North Central Regional

North Central Regional Heats and Schedule

Frequently asked questions addressed.

The following comes from Skip Miller about the North Central Regional:

Two days to go until the start of the North Central Regional Competition. Here are the heat times for all of the events for Friday and Saturday.

Master's Competition Heats PDF
Team Competition Heats
Individual Competition Heats:

Saturday 8 am PDF
Saturday 10 am PDF
Saturday afternoon PDF

Additionally, we have listed the answers to the questions that we are most frequently receiving either in the comments section, or via email.


The spectator online registration is closed, but that does not mean that we are sold out. You can purchase spectator tickets at the door of the Event Center for the same price they are online. The Douglas County Event Center holds 1500 spectators in bleacher seating. There is plenty of room for anyone that wants to watch the Regional Games.

Event Check-in                                

I have had many people ask about the event check-in for the people that have already registered online.  If you are competing on Friday, and are already in the area, please register Thursday night between 5:00 and 8:00 PM.  We will have the registration desk open at 7:00 AM on Friday morning, but the first heats start at 9:00 AM.  If the event check-in line is long, you may have a problem.  If you getting into town late Thursday night, please get to the venue right at 7:00 AM to check in.

Affiliate Team Questions

On the team Suicide Run, each athlete will run down and back each leg. The scoring is Every Second Counts for both Inpiduals and teams. Every team workout will have two men and two women competing in that event. Spikes can be worn on the team Suicide Run. The Team workouts listed are all going to happen on Friday, with one final workout on Sunday for the top 16 teams. Any part of your body has to touch the ground on the far side of the line you are running to in the Team Run. The Team Snatch will have one men's and one women's bar. Only one person can lift on the platform at a time.  During the Team Triplet you may start the overhead squat set with a full depth squat snatch. The damper setting can be adjusted at will.

Inpidual Comp Questions

The Sunday workouts will be announced on Saturday evening. The Inpidual workouts listed are all going to happen on Saturday, with one final workout on Sunday for all of the athletes that have done the workouts as prescribed and under the time cut off.  For both the Two-Hand Overhead, Anyhow and the Team Snatch the athletes may use a weight belt and neoprene knee sleeves. Knee wraps, squat suits and any other assistance equipment will not be allowed.  The inpidual run is 95% pavement. There is a short grassy section.

General Questions

For all of the events, tape may be used on the hands. Gymnastics grips, gloves or other grip enhancement items may not be used. Spray adhesive applied to the hands will be cause for immediate disqualification. Proper footwear must be worn for all of the events.  All of the women's events that use a barbell will be performed with a women's bar.

We will see you all on Thursday night or Friday morning. Travel safely.

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1. montana wrote...

Are all the heats listed in the pdf files? It seems there may be a page missing of additional competitors.

2. Terry wrote...

The pdf for Master Heats seems to be broken

3. zaugg wrote...

Thanks RANT for an off topic comment. May you suffer a flat tire on your next journey.

4. jake wrote...

for competitors who didn't add a guest to their registration at the time of registration, and if they now have a guest, is there anyway to get their guest a weekend pass without the cost? can this be done at the venue?

i hope you can understand my questions.

5. Skip wrote...

Jake, we can take care of that at the venue.

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6. Jeff wrote...

The masters PDF file is now fixed. Thanks Skip (or whoever) fixed it.

7. Justin wrote...

Our affiliate cup team, Crossfit Madtown, isn't listed on the team heat schedule. We will be down tonight to check in but wanted to give you a head-start on figuring out the problem. Thanks,

8. bryan wrote...

All of the individual competition PDF links are broken too.

9. Skip wrote...

If you are having trouble with the links you can see them at

Front Range CrossFit

10. Chris Fabian wrote...

What time does registration end on Friday?


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