Nicole Gibson, 1st place at the Mountain Sectional.

North Central Regional

Critical Update for the North Central Regionals

Crucial Information for individuals and teams.

The North Central Regional Games are fast approaching, and we have been hard at work getting everything ready. The Judges have already had six training sessions, with one more two-hour session to go. The parallettes are assembled. The boxes are built. The pull-up/MU structure has been constructed. The workouts have been designed, submitted and approved by CrossFit HQ. Here are the details of the event.

We are still in need of volunteers, most notably on Thursday and Friday.  We are in need of people that can be at Front Range CrossFit at 9:00am on Thursday morning to help load the trucks up with the gear and then travel down to the Douglas County Event Center, unload and then set it all up.  We are a bit thin on Friday as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in volunteering, please register by Saturday, April 24th.

We are all set for Judges. We started Judges training back on March 6th, with the first of seven judging training sessions. Each judge had to commit to come to at least three of the 2 hour training sessions. Many of them have been to every one of them.

Affiliate Team Competition

As of April 20th, we have 30 Affiliate teams signed up, but we only have 119 of the athletes that make up those teams registered. That number should be 180 athletes.  The athlete registration for the Affiliate Team competition closes at noon on Saturday, April 24th. After that deadline, each team will be stuck using the athletes that have registered to that point. That means that if you cannot field a team of at least 2 men and 2 women, they will be disqualified.

If you originally registered your affiliate team, you received a confirmation email with a link to send to your affiliate team members. You need to get that link to your team and get them to register ASAP. You are running out of time.

Individual Athletes
We currently have 108 qualified athletes that have signed up.  The registration closes for the individuals at noon on Saturday, April 24th. If you have received notification that you are a qualified athlete, please register by that time.

Individual competitors will be ranked according to their performances at the Sectional Games. So the top five qualifiers from last year’s Regional Games will be ranked 1-5 and then the top finisher from each Sectional will be ranked 6-7, the second place finisher from each Sectional will be ranked 8-9 etc.  We will be doing the different events in heats of 12 athletes, with the highest ranked athletes in the latest heats.

There is a $50 charge for spectators, but you get 2 entry wristbands for that price.  When you register as a spectator, you will be able to get someone else in with you.  That second individual will need to be with you when you check in at the registration booth at the entrance to the event center the weekend of the Regional Games.  There is no online registration for the second person.

Spectator online registration will close on Tuesday, April 27th at 9:00pm.  
If you haven’t registered by then, you will be able to purchase spectator wristbands at the door. They will be the same price and they will need to be paid for with cash.  There will be no credit card transactions at the event center.

North Central Regional Schedule

Saturday, April 24th
Noon: Affiliate/Individual/Volunteer Registration Closes

Sunday, April 25th
Noon: Affiliate/Individual Workouts are released

Thursday, April 29th
5:00pm: Heat assignments are released
5:00 - 8:00pm: Check-in

Friday, April 30th
8:00am - 6:00pm: Affiliate Team Comp, Master's Workouts #1 & 2

Saturday, May 1st
8:00 - 6:00pm: Individual Competition, Master's Workout #3

Sunday, May 2nd
9:00am - 1:30pm: Individual Competition
1:30 - 2:30pm: Team Finals
3:00pm: Individual Women's Finals
3:30pm: Individual Men's Finals
4:00pm: Awards Ceremony


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2 comments on this entry

1. Fink wrote...

Heading out to the North Central Regional from Decatur, IL... I cannot wait to get back to my old stomping grounds to cheer on the local athletes that qualified!!!

I am pumped to see the CrossFit Games in action, LIVE... I am sure Front Range will set the tone for the rest of the Regionals...

BTW, when are the WOD's going to be released?

2. Skip wrote...


Both Friday's and Saturday's workouts will be posted at noon (MST) on Sunday, April 25th.

Front Range CrossFit


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