Georgia Sectional

Video: Kyle Maynard at the Georgia Sectional

Maynard takes on the competition at The Rumble at the Rocks.

Kyle Maynard of CrossFit No Excuses is no stranger to adversity, and when the CrossFit Sectional qualifications rolled through his neck of the woods, he wasn't about to let a chance to compete pass him by.

Check out the following videos for a closer look at how he did on each of the workouts from the weekend.

Video 1: The Rock - Maynard takes on, and overcomes a 1000m row, plus a 1.2 mile mountain run.

Video 2: Highlights - A closer look at how Maynard completed each workout.

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11 comments on this entry

1. Candice wrote...

Truly inspirational!

2. Ronin wrote...

WOW! Kyle....UR a BEAST!

3. Ronnielo wrote...

Thats the HEART of a winner in my book! Simply inspirational!
DCF Crossfit

4. Dave Leys wrote...

Awesome work Kyle!

5. sevan Matossian wrote...


6. Connor Martin wrote...

nice work kyle! It is truly a privilege to know you, you are an inspiration to us all!

7. angel f. wrote...

i love his quote, "they need this, i need this...everyone needs this". preach! i want to tackle every WOD (and life in general) with that kind of tenacity and humility. kyle, you are an incredible athlete, CrossFitter, and human being.

8. ish wrote...

That is unbelievable and a true role model seeing this picture of you kyle makes me want to keep pushing harder and try a sectional in the future. I just started crossfit and am addicted and now seeing this makes a person realize the sky is the limit. Keep up the hard work.

9. josh w wrote...

words can not describe this. this is truly unbelievable. i just started crossfit and struggled with many excercices. after seeing your videos makes me want to push harder and try a sectional in the future. good work my man and good luck to you. you are a true model for all crossfiters and athletes

10. TMP wrote...

I was the volunteer at his rower and he truly amazed me, not just with his strength and determination but with his no-nonsense attitude. He completed the event with no fuss, no complaining (except to his support team to which he muttered "shut it" when they urged him to go faster :) and a completely laid out strategy.
The rest of the event was more of the same....inspiration at its best...NO EXCUSES!

11. Tyler Elliott wrote...

This video inspires me every time I see it. When it gets hard during workouts, I picture Kyle throwing down in this workout and I push myself harder. Does anyone know who the artist and title of the song is? When I hear it I picture this whole setting. Thanks!


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