North Central Regional

Athlete Profile: Megan John - North Central Regional

Small competitor, huge heart.

 At just under 5 feet and just over 100 pounds, Megan John is the smallest female competitor in the North Central Region, but that didn't stop her from taking third place at the Midwest Sectional. This weekend she will join forty nine other women in Colorado to compete for one of four spots to the CrossFit Games finals in Los Angeles.

Name: Megan John 
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 118lbs
Regional: North Central
Sectional: Midwest - 3rd
Helen: 9:49
Cindy: 18 Rounds
Fight Gone Bad: 303
Clean & Jerk: 120lbs
Snatch: 95lbs
Deadlift: 250lbs
Back Squat: 205lbs
Pull-ups: 19

What is your athletic background?
I really don't have much of an athletic background. If you give me any sports equipment/ball, I don't know what to do with it. In high school, I was into newspaper journalism, band, played the piano, and was a decent distance runner. In college, I was cramming for the next test or paper, working at Job Corps, looking at boys, or out at the bars with friends. After college, I found fitness. I am currently the fitness coordinator at Fort Riley, KS. I teach fitness classes, coordinate the contractors and schedule. One of the soldiers showed me the "Nasty girls" video in 2007 and so began my "life". I have not trained others consistently in CrossFit. As far as my personal fitness training outside of work, I like to push myself. Currently, I am working on a lot of strength training components, since I am one of the smaller females (4'11", 115 lbs.). Tank (my dog) enjoys running, so we do a 3-6 miles two times a week.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I got my CrossFit level I in 2007, and I started investing more energy into CrossFit training in 2009. When a deployed unit returned with a group of CrossFitters and we convened when our schedules allowed. Gradually, I received my nutrition, barbell, and rowing certifications, and I am going to get my olympic certification 17 April.

I am mostly a CrossFit athlete. If people ask, I love to spread the word and give pointers. I am not an affiliate owner - although it would be a dream of mine. My current "J-O-B" involves teaching SPINNING, step aerobics, Turbo Kick, PiYo, Circuit and Interval Boot Camp, and taking care of the fitness calendar, contractors, etc. My LOVE is to CrossFit.

What is unique about you as an individual or athlete?
Interesting... nope. I live the midwest, people. House. Two dogs. Single. Great parents, brothers, and friends. I graduated with a degree in psychology...I have had a lot of obstacles in my life, but everyone has something to set them back or drive them forward. For example, I was in a bad car accident when I was a freshman in high school. I remember laying on the ground with my arm pinned under the car (odd silence except fall leaves in the wind and the awareness of blood filling up my throat). At that moment, I think it could have gone either way: A.) I could have laid there and died or B.) I could fight like hell. Taking out the gray areas, I think theoretically, people have to decide between A or B everyday. Some things are worth the fight, others are not. I am not much of a competitor against others. I just like to see what I can accomplish and how fast I can do it. I guess that is what the obstacles I have faced taught me to do. That is how I like to train. 

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29 comments on this entry

1. danny wrote...

AWESOME!! good luck megan

2. Adam K wrote...

Love that last paragraph... Good luck Megan!

3. dawn wrote...

Megan - really enjoyed watching you compete at the Midwest Sectionals. Determination is written all over your mind and body. Good luck this weekend.

Dawn Williams
Midwest Judging Director

4. Lisa Long wrote...

That's right, Meg, FIGHT LIKE HELL!

5. Kandi Goodman wrote...

Way to go Megan, so proud of you. Kick some butt girly.

6. Liz wrote...

You rock, girl. Good luck. I know you'll do awesome, but your scores don't matter to me. You're already my hero!

7. Nikki Sandhoff wrote...

Good Luck Megan. Your Fort Riley Crossfit Crew will be cheering for you from across the globe.

8. Jes wrote...

That's right Meg, we're cheering you on from Iraq! Wish we could be there to see it live. Good luck!

9. Joseph Hamblen wrote...

We're all behind you Megan -- just keep charging forward and stay in the fight!

10. Slaughter wrote...

super inspiring. I got lots of friends both male and female competing, and i wish you all the best of luck.

11. karen candia wrote...

Megan! I am so proud of you! What a long way you have come from learning to teach step aerobics to becoming a FIREBREATHER! I wish you well at regionals! And I miss you tons!
Loves, Karen

12. Eric T wrote...

You're an inspiration Megan! Kick ass and enjoy the competition!

13. Erin wrote...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, we all have obstacles and mine is Type 1 Diabetes that I'm allowing to win right now. I'm going to start choosing Option B! Thank you for encouraging me to fight this instead of close my eyes.

14. Jessie wrote...

I like the last question/answer. You are awesome Megan! Stay strong and Good Luck!

15. Rachel Canning wrote...

Megan! I met you at Fort Riley and you basically got me into CrossFit! I am so proud of you! I know you will kick butt at Regional's! I am also competing at regionals as well.... all thanks to you! :)

16. Denver Sheepdog wrote...

You won the hearts and admiration of all this afternoon at the Regionals. No one would have faulted you for throwing in the towel, but the thought never seemed to cross your mind. It's unbelievable that you matched your snatch PR 20x in a WOD, and got all the other work done, in under 20 minutes. You should be so proud of yourself!
I know we haven't heard the last of you...

17. JT wrote...

My daughter is 15, 4'10 and about 75 lbs. Her sport of choice is soccer but she also crossfits with me on occasion. She has been struggling lately with the now usually much bigger girls in soccer. The gleam in her eye watching you at Regionals this afternoon was something else. I tell her size doesn't matter, heart does, and today you provided living proof.

18. Andrea wrote...


You. Were. Incredible. Brought tears to my eyes, really.

19. Christina wrote...

Megan-You were truly an inspiration to me this weekend. At 5'1" and 100 lbs, I am one of the smaller women at my gym. Watching you snatch 95 lbs. was amazing and will certainly inspire me to work harder! Great job this weekend.

20. Burger Dynamitus wrote...


It was hard not to get emotional watching a person of your size and stature get that 95lb. over your head. I must admit that I got a little teary-eyed. It was a very impressive performance that you should be very proud of, and one that I will remember for years to come.

Kudos to you for doing what many other competitors were unable to complete. I am just glad I was there to witness it!

21. Scott G wrote...

I've never been more inspired. If I ever think of giving up on a WOD, I'm going to think of you.

22. Pat-CF Castle Rock wrote...

Your middle name must be Determination! Those last 10 snatches had a made-for-TV ending that brought everyone to their feet. I was an instant fan and really appreciate how hard you worked to finish! Great effort!!!

23. Rochelle Simmer wrote...

When I hosted the sectionals that you competed in, I was drawn to you right away! Then you kicked ass and I will tell you that I am your number 1 fan!!!

I might be repeating everyone else here, but watching you at Regionals was inspirational!!

Apparently, I am not your only fan as the crowd kept you going all the way to the end on the last WOD!!!

I hope to see you again soon Megan

24. Trey wrote...

I was there on Sunday and watched the woman's final with awe, but your performance was special...a truly once-in-a-lifetime effort that I was proud to witness first-hand. Several years from now, the hundreds of people in attendance will probably not be able to recall the names of the four top finishers, but I guarantee they WILL remember you. An astonishing display, and worthy of all of the wonderful accolades people have written in the chain above. "Inspirational" is a word that gets overused far too often, but in this case, it applies. I hope you allow yoursef a couple of well-deserved rest days before hitting it again, and I look forward to seeing you next year!

25. Lori wrote...

Megan ~~~I am so proud of you girl!!

26. Megan John wrote...

I am not sure how many of you that commented will get this message, but I appreciate everyone's support. I did nothing short of what many other competitors did at regionals. To those that put it all out there and didn't beat the clock, wipe your hands clean in the fact that you gave it your all. I was inspired by other athletes that day that were high and low on the score sheet. I don't think I would have pulled out a finish if it was not for my friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers backing me up that day. Their influence slaughtered my doubt, and I am blessed and grateful. CrossFitters all have this complex determined mindset. Everyone pulls for everyone else. I can't explain it, but I loved how it felt to exist among them in Colorado.

Lori, Liz, Kandi, Lisa:Love you gals. Strong women in our family. Karen: I still have to teach step, and I hate it. But firebreathing gives me an outlet. Jes & Nikki: miss you guys. Come back safe and ready for a WOD. Rachel: I will be looking for you, girl. Fight like hell is on your heals! Rochelle: You are awesome and I want to do muscle ups like you someday. Joe: thanks for the talk before I left for CO.

Everyone else: THANK YOU. Don't worry about your competition. Go to war with your obstacles. You might leave with some bruise, you might not leave with a win, but you will leave mentally and physically stronger...We are all stronger than we think. Take care. See you next year.

27. Mama John wrote...

Megan. I love you with every fiber of my being. You are an awsome woman and I'm proud of you. You are true to your values and live your life looking forward. Your leadership, and determination, wrapped in love and caring is a role model for us all.

28. Rochelle Simmer wrote...

Hey, email me your email, or your facebook page. I was trying to friend you, but can't find you!! We gotta keep in touch!

29. Ron Derksen wrote...

Hi Megan,
Met you briefly at the Basic Barbell cert in Omaha (we managed to find a Starbucks and not get lost, haha). I am very happy for your success at the regionals and enjoyed reading your profile. One of the things I remember from the cert was Rip (and the rest of us) watching you when it was your turn to squat and Rip exclaims, "Now that is hip drive!"


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