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Beautiful Box Jump

Online Qualifier

The Online Qualifier Workouts and Rules

24 hour period changed 0800 to 0800

Workout 1

Five rounds for time of:
225 pound Deadlift, 10 reps (155lbs for women)
10 Box jumps 24 inch box (20 inch box for women)
10 Toes to Bar

For the deadlift, full extension must be reached and shoulders behind the bar. For the box jump, full extension on or above the box must be achieved. For the toes to bar, some part of the foot must come in contact with the bar every rep.

Workout 2

For time:
150 Double-unders
135 pound Thruster, 30 reps (85 pounds for women)
30 Chest to bar pull-ups

This workout must be completed in order. You must complete the DUs before doing all the thrusters. And no pullups until the thrusters are complete. For the double-unders, the rope must past twice under the feet each rep. Missed attempts do not count. For the thruster, take the barbell from the floor, not a rack. The hips must pass below the level of the knees, and at the top, there must be full lockout of the knees, hips, and elbows with the barbell over the head (arm blocking the ear). For the pullup, this is not just a height requirement. The chest (somewhere from the clavicle down) must come into contact with the bar every rep.

Workout 3

Three rounds for time:
185 pound Front squat, 7 reps (115lbs for women)
7 Muscle-ups

For the front squat, take the barbell from the floor, not a rack. The hips must drop below the level of the knees at the bottom, and full extension of the knees and hips must be attained at the top. For the muscle-up, full lock out and turnout at the bottom must be attained, and full extension with the elbows straight must occur at the top.

Video Rules
The videos must be completely unedited and uncut from beginning to end. Any evidence of tinkering will instantly disqualify the athlete. 

The video is solely for documenting the workout. The camera should be positioned so that proper range of motion can be determined. Use a tripod if at all possible. Move the camera as little as possible to ensure proper coverage.

An additional person with a stopwatch must be in the frame for the whole workout (the stopwatch does not have to be visible). The time on the stopwatch should be presented to the camera at the end of the workout. There should be one obvious close up of the weights and box height to validate official standards.

The videos must be uploaded uncut and unedited to a public forum. Vimeo is our first choice, but YouTube or any other public arena is acceptable. You can upload each workout separately or put them together, your choice.

Please email us the times and links before 0800 PDT April 14, 2010. Email if you have any questions.

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35 comments on this entry

1. Ryan wrote...

Please tell me that "EDT" is a typo. Just hoping HQ didn't mess up by posting two hours late, then go on to cut the window shorter by three more hrs.

2. Ro wrote...

Ryan - this was indeed a typo that is now fixed.

3. Iceman wrote...

Here we goo..

4. Tubbs wrote...

wow, good luck to all who attempt these.

5. Rich V. wrote...

Front Squat/Muscle Up WOD: 5:11.

6. Greg Harris wrote...

Hey Rich. Grow a beard!

7. Rich V. wrote...

DU/Thruster/Pullup WOD: 12:38.

I hope I'm not the only one out here attempting this nonsense! :)

8. Esteban wrote...

i concur, Greg. Rich needs a beard.

9. Myth wrote...

any tips on uploading my vids faster? thanks yall!

10. Quinn Marckesano wrote...

Can we upload two vids for one workout if we go over 10 min? I am trying to post on youtube but they only accept 10 min max. Can anyone help?
Oh and I am attempting this nonsense and I want to cry!

11. Jerry wrote...

Why not The CrossFit community has their own online media sharing site?

12. Dan wrote...

wod #1, 11:33

13. Michaela wrote...

I can't muscle up :( I can only do progressions atm... i'm trying... working on my dips... but i'm only 17 anyway Hopefully next year!

14. michaela wrote...

Is there any way around the muscle ups?

15. Iceman wrote...

Wod one 8:48
Wod two 12:18
Wod three dnf! Got front squat + muscle ups and then just lost it. I could not get muscle ups after the other two wods, very poor as I can usually do them. What a way to go down :( I am assuming I'm not the only one with this problem. I tried twice but couldn't do a third since I had to be at work.

16. AJ Kruppa wrote...

No camera-man avail, no ability to compete are regionals, nor not enough time for 3 WODs around this work schedule, especially with CNN here. Plan to do each of these tomorrow.
Best of Luck to all of you.

On a different note: At my affiliate website, I'm collecting Active Duty members WOD records.

If you'd like to submit your PRs you can go to link at affliate page or go here:

CrossFit SWFFT

17. James Howard wrote...

WOD #1: 8:12
WOD #2: 11:04
WOD #3: 8:02

Videos are rendering. Links and a copy of my deployment orders will be forwarded as soon as they are completely loaded. All WOD's were completed at CrossFit Oahu.

18. Derek wrote...

Nice work Rich V.

19. Rich V. wrote...

Deadlift/Box Jump/Toes to Bar WOD: 8:42.

Videos are being uploaded. Doin my best to get them up by 8am Pacific!

20. Rich V. wrote...

Here are the combined times. I already shot them to Tony Budding and received a response.

WOD 1: 8:42
WOD 2: 12:38
WOD 3: 5:11

Best of luck to all the participants!

Representing the 3-10 Engineer Basic Officer Leader Course in Fort Leonard Wood, MO!

21. Mike W. wrote...

WOD 1 06:54min
WOD 2 16:18min
WOD 3 09:04min

I hope I can post the Video on Youtube and Vimeo on the right Time!

Good luck to all from Berlin/ Germany

22. Derek wrote...

Are we supposed to send these to

23. Quinn Marckesano wrote...

yes is where you send your link to the videos and the times, it says it at the bottom of the instructions. Any other girls do these workouts?

24. Blake Sewell wrote...

WOD 1 6:17
WOD 2 8:41
WOD 3 3:56

FFWHHAATTT.... Feels good to put in work!!!

25. Derek wrote...

WOD 1 6:11
WOD 2 7:41
WOD 3 - 5:20

Whew! That was fun.

26. Derek Hutchison wrote...

Hey Blake, didn't you qualify at the WA Sectionals? Are you just doing this for fun or what? If you are, you have issues...

Nice work on WOD 3!

27. steve wrote...

how long did yall take between workouts?

28. Blake Sewell wrote...


I did qualify at the NW Sectional but do to Military orders I'm not going to be able to attend the Regional. I did the online qualifier because I'm trying to get into the Southeast Regional. HQ already said I'll more than likely be able to attend but I wanted to earn it. So wish me luck. Hopefully I will be able to attend. Thank you for the WOD 3 comment.. It was brutal!

29. Derek wrote...

Blake, that makes sense. Nice work and good luck at the Southeast Regionals!

30. Craig Massey wrote...

Hopefully the rankings from these online entries will be posted and even better, links to the videos.

31. Quinn Marckesano wrote...

Does anyone know how long it took them to score all the videos last year? Or about how long it will take them this time?

32. Myth wrote...

I think it takes a while to judge because while some guys may have had better times, they may not have had better form, so the spot would probably go to the guy with the better form, even though he was slower.

33. Rich V. wrote...

Hey guys, here are the links to my videos.


I really enjoyed the front squat/muscle-up WOD and hated the thruster WOD.

Steve, I took 4 hours rest in between each WOD and a 40 minute nap in between the 2nd and 3rd workout (though I did them in reverse order). They left me so wrecked.

Thanks to my good friends in EBOLC 3-10! You kept me goin!

34. Rich V. wrote...

...oh and gals. Don't wanna leave out the military CF ladies!

35. Dan C wrote...

Nice job Blake! I was looking forward to chasing you in the wo at regionals. Best of luck, and hope to see you at the games.

Dan C


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