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It's time to register for your respective Regional competitions. Please add crossfitgames2010@regsvc.com to your safe list to ensure your receipt of this important email. Contained in the email is a registration link that you will use to sign up for the event.

Alternate athletes will be notified if/when a qualified athlete decides not to register in a separate email.

Qualified athletes will have 10 days to register. After that period, your spot will be forfeited to the next qualified athlete on the alternates list. 

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32 comments on this entry

1. Chris wrote...

I am really surprised that CrossFit is charging another $100 per competitor for Regionals. I would think if you had what it took to qualify, the original $100 for Sectionals would have been enough?

2. Jerry wrote...

C'mon Chris, it costs a ton to put on these events. HQ is probably taking a bath on these events. 100 clams is nothing. Pony up the bread and think about all the community has done for you.

3. CB wrote...

Jerry, you're joking, right? You must be. No one could be so delusional.

So people who qualified for Regionals have to pay ANOTHER $100 to continue to compete? And you DON'T think that's crap??

At the WV/VA/DC Sectional, there were roughly 400 spectators and 250 competitors, paying $50 and $100, respectively. That's $35,000 for ONE Sectional (I generously removed 200 spectators from my calculations to account for Guest passes). Meanwhile, there were 70 volunteers who were paid... with a free t-shirt.

I don't doubt there is some cost to host/organize each event, but to think the referenced Sectional cost $35,000 to run is laughable.

Use brain before mouth.

4. Nick wrote...

Pony up the money? Think of the community? Clearly you are not thinking about the community as this country is in a recession and this community member is unemployed. Thank you for thinking about the community and its members.

5. Chris wrote...

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this is ridiculous. I understand charging for Sectionals, that is an open event to any CrossFitter. Regionals on the other hand is earned. I didn't earn the spot to compete at Sectionals, however I did earn the spot to compete at Regionals. I would have never thought HQ would have charged competitors to compete at Regionals. Affiliates and Masters is a different story...they did not have a Sectionals to earn there spot. It just really is starting to look like HQ is trying to make this more of a business effort and I don't think anyone wants to see that happen.

6. James Sjostrom wrote...

I am happy to pay 100 for a weekend experience that i will never forget. I pay money for everything else, including lots of stuff I don't want or need. If I have said it once, I have said it 109098 times. CrossFit is not about the money. I am happy to be part of this community.

7. J Hoggan wrote...

First off, I'm completely stoked about regionals. I immediately (almost happily) shelled out another $100 to participate, because it's more than worth it to me.

Do I think it's a little ridiculous? Absolutely. Do I think the Games are business ventures? Of COURSE they are! Inventing a new sport/fitness model that becomes profitable is an amazing accomplishment, and HQ has the prerogative to run the business as they see fit. If their business strategy turns people away, they'll learn a lesson and adjust their model moving forward. In the mean time, everyone (like me) who is begrudgingly willing to pay the fees they charge merely proves their marketing strategy is working. Demand is up. In the end, we all want HQ to be profitable, because they're supplying a product we all love.

My hope is that after these first few fledgling years of the games, profitability from sponsorships, advertising, and spectator turnout will depress the necessity for high spectator and competitor fees (and maybe even lead to athlete endorsements). Also, I assume costs for the competitions will decrease because the infrastucture will already be established.

In any case, good luck to all the competitors, and thanks again to HQ for putting this little shindig together.

8. Kate rawlings wrote...

What if you didn't get the email but you qualified? I don't want to lose my spot because i didn't make the 10 day cap.

9. Max Fernandez wrote...

Usually I sit back and read the comments and don't say a word but why not speak my thoughts.

J Hoggan, your thoughts are just as mine. As a competitor, I am immediately paying the fee ! Why ? Because I love CrossFit and am stoked to be a part of such a great event.

I also feel as if I earned a spot to compete and the fee should be waived for the competitors. We all know these events have a price tag that adds up fast with equipment, vendors, space negotiation, individual time and so much more. I just find it less "rewarding" to pay for my competitor slot that was earned as a top 20 placement at Sectionals through dedication, hard work and intense training.

Nonetheless, it is what it is and I am ready for regionals!

10. chris wrote...

Oh dont get me wrong everyone...I paid my $100 instantly because I love this $hit!! I wish everyone the best of luck and I too thank HQ for the great events they put on. Next year just take some of these comments into consideration.

11. Nick wrote...

Yeah I think almost every qualifier will shell out the money, however it was poorly done. If you qualifier for the second round, why should you now have to pay again. It should have been included in the original cost. A part of the original money we paid should have been set aside for regionals.

And I am going to reverse it on everyone that says CrossFit isn't about money. If that were the case, why should the competetors pay at all? And if you try and say it cost money to run these events, my answer to you is CrossFit isn't about the money.

12. Rob Powell wrote...

I am curios about the invitation to the Regional as well. I qualified in Milan, Italy. However, everyone else I know that has qualified already received their Invite.

Sent an email to the Reg site yesterday. (Probably have a bunch of emails like mine already.)

13. Jeremy Kinnick wrote...

Stoked! Didn't bat an eye. Small price to pay for GLORY! Crossfit Games 2010 here I come. If the price is an issue start saving for next year. :-)

14. lisa wrote...

yo. i didnt get an email. AND it says my email address is invalid. ugh. fix it. pretty please.

15. Evan wrote...

What's going on in Canada? We've been given 7 days to sign up but the event location hasn't even been set yet. So we need to spend $100 to sign up only to find out we might need to travel to the other side of the country to compete?

16. Tyler Parsons wrote...

This is freakin ridiculous. Paying another $100 again. WOW, you guys never cease to amaze me. AND yes $100 to some of us is a lot. Not all of us are crossfit coaches and make $100 an hour coaching some mom that wants to lose a couple pounds and be her therapist. This is crap, period....

17. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Tyler, you're right. Some of us are professional whiners who bitch and cry about everything. If I were a runner who qualified for the Boston Marathon I'd pay. Some thing for the Ironman in Hawaii. I'm sick of the constant crying. Crossfit is a sport. Sports cost money. Compared to when I competed in Tri's Crossfit doesn't cost very much.

18. CB wrote...

Damon, why do you always come off like such a prick?

If you qualify for the Boston Marathon, you pay roughly $110 as an entry fee. However, if you have to go through Sectionals & Regionals to qualify for the CF Games, you're paying $200.

And CrossFit is not a sport. A sport's standards and scoring don't change from event to event. The field or court may be different, the weather may shift, the uniforms might vary in color... but the ball stays the same size.

19. cam birtwell wrote...

Hi Evan,

The Canadian Regionals are in Okotoks AB, about 20 min south of Calgary - straight from OPT himself, so you know it's legit.

Pay your dollars, book your flight to Calgary (or drive if you're in BC/AB/SK and want to...) and I'll see you there.


20. Joe Hardy wrote...

CB - Crossfit is not a sport? I thought the community was in agreement that it is a sport. Sport is defined as, "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature." That sounds like Crossfit to me. I believe that Crossfit is the ultimate sport, the sport that determines success in every other single sport, the sport that requires it all to win and leaves no undeserving man in second place.

21. Nick wrote...

“It is vain to talk of the interest of the community, without understanding what is the interest of the individual”
-Jeremy Bentham

22. J Hoggan wrote...

Holy hell... calm down, people. Obviously $100 is going to be a lot of money to some people. However, I'm sure HQ is understanding of this fact, as they have already expressed that those exhibiting legitimate financial hardship can request discounted tickets. They have a legitimate interest in having the best athletes come out, so there will be room to negotiate for those who qualified.

How about this? Instead of getting pissed at each other needlessly online, just write an e-mail to Tony or any of the HQ personnel. Tell them how much competing will mean to you, but that you will have significant trouble affording the entrance fee. I'm sure if you express a valid point (and don't just get angry at them) they'll be willing to accommodate. If they don't, then they'll probably hurt their community image and damage their brand (which they can't keep up forever).

Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.

Oh, and to CB - I'd argue that Crossfit is a sport. It's a fledgling sport, so it's getting its footing regarding standardization of scoring and what not, but it's certainly a competitive athletic activity, in my opinion.

23. Jeff wrote...

Crossfit is a luxury I can't afford.

Not crying. Not complaining. Just stating a simple, painfully obvious truth that many of us know. (Though, on a budget sheet it too often gets falsely categorized as "Necessity" -- which is always at the heart of these expense grumblings.)

I train using the theories and principals, and use the Crossfit Elite as my mental ideal of fitness....but I have to "Forge" Crossfit into my meager means.... and watch from a far.

24. mark wrote...

It's not like HQ can put on the Regional competitions for free guys. Just like sectionals there have to be equipment (competition and infrastructural) rentals, a venue, and a huge support team.

Why are people so shocked (again) that there's a price for organizing a huge weekend-long competition?

No free lunch. Suck it up.

25. Myles wrote...

$100 cost to complete in sectionals
$75 cost of gas to drive to sectionals
$160 Hotel @ sectionals
$100 food for 2 for entire trip
-$ for having to close the gym for 2.5 days
Qualified in top 20 priceless
$100 for Regional spot
$400 for plane tickets for 2 down to Irvine, Ca
$150 rental car for 2 days
$160 hotel for 2 days
$100 food for 2 for 2 days
-$ Have to close the gym for 3 days
Total so far give or take $1345.00. Holy crap! I get 2 t-shirts and a good time. Oh well one big fat write off! And one bad ass experience so far! Thank you Crossfit! I will do it again next year.

26. Brandon Ecker wrote...

100$ for the fees are not a burden. I am flat broke and I found a way to get to sectionals. I would galdly pay the 100$ for regionals and hope I get the opportunity via an alternate spot. Think of what crossfit has given you...
Free programming every day!
Countless instructional videos and demos...
Nutritional advice...
Self defense training even...
For me...a life changing community that I am proud and happy to be a part of...
Thank You Glassmans and HQ!
Brandon Ecker

27. Lester wrote...

If $100 bucks is a too much, you should spend more time working and less time exercising. Seriously people, you all sound broke. Don't blame HQ because you didn't study hard enough in school to land a decent paying job.

28. Adam Stevenson wrote...

I don't really think Damon has said anything that unreasonable...
Tyler, this song's for you! Chill out!!!

29. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

CB, if I come off that way it's because I lack empathy for whining. Some people here stated valid money concerns. I feel bad and wish that $100 wasn't a big deal for them. It's my understanding that they can apply to HQ for a discount entry.

Tyler, I'm not a keyboard warrior. Good luck with your training, congrats on placing 30th at your Sectional.

30. Evan wrote...

Thanks Cam!

Looking forward to it bud. See you there

31. Julie wrote...

I want a recognised UK Crossfit Games. The reason being if I were to compete again in Aromas, I would have to firstly shell out for the sectional which was held in Mildenhall, probabaly an eight hour drive/or a heap of money to fly, also the cost to enter....then if I qualified I would have to pay to go to Sweden, a major expense from the Highlands of Scotland, then the cost of the actual entry fee. If I qualified for that then I cant imagine the hundreds of pounds to get to Aromas!! It still seems to be a money making operation to me, NOT a community as they are always banging on about!

32. tucker wrote...

As a host I want all of you nay sayers to realize that these events cost real money and take up real time, lots of time. I always laugh when folks add up in their minds how much money a host or CF is making... We put on a great event last year in 09 - and lost money doing it and that was the cost of business. But we enjoyed the fact that we were able to put it on at our box and be part of the community.

For every spectator their is a guest (a free guest), for every affiliate member competing there is a guest (a free guest), for every indvidual competing there is a guest (a free guest), for every volunteer, staff, and judge registered there is a another free guest allowed in) We give a great deal, give of our resources, our time, our facility, comped registrations for help, and of our own back pockets. And we do so willingly with pride to be part of what will someday be an incredible program leading toward an awesome CrossFit takeover inthe world of fitness.

Specifically concerning fees - i could mow enough lawns in a day to cover fees - and enough in a week to cover all my expenses to go to one of these shin digs!

As for folks whinning about making money! Darn it - my gym is a for profit business - the cool thing is we get to help people and make money and I will never make apologies for that! I cant fathom the negative crap I hear from those who moan about a great life changing product like crossfit... I hope they make money and stay in business for a long damn time!

Lets get er done people!


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