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Lindsey Benson, 4th overall at the SoCal Sectional.

Southwest Regional

Southwest Regional Information Announced

All the news that's fit to print about the SW Regional.

There will be a two-hour meeting on Friday afternoon May 7th, at the venue.  The lead judges will present the movement standards and provide your schedule and wristband.  If you are absolutely unable to attend the judges meeting you can pick up your wristband Saturday morning.

Check in either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  Volunteer supervisors will have an orientation meeting at the venue on Friday afternoon.


Register online then check in at the event main entrance on Saturday or Sunday.

Event Details
- Masters events will take place early, possibly before the individual and affiliate team competitions.
- There will be team and individual events on both Saturday and Sunday.  Two workouts Saturday and one Sunday.
- There will be no cuts.
- The teams and individual athletes will be seeded on Sunday with the top athletes competing in the final heats.
- The workouts will be announced on Wednesday, May 5th.
- For individual athletes there will be a fourth workout which will not be announced until registration on Friday the 7th. Athletes will choose their fourth workout heat time after they check in/register.

For online registration information visit:

Athlete Check-in
Friday, May 7th
2:00pm - 8:00pm

Check-in Locations
Individual and Masters Athletes
CrossFit Ethos
23001 Del Lago Dr, Suite B-2
Laguna Hills, CA
(949) 305-3334

Affiliate Team Captains
(Provide a copy of photo ID for each team member; date of birth info blacked out if you like).
Crossfit Next Level Performance
22661 Lambert Street
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 276-1893

You will confirm your heat schedules and receive your wristbands and maps of the venue.  We will also have vendor display booths and product samples along with some healthy, delicious food.  If you cannot make it to the registration on Friday, there will be one hour of on-site athlete registration on Saturday the 8th starting at 7am.

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64 comments on this entry

1. Justin Riley wrote...

So, where is the competition being held? Is it at CF Ethos, or is that just the check in spot? Any recommended hotel info?

2. Justin Riley wrote...

Sorry, just clicked the reg link and see that the comp is being held at UC Irvine, my bad.

3. Justin Riley wrote...

For more event details not listed in this post, see

Also, I registered an affiliate team months ago but did not specify who the teammates would be. What do I need to do/who should I contact to finalize the team roster? Or is it cool to just show up with copies of everyone's ID's with their birthday's blacked out?

4. George G. wrote...

How close are we going to be able to get to the athletes (or better question is are we going to be stuck in the stands?)? Im asking this, as a coach of an athlete and a team. I would like to be able to get in there and help all them the SD/AZ sectionals was. Very helpful for the athlete!!

5. Chris wrote...

Choice your heat time (first come first serve)? Does that mean everyone makes the 4th WOD on Sunday? Not sure on the details and number of WODs for Teams/Ind/Masters? I know everyone will be asking questions so I appreciate your time!

6. Brandon B. wrote...

Any idea what time the affiliate competition will be completed on Sunday - I'm trying figuring out flight departure times.

7. Steve wrote...


Go back into the registration system using the email you did when you initially signed in. You should be able to swap out your team members up until a short time before the event. There will be a drop dead date after which you cannot change your roster but you will either find that date in the reg site or we'll advise again on this one.

If you're a coach you'll have access to your athlete until they enter the check in pen at their heats. You'll be able to holler to them but you won't be in the fenced area when they compete. Farthest distance away, maybe 15 to 20 yards.

There is no cut. Everyone gets to compete both days. As mentioned above there will be two scheduled workouts on Saturday and one on Sunday. The single final on Sunday will see the top contenders competing in the latest heats.

On Friday when you check in at CF Ethos you will get your wrist band then choose what time on Saturday you will do your "4th" workout. That workout is one that will be scheduled individually when you sign up. You choose the time based on: a) what slots are available, and b) when your other two Saturday heats are. That individually scheduled workout will start running at 8:00 am and be completed by all individual athletes by approximately 5:00 pm Saturday. Do not miss your heat time.

8. Chris wrote...

Thanks Steve, so they are "really" doing 3 on Saturday?! Again sorry for the confusion and thanks for the response!

9. Steve wrote...


That's yes.

10. Nancy wrote...

Will those competing as Masters also do 2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday plus a 4th on Saturday?

11. Steve wrote...


As of now the Masters will have two workouts. They will be the same for all Regional qualifiers around the world and the standards will be the same at each.

HQ will announce those workouts in the next week or so at which time we'll set the schedule and heats for that portion of our competition, announcing it as soon as possible.

We will make every attempt to hold the Masters events as early in the competition as possible.

12. jessica wrote...

1. How many teams make it to the games is it 4 or 8?

2. When will the teams be done competing on Sunday?

3. How many teams have signed up?


13. Terry wrote...

Thanks Steve, will the Master workouts be on the same day?
Just need to know if I am having a Scotch and Cigar Saturday night.

14. Steve wrote...


Eight teams will go from our region. The team competition concludes on Sunday. Only 75 teams will be allowed to compete. Registration is full with a wait list.


We will get that schedule up as soon as possible. Our goal is to get the ball rolling with the Masters' events. More word will be passed in the near future.

15. allison wrote...

I know my first question was mentioned somewhere already, but I can't seem to find it. Sorry!
1. Does each team member get a pass for a guest to spectate for free?
2. If we go back to the original email to register each team member and a non-competing coach, do we then just need to show up with the photo id's or do we need to send them beforehand?
3. Do team athletes check in at CF Ethos as well, or is it just affiliate captains and they check in at CF NLP?
Thank you!

16. Steve wrote...


1. Yes
2. and 3. The team captain alone can check in with copies of the team member photo ID's, at NLP.

17. mike wrote...

how many teams make it to the games from the southwest region?

18. Steve wrote...


Eight teams.

19. Mike wrote...

Thanks Steve,

when will the teams be released?

20. Steve wrote...


Team heat schedules for Saturday will be posted with the individuals and masters a short time before the event. All the registered teams will be listed then.

Those waitlisted have been notified by emails.

21. Brandon B. wrote...


1. Is the Masters Competition only taking place on Saturday?

2. What time is the Affiliate Cup Competition likely to end on Sunday?

22. Milk wrote...


I'm having a little trouble figuring out if my team is good to go. When I visit the link from the original email sent back in February, it wants me to re-fill-out all my information again. Is there a way (or link), to find out if all our team information (members names and guest) are right? I just don't want to show up and find out something wasn't filled out right.

Or is there going to be an email sent soon to the team captains?


23. Steve wrote...


First two workouts of the Masters' events will be on Friday. First workout starts at 1:00 pm.

Second workout heats start at 4:00 pm.

Approximate end time for the Affiliate team finals is @1:00 pm.


Working on a better answer for you.

24. Brandon B. wrote...


RE: Masters Comp.

When you said Friday, did you actually mean Saturday?

25. Steve wrote...

No, it's Friday the 7th for the first two Masters workouts.

26. allison wrote...

can a non-competing coach check the athletes in at NLP or does it have to be a competing team captain?

27. Steve wrote...

A non-competing coach or a team captain can check the other members in with those.photocopied I.D.'s.

Thanks Allison.

28. Aush wrote...

You and your team are all over this Mr. Serrano...THANKS!

29. Kare wrote...

I will be competing in the team competition, but another member from our box is in the masters devision. If team athlete check in doesn't start until 2 PM on Friday, that's an hr after the masters first heat. How will we be able to get in to see the masters heats without paying if we haven't been able to check in?

Are kids under 12 free?

30. Brandon B. wrote...


Will the Masters Comp. also be taking place on Saturday?

31. Steve wrote...


Here's a good information piece from the hard working folks at OPUS regarding team member registration changes and the deadline for any team roster changes:

"The team captains can enter the system to change their own information but not the information of the team members. Should a substitution need to happen, the team member that will no longer be competing needs to re-enter his/her record (using the confirmation number they received via email) and change his/her information to the new competitor.

All changes need to be made 2 weeks before the event date.

32. Paul G wrote...

Im having a hard time registering for the mens division. They said to email if any problems and I did that twice. I just want to get this squared away so they dont give my spot to the next in line because I didnt register in 7 days from receiving the the invite email. Thanks guys

33. Steve wrote...

Thanks Paul. Working it.

34. Steve wrote...

#29 Kare,

The first two Masters heats are held free of charge at CF Ethos, about three minutes from where the Team check in is being held. There will be sponsor/vendor booths there as well.

The first Masters heats start at 1:00 pm and end around 3:00 pm. Their second round of workouts starts at 4:00 pm and ends around 6:00 pm.

Heat times will be posted prior to that so you will know what time your athlete will be competing.

Kids 12 and under are free.

35. Steve wrote...

#30 Brandon,

The first two workouts of the Masters' events will go on Friday afternoon, (times are in the previous post) the third event will go on Saturday morning with the heats starting at 0800.

Thanks for your patience. there's a post in the queue about this and it will be up asap.

36. Lee wrote...


Sorry for the confusion on my part, but the schedule has said the competition will be on the 8-9 May. I'm competing in the Masters division and we are now doing both workouts on Friday?

Above, it is stated that registration for the event is Friday from 2-8, yet further in the stream you state that the Master's events will both be on Friday at 1 and at 4. When do we get to know the movement standards since they are taking place later than the event times? Is there a 3rd and/or 4th Master's event?

Could you clarify when the Master's events and registration are? And could you also clarify how many events and on what days? This change could have an effect on travel plans for many, certainly for me. I have already booked tickets and hotel based on previuos information.


37. Will wrote...

What's the earliest time we can set up a a base camp at UCI..

38. Steve wrote...


The fault is of course ours sir.

The Masters workouts and the movement standards will be posted by HQ very soon. We recently learned the order in which we could schedule them since all the Regionals worldwide will be running the same Masters events.

Registration/check-in for the Masters competition will start at 1100 to 1230 on Friday at CrossFit Ethos.

There will be three Masters workouts. The first two workouts will take place on Friday the 7th. (1300-1500 for the first workout and 1600-1800 for the second). The third will start at 0800 on Saturday morning at UC Irvine.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.

39. Steve wrote...


0700 on Saturday we'll open up the field for your relaxation, commingling and sun worshipping. You can leave EZ Ups overnight at your own risk (Irvine, America's safest city!) but you might want to take that favorite folding chair with you.

40. Steve wrote...


Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you.

41. Brandon wrote...

I just registered as a spectator and was wondering if the 50 dollars is for one person or two. I know the individual sectionals at ucla was 50 for two people for both days. Why is it so expensive to spectate?

42. Steve wrote...


$50 is for two spectators for both days.

43. Lisa wrote...

Amazing response time!!!! You Rock. I was wondering on the team competition is every athlete on the team required to do every WOD or do we pick which athlete/athletes do the WODs?

44. Steve wrote...


It's your pick for each event depending on your awesome athletes' abilities. Each event must have two men and two women competing per event, out of a team of six.

45. Alex wrote...

I registered as a volunteer a while ago. I got back an email saying I was registered right away but have no other confirmation or contact. I thought I'd hear more later saying when I should be there, what I'd be doing, etc. Do I just assume I am registered and show up Sat morning? What time?

46. Steve wrote...

Alex you should start getting regular emails now up until the event.

We put our first volunteer group email out today.

If you have any other questions or need more info email anytime.

47. Brittany wrote...

For individual check-in, what happens if you cannot make it to CF ethos within the time flight is scheduled to come in at 9:30pm on friday the 7th?

48. Steve wrote...


We will have one hour of registration at the event from 0700 to 0800 on Saturday. For those who can't make it on Friday.

49. ben wrote...

Is there going to be an official list posted of all the competitors that will be competing at the regional level?

50. Dan wrote...

Is there a way to update our profiles that we completed during the on-line registration? (ie: new times or weights for WODs)

51. CJ Martin wrote...

Just wanted to thank all involved in organizing this event. I have known for a long time now that Steve and his crew are among the most talented in this community, but the organization and efficiency with which questions have been answered is phenomenal. I hope everyone realizes how difficult it is to organize an event of this magnitude and how lucky we are to have this group taking the lead.

Steve and crew, THANK YOU! I am looking forward to a great weekend starting May 7.

52. Steve wrote...


We will post the heat rosters on Wednesday the 5th. You'll see the whole crew then. When we post to the bitchen live scoring system that HQ has refined from the sectionals, you'll also see the placing throughout the event.


You should be able to re-enter your registration using the email address that you initially used, then try and effect the changes you made. If you still have trouble, shoot me an email.


I swear I'll pay you that five bucks I owe you... Thanks bub.

53. Miyoko Schinner wrote...

Steve, how do I change the guest I registered? I registered my husband as my guest, but now he is competing himself on an affiliate team. I'd like to invite someone else. How do I do that?

54. Bryon Maxwell wrote...

How do I contact about renting space for a booth?

55. Steve wrote...


Go back into your registration account using your email/password that you logged in with. You should then be able to remove your husband (don't tell my wife it's that easy) and replace him with a suitable dude/guest.


Please contact for more information.

56. allison wrote...

Can we get confirmation that today's announcement on the Games homepage that final team rosters are due one week prior to events does apply to our Regional? In other words, our team rosters are due next Friday, April 30th?
Thanks so much!

57. Abe wrote...

How does the affiliate cup work? Does each person compete in all the events or are certain poeple from each team compete in different events?

58. Karry wrote...

Just wanted to verify something - if there are 6 athletes on an affiliate team does that mean that 6 people get in free with those athletes to spectate? Also the $50 spectator fee is for 2 people? My friend and I just registered each of us and paid the $50 which sounds like that was not neccessary??

59. Maria wrote...

Will athletes competing on Saturday and Sunday be allowed to watch the Master's competition on Friday for free? Or will we have to purchase spectator tickets?

60. Steve wrote...


Confirmed. We are on the same timeline with HQ's registration. One week prior to the events is the deadline. Good luck!


Yes, 6 athletes can bring 6 guests. A non-participating team captain does not get a guest wristband.


The Masters events at CF Ethos are free.


Affiliate team must have 6 members. The events for them require two males and two females in each event.

61. best razor wrote...

This makes perfect sense!!!

62. Torchwood wrote...

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63. Calories Watermelon wrote...

Could be the best blog I have ever seen!!!

64. tarot con visa wrote...

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