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South Central Regional

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

The South Central Regional brings it on!

Oh dang, here it comes again! The CrossFit Games season is upon us and as you all know, or will know in about 6 words, you’ve got to qualify to compete. The “official” CrossFit competition is Regional May 29th and 30th at GSX CrossFit, and then Games. While there are many CrossFit competitions throughout the year, this is the path to our Superbowl.

The Sectional Qualifier is used to distill down massive pools of athletes into a manageable chunk of elite athletes who will move forward into the Regional Qualifier. The Regional Qualifier, or “Regional” as it’s know, is where those athletes who were successful at their respective Sectional compete for the right to advance forward to the 2010 CrossFit Games.

That’s where we come in, BAM! Not just any Regional BAM, BAM, the South Central Regional hosted by Regional Director Jeff Tucker @ GSX. We will be filtering through the finest and fittest CrossFitters in all the land, well at least the land that’s close to us, and advancing them forward to the 2010 Games. The South Central Regional is composed of the best competing CrossFitters from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana. After two days of awe inspiring competition at GSX CrossFit (AKA Hell’s Half Acre) we will be sending 4 men and 4 women forward to battle it out in Aromas, California at the Games. But wait, that’s not all, we will have Affiliate Teams competition as well as both the Men’s and Women’s Masters Competitions, BAM! BAM! BAM!

While the workouts haven’t been announced yet, you still have time to register. CrossFit Games hopefuls aren’t the only ones that CrossFit Headquarters is requiring to register, Regional Competitors, Master’s Competitors, Affiliate Team Captains, and spectators all need to go here and get sorted out.

Don’t go anywhere just yet, we need to take a second and thank our local sponsors, partners, and friends and more to come about them and how they will be a force at the regional for 2010. Without them, and this is quite literal- this event could not happen. Seriously. GSX CrossFit has been truly blessed by the generosity and goodwill of some of the finest people and organizations in the CrossFit and fitness universes. Thank you so very much. Check out our Sponsors, Partners, & Friends Page and support them, because they support you, us, and the CrossFit community and lifestyle.

Coming soon: Hotels, Restaurants, and Activities for those of you visiting Fort Worth

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

12 comments on this entry

1. Winchester wrote...

The face of an ANIMAL!

2. Michael McElroy wrote...

This says that Mississippi is included in this region but I'm pretty sure we're (MS) is in the SouthEast region...? Correction?

3. Eric Barber wrote...

"and OKLAHOMA!!!"

4. Wesley wrote...

And Louisiana !!

5. theo wrote...

Im curious. We are registered as an affiliate team, but does that include our significant other or do we need to register them additionally as a spectator?

6. ken c wrote...


sorry i guess you didn't get the memo. oklahoma is out and actually rhode island is in for some reason. you guys and mississippi are headed to the northwest. makes perfect sense when you think about it.

7. Amy Q wrote...

How many affiliate teams are competing at the South Central Regional, and how many will move forward to the Games?

8. kris kepler wrote...

that is my beautiful wife that just turned 35 yesterday! This year's Regional is going to be UNREAL! Ken C, didn't you hear, any lawyers, doctors, uhhh... any bad asses aren't allowed in our region. see you soon my friend, soaking up South Beach this weekend!

9. tucker wrote...

ken you're wrong, we were going to let Rhode Island in, but decided on a much larger state like New Hampshire - the Granite State.

10. Dave wrote...

tucker, any word on number of affiliate teams registered?

11. tucker wrote...

Dave, As of now it appears we have 30 total teams for this event. Sweetness! I think we have it capped at 40 total... for now.

12. Eric wrote...

Very funny ladies.

The truth is, all of us Oklahomans are sick and tired of you Texans having all the fun.

Since Sectionals, we've been training in dark and secret places eating nothing but raw meat, pinole and chia seeds while howling at the moon.


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