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North Central Regional

North Central Regional Events Announced

Here are the workouts for the first US Regional next weekend!

The Regional season is beginning! Next weekend athletes from the North Central Region will converge on Castle Rock, CO to compete for a berth in the CrossFit Games Finals.

Individual Competition

The Lift
Two hand overhead, anyhow. The most efficient way to accomplish this will be with a clean and jerk. You must lift the barbell from the ground to overhead and finish in a stable, unmoving, locked out position. The athlete’s elbows, shoulders, hips and knees must be locked out and unmoving, and the athlete must wait until the judge gives the audible and visual cue to lower the weight. The bar must be dropped in a controlled manner, with the athlete’s hands on the bar past the hips, for the lift to count. We are not using USAW rules, and press outs, while inefficient; will not be cause for a "no lift". That's why we aren't calling it the Clean and Jerk.

The women will be starting this event at 8:00 AM. The men will be starting at 10:00 AM. There will be four athletes assigned to a platform, and each platform will have 25 minutes for each athlete to complete as many attempts as they wish. (And yes, this is plenty of time.) Each platform will lift in a round robin format, regardless of the weight being attempted. Athletes will be grouped on a platform according to the ranking they earned with their performances at the Sectional Qualifiers.

The Run
1400 meter run for time The men will be starting with the run at 8:00 AM. The women will start running at 10:00 AM. Athletes will be started in the reverse order of each athletes rank. So, the better the athletes rank, the later their start time. This run is in a time trial format. Each individual runner will be started every minute.

Run Course Map PDF.

The Triplet
Three rounds for time of:
500 meter Row
12 Overhead squats (115 / 75 lbs)
50 Double-unders.

The double-unders will be counted each time the rope passes completely under the athlete’s feet. You will be able to use your own jump rope, so bring one if you would like. We will have jump ropes to use as well. The overhead squat will be performed from a complete lock out of the arms, shoulders, hips and knees. Descending until the hip crease is below the patella and then returning to a complete lock out of the arms, shoulders, hips and knees. You may squat snatch into the first rep. This workout has a 15 minute cut-off.

We will be using an "Every Second Counts" format. We will subtract the max amount of weight lifted in the two hand overhead, anyhow lift from the total time.

Affiliate Team Competition

Team Suicide Run
This is a timed event that takes place on a regulation soccer field. It will be an eight-line suicide run, done as a four person relay team made up of two men and two women. The field is divided into four equal sections. The total distance run by the team will be 2,000 meters. The legs are run as follows:
Woman #1 runs to the 1/4 line and back
Man #1 runs to the 1/4 line and back
Woman #2 runs to the 1/2 line and back
Man #2 runs to the 1/2 line and back
Woman #1 runs to the 3/4 line and back
Man #1 runs to the 3/4 line and back
Woman #2 runs the full length of the field
Man #2 runs the full length of the field
Woman #1 runs to the 3/4 line and back
Man #1 runs to the 3/4 line and back
Woman #2 runs to the 1/2 line and back
Man #2 runs to the 1/2 line and back
Woman #1 runs to the 1/4 line and back
Man #1 runs to the 1/4 line and back
Woman #2 runs the full length of the field and back
Man #2 runs the full length of the field and back.

Team Snatch
Each team of two women and two men will have 30 minutes total, for each team member to complete the heaviest snatch that they can. The total amount of weight that the team lifts will be subtracted from the overall accumulated time. The barbell will start on the ground and finish motionless overhead with the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees completely locked out. The feet must be parallel with the barbell in the finish position. The barbell may not come in contact with the upper torso on the attempt. The athlete must wait for the audible and visual signal from the judge before the weight can be lowered to the ground. Upon completion of the lift, the athlete may drop the weight, but must have their hands on the bar until it passes their hips when lowering the weight. The athlete may squat snatch, split snatch, power snatch, muscle snatch, or any ugly variation made up on the spot.

Team Triplet
For time:
50 Muscle-ups
200 Overhead squats (95 / 65 lbs)
3000 meter Row

Each team must accomplish the above number of reps and distance as fast as possible. Each team can do the exercises in any order and in any rep scheme. You will have one set of rings, one 95lb men’s bar, one 65lb women’s bar and one rower. All three movements may occur simultaneously, but only one barbell can be in use at any one time. Each team can decide to divide up the work in whatever fashion they choose. For the muscle-up, the athlete must start from a hanging position, with the elbows and shoulders completely extended. You may use a false grip or regular grip. If you choose to use a false grip, be aware that your judge may require you to turn out your hands at the bottom, to achieve the full elbow and shoulder extension. If you can achieve full extension without the turnout, that is fine. A turn-out done without full elbow and shoulder extension will not be counted. You must achieve full elbow and shoulder extension and your body must be below the height of the rings when this extension is achieved. The finish of the muscle-up is with the body above the rings, with the elbows in full extension. Your judge will give you an audible and visual signal when it is a good rep.
For the overhead squat, the start and finish positions are with the barbell locked out overhead, with the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees in extension. The bottom position is achieved when the hip crease is below the top of the patella. The barbell must be kept locked out overhead throughout the movement.

We will be using an Every Second Counts format. The total amount of time will accumulate throughout the weekend and we will subtract the total pounds lifted during the Team Snatch event. The lowest total time wins.

We will have the top 16 teams come back on Sunday afternoon for the Affiliate Team Finals. Sunday’s final workout will be announced on Saturday night at the completion of the Individual Workouts. The times from Sunday’s Workout will be added to the accumulated time. The lowest accumulated time will win and the top eight teams will advance to the CrossFit Games final in July.

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36 comments on this entry

1. Tubbs wrote...

Awesome workouts, this is going to be a great weekend. Good luck to all! Travel Safe!

2. chris wrote...

What time will the individual triplet start at?

3. Skip wrote...

All of the heat times will be released on Thursday at 5 PM.

Front Range CrossFit

4. Karl wrote...

In the team workout, do woman and man #2 run the full length of the field *and back* twice, or do they run the full length once and the full length and back once?

Assuming a 100m field length, the *and back* for the woman and man #2 runs in the middle should be included for it to add up to 2000m.

I'd think the transitions from runner to runner get a little funny if the runners are at opposite ends of the field...

5. Sean wrote...

Is the individual scoring going to be every seconds counts as well?

6. Katrisha Rinnan wrote...

The 3rd WOD doesn't specify it is 2 men and 2 says" each team" ??

Also, can spikes be worn for the run?

7. Kathy wrote...

Is there a mystery WOD for the individuals for Sunday?

8. Anne wrote...

Will female athletes have access to a 35 lb (smaller radius) bar for the snatch WOD?

9. Skip wrote...

On the team Suicide Run, each athlete will run down and back each leg.

Every Second Counts for both Individuals and teams.

Every team workout will have two men and two women competing in that event.

Spikes can be worn on the team Suicide Run.

The Team workouts listed are all going to happen on Friday, with one final workout on Sunday for the top 16 teams.

The Individual workouts listed are all going to happen on Saturday, with one final workout on Sunday for all of the athletes that have done the workouts as prescribed and under the time cut off.

The Sunday workouts will be announced on Saturday evening.

For both the Two-Hand Overhead, Anyhow and the Team Snatch the athletes may use a weight belt and neoprene knee sleeves. Knee wraps, squat suits and any other assistance equipment will not be allowed.

For all of the events, tape may be used on the hands. Gymnastics grips, gloves or other grip enhancement items may not be used. Spray adhesive applied to the hands will be cause for immediate disqualification.

Proper footwear must be worn for all of the events.

Front Range CrossFit

10. Skip wrote...

All of the women's events that use a barbell will be performed with a women's bar.

Front Range CrossFit

11. Paul Cegon wrote...

This looks like an absolute blast! I can't wait to see how the difference in altitude will affect me though. Great wods Skip.

12. Fink wrote...

Great WOD's Skip... I wish my flight would be here sooner, I cannot wait to get out there and see this!!!

13. Al wrote...

What surface is the individuals' run on? Asphalt, turf, dirt, trail, or somecombo of those?

14. Sam wrote...

When will you be running the Masters Events?

15. mike k wrote... must be well rounded to advance in this region!

16. Skip wrote...

The Master's workout #1 will be done on Friday morning. The max thruster will be done Friday afternoon.

The C2B Cindy will be done around noon on Saturday.

The actual heat times for all of the events on Friday and Saturday will be posted Thursday night at 5:00 PM.

The individual run is 95% pavement. There is a short grassy section.

The Team run will be either grass, astro turf, or pavement. We are not sure yet. So bring appropriate footware for all three surfaces. We had a major snow storm 3 days ago, with more accumulation tonight. As of right now, the soccer field is under 4 inches of snow. We are expecting enough sun and pleasent tempatures to thaw it out by Friday, but you never know in Colorado.

It will be a great run, regardless of the conditions.

Front Range CrossFit

17. Julie wrote...

For the Team Triplet, will each team have access to a box so that ring height will not have to be adjusted and the box can be used to accommodate members with different ring height requirements?

18. Pete wrote...

In the individual events:

Will each second in the run be the equivalent to a pound in the max overhead lift?

How will this level out? It seems that the difference between the 1st place lift and the last place lift will be significantly greater than the seconds between the fastest and slowest runner. I would imagine there will be 100lbs or greater on the lift, but it doesn't seem that 100 seconds (1minute 40 seconds) is even possible to make up in 1400Meters.

Is there some sort of compensation in the scoring that accounts for the shorter distance run?

19. Skip wrote...

The team will not have a box that they can do muscle-ups from. They will be able to adjust the rings easily and quickly to accommodate different heights.


You are correct, they are not weighted evenly. That is by design. This is the second time that we have used this exact combination. It worked perfectly last time. In combination with the other workouts, it will work perfectly this time.

Front Range CrossFit

20. Joanthan wrote...

Great WOD Skip!
With the time score on the team snatch, is the "overall accumulated time" by definition 30 minutes/1800 seconds, or is there a benefit to reaching the max weight sooner rather than later? I.e., if a team cranks out 3 attempts to get a combined total of 600 lbs in 900 seconds for a score of 300?

21. Skip wrote...


The weight will be subracted from the overall accumulated time from the other three workouts. It has nothing to do with the 30 minute time limit of the Team Snatch Workout.

Front Range CrossFit

22. Chad wrote...

In the running WOD, does just a foot (or both feet) need to touch the turnaround line, or do you have to squat down and touch it with your hand?

Thanks, looking forward to Friday!

23. CJ Martin wrote...

Great job Skip! Looks like it will be a fun event. Good luck to all of the athletes.

24. Skip wrote...

Any part of your body has to touch the ground on the far side of the line you are running to in the Team Run.

Front Range CrossFit

25. Chad wrote...


During the team snatch, how many bars will there be per team - one for each person, or one 35 lbs and one 45 lbs? Are we allowed to attempt a one rep-max simultaneously with other teammates, or only one person at a time per team?

During the team triplet, when doing overhead squats, can the first rep when starting out with the bar on the ground be a full depth snatch? Or do you have to start each rep with the arms fully locked out and standing upright before beginning to squat? Also, can the damper setting on the rower be switched during the workout when a different person switches out to row?


26. Skip wrote...

The Team Snatch will have one men's and one women's bar. Only one person can lift on the platform at a time.

During the Team Triplet you may start the overhead squat set with a full depth squat snatch. The damper setting can be adjusted at will.

Front Range CrossFit

27. Spectator wrote...

I am trying to buy a ticket online but registration is closed? Are the tickets to the event sold out?

28. Skip wrote...

The spectator online registration is closed, but that does not mean that we are sold out.

You can purchase spectator tickets at the door of the Event Center for the same price they are online.

The Douglas County Event Center holds 1500 spectators in bleacher seating. There is plenty of room for anyone that wants to watch the Regional Games.

We will see you in a couple of days.

Front Range CrossFit

29. shelley wrote...

On the team suicide run would it work out as follows:
woman #1 runs 1/4 line and back
man #1 runs 1/4 line and back
woman #2 runs 1/2 line and back
man #2 runs 1/2 line and back
woman #1 runs 3/4 line and back
man #1 runs 3/4 line and back
woman #2 runs full line and back
man #2 runs full line and back
woman #1 runs full line and back
man #1 runs full line and back
woman #2 runs 3/4 line and back
man #2 runs 3/4 line and back
woman #1 runs 1/2 line and back
man #1 runs 1/2 line and back
woman #2 runs 1/4 line and back
man #2 runs 1/4 line and back
This way everyone runs same distance rather than woman #2 and man #2 running further.

30. Russell Berger wrote...

Matt Chan is going to crush this.

31. Skip wrote...


You are correct, that would make each runner run the same distance.


The teams will run the workout in the order that it was listed.

Front Range CrossFit Inc.

32. Phil wrote...

Some of my athletes and I won't be in unitl Friday morning. Will we be able to check-in then?

33. Skip Miller wrote...


That will be fine. Registration opens at 7:00 on both Friday and Saturday morning.

Get there as early as you can. Opening address on Friday is at 8:00, with the first heats starting at 9:00 AM.

Front Range CrossFit

34. Jonathan wrote...

Can one person check in for the team on Thursday evening, or does each team member need to check in individually?

35. skip wrote...

Each team member needs to check in individually.

Front Range CrossFit

36. scott wrote...

How late will registration be open on Thursday evening?


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