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African Regional 2010

Africa Regional

African Regional Wrap-up

Foul weather and cold temperatures fail to slow down competitors.

Congratulations to all of the athletes who competed this weekend in the African Regional competition. The following message comes from the event organizer.

At the close of the African Regional event, the spectators were almost as weary as the athletes. Once again, CrossFit proved that to be the fittest you have to beat the fittest. Unseasonably foul weather coupled with 4 epic sets of events proved to be a monumental challenge. The day's competition was beyond fierce and the performances from all of the athletes were inspiring.

Saturday morning was overcast and gloomy with regular showers saturating the trail run which was tough enough when dry - and brutal when wet. The equipment was suddenly extra tough to handle. PR after PR was cranked out as athletes competed for the one available slot to the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles.

Camaraderie among the competitors was never forgotten as athletes who had completed their events urged on fellow competitors. This, combined with the outstanding crowd support, made for a really great atmosphere.

There were a number of unforgettable performances on the day:


The first event was a 2k trail-type, loaded run that saw only a few seconds separating the top men. Walter Lutsch took 1st place with a scorching time of (09:38), followed by Jason smith with (10:14) and 3rd place going to 2009 African Regional winner, Danie du Preez with a time of (10:15)

Nicola Symons took 1st place in the Ladies Event, with a time of 12:17. Only 8 seconds behind her, was Sam Ryder (12:25.3) with 3rd place going to Jamye Hepburn (12:36.2)


The 1RM overhead squat saw athletes having to call on all their strength within the 7 minutes time limit to determine their 1-repetition maximum (1RM) overhead squat. The mens competition was once again extremely close, with Neil Scholtz squatting 110kg, followed by Walter Lutsch with 95kg and third place going to the following 4 athletes lifting 90kg – Jason Smith, Richard Quan, Danie du Preez and Julian Reichman-Israelsohn.

The ladies competition saw only 5kg separating the top 3 positions. Sam Ryder  - 55kg, Jamye Hepburn – 50kg and in third place Jessie Elsie with 50kg.


The triplet proved to be one of the more challenging events with 5 rounds of a 250m row, 5 squat cleans (75/45kg) and 5 handstand push-ups. Neil Scholtz took first place with an amazing time of 9:47.3, followed by Jason Smith and then Julian Reichman-Israelsohn.

The women’s final was no less spectacular, with Sam Ryder dominating the competition with a lightning fast time of 14:22.2.


The competition was very close entering the final chipper. Only a few points separated the first 4 positions. Pull-ups were followed by  wall balls, kettlebell swings, shoulder presses, double unders, tire flips and a 100m loaded walking lunge.  Danie du Preez (2009 winner) burnt up the opposition and finished in a time of 16:24.5, taking first place of the Mens event and securing his third place overall. Neil Scholtz came in at 17:53.1, cementing his much deserved 1st place overall.

Going into the final chipper event on Saturday afternoon, Sam Ryder was almost assured the title of Africa’s Fittest Woman. Nicola Symons gave it her all in the last chance to make up for event 3 and finished the grueling event with a time of 22:41, trailed by Sam Ryder – 25:03 and giving her 6 points overall and securing her the top position overall.

Africa Regional Overall Results - Men
1. Neil Scholtz
2. Jason Smith
3. Danie Du Preez
4. Julian Reichman-Israelsohn
5. Richard Quan
6. Walter Lutsch
7. Richard Smith
8. Brad Strydom
9. Chris Hobbs
10. Mark Lubbe
10. Brett Sparg

Africa Regional Overall Results - Women
1. Sam Ryder
2. Nicola Symons
3. Jamye Hepburn
4. Jessie Elsie
5. Vernon Shelly
6. Marion Tanzer
6. Angela Alfonso

We would like to congratulate the 2 athletes that won the African Regional Games and now qualify to represent our region at the 2010 CrossFit Games in Carson, California – USA on the 16 – 18 July 2010

The African Regional Qualifying Man is:

Neil Scholtz – Ballistix Fitness

The African Regional Qualifying Lady is:

Sam Ryder – FightFit Militia

A huge thanks to all the spectators and CrossFit members who showed up in the icy cold and pouring rain to support all the athletes. The cheering and positive energy created an amazing atmosphere and experience during the days grueling events.

We would also like to highlight and thank all the judges, volunteers & helpers who all did their part and gave the athletes a chance to be in the spotlight.  Without all their help, this event simply would not have been possible.

An extra special thanks to the following groups of African Regional Sponsors:

Rebel Safetygear – Thanks once again for being one of the main sponsor this years event.

Inov-8 – A big thanks goes out to a new main sponsor that has just come on board. We are looking forward to great products arriving shortly.

CrossFit Rebel – A special thanks to the Crossfit Rebel Team for hosting and providing their facilities to all at the African Regional Games for the second time in a row.

Rebel Elite Fitness – An enormous thanks to Rebel Elite Fitness for providing all the bumper plates, Olympic bars, Squat racks, medicine balls, Concept2 Rowers, to the African Regional Games this year.

Ballistix Fitness – Thank you to Ballistix Fitness for providing the Kettlebells to this year’s African Regional Games.

Elm Street Café – Thank you on behalf of everyone that you provided hot coffee and delicious food too and for braving the cold to look after everyone’s hunger throughout the day.

Whasp – Thank you for the energy and rehydration supplements supplied on the day of the Games to help keep the athletes going.

To view the photo’s taken during the African Regional Games, please click on the link shown below:

African Regional Photo’s

Rogue Fitness Again Faster Equipment CrossFit Journal

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1. jacinto wrote...

Did any masters compete?

2. Carla wrote...

Where in Africa did this take place? and may Africans living abroad also participate?
When will the 2011 take place and how does one qualify?

3. Imtiaz CrossFit Jozi wrote...

Carla, it took place in Edenval, Johannesburg. Where the regional will take place this year is to be confirmed. Africans living abroad may participate, but they will need to follow the entry/registration process just as everyone else.


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