. kris kepler wrote...

now Gary are you saying that the Central guys knew in advance the wods before they were released? because you know what they say about ASSuming something without having the facts.

17. j wrote...

come on man it is clearly Wednesday... The suspense is killing me!!

18. brandon wrote...

Can we atleast get a time or something?!!!

19. Ashleigh wrote...

Where's the WODs?!?!?!?!?!?

20. seriously wrote...

i keep getting in trouble at work for looking at the internet!!!

21. Come On wrote...

This is getting ridiculous... If you say your going to post the WOD's, then post the WOD's

22. It is what it is. wrote...

Don't know why he would say one I'll release them one week out" and then change his mind without warning, and STILL delay the release today. But now that that's off my chest, it really doesn't matter if he releases them today or Saturday. You know what you can do, and that you can't do, probably won't change significantly in 3 days.

23. But still... wrote...

Even if it is what it is still ridiculous and annoying. Yes, I'm being a brat, but c'mon, how hard is it to post them promptly for the people? Mental prep is huge!

24. Samantha Tucker wrote...

or...he could be a stinker and tell us one thing today then surprise us on saturday ;)

25. dave wrote...

Tucker - take your time. there are still 13 hours left in wednesday and since you never gave a specific time, im just going to keep millin' around all day and check ever-so-often to see if they are posted.

26. Not Surprised... wrote...

This is a sham! Double lock and key it all you want; however, one begs to question if 'some' people have an advantage somehow.

We wouldn't be looking for the WODs if we weren't told the WOD's were going to be posted 1) a week out or 2) on Wednesday, May 26th.

We are the only region experiencing this problem. It would be nice to know why. The unknown and unknowable is only beneficial if we know to expect that from the start. Dangling carrots doesn't help anyone's mental preparedness.

27. ken c wrote...

patience jedi warriors. assume the lotus position and endeavor to clear your minds of what you cannot control. (or blow up tucker's cell. his number is 817-... ah maybe not).

28. Brandon H wrote...

hahaha nice Ken!

29. Can GSX Handle wrote...

test 123

30. tucker wrote...


Not Surprised - sham, oh it is to laugh. The WODS were turned in last night - as you can see they got posted Wed!

Dave - you obvioulsy get it.

But Still - you got em now.

Kelly G - you got em as well. And yes it is Wed.

Ken C - your the man!

Now - lets all breathe and listen to the soothing sounds of Pandora!

31. Welly wrote...

I've tried to register for spectator fees, and it's been closed. Will there be any way to purchase tickets Saturday?

32. gary wrote...

now kris, my buddy was sitting next to you guys in the warehouse and he heard you guys saying that you've been doing double unders on grass to get ready for it. and what do you know 3rd wod double unders on grass hhmmm. it's ok this weekend will really show who the top dogs are.

33. Who in the heck wrote...

came up with this requirement that ones "guest" had too be present to pick up the fricking band?

And why?

Having Mud Run Deja Vu

34. tucker wrote...

Welly, you can register still at the gate in GSX. they closed down the reg on line. we have plenty of spectator tickets and wrist bands



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