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Edgar P. at the NLP Invitational

Southwest Regional

Southwest Regional Masters Workout Times

Join us as we kick off the SW Regional

The first two of three workouts for the Masters competitors are going to be held Friday, May 7th at CrossFit Ethos.  Along with check in for the Individual competitors and our vendor fair, CrossFit Ethos has opened their beautiful new facility to shine a spotlight on our most “experienced” competitors.

Registration for the Masters competition will start at 1100 at CF Ethos.

Masters Workout #1 Heats will run from 1pm through 3pm.

Masters Workout #2 Heats will run from 4pm through 6pm.

Saturday morning, Masters Workout #3 will be held at UC Irvine.

Admission at this location is free so join us as we kick off the 2010 SW Regional.  In addition to supporting the Masters athletes, there will be food, entertainment (including a bounce house for the little ones) and a sneak peak at our sponsors' booths.

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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

28 comments on this entry

1. Grant Davis wrote...

Sounds great! I'm a newbie at Crossfit but, have very much enjoyed the workouts in my first 6 weeks. One year away from the big six-oh, I've found that, in addition to being stronger, I'm much more enduring and more important, have slightly better lipid profiles, BP and RHR. already Yes, I was lifting weights..but not nearly as fast as these timed WODs. Looking forward to see what I can do.


2. sean hester wrote...

will you be doing a 2 for 1 price again for the tickets . fifty dollars for one person is a little steep

3. Steve wrote...


You're correct. It will be two wristbands for $50.

The Friday Masters events at CrossFit Ethos are free.

4. King wrote...

When will the workouts be announced?

5. Tim Anderson wrote...

Wow, they might have let us know that we were doing WODs on Friday. Everything I have seen indicated we would be there on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone else caught off guard by this? Maybe I missed something, but last I saw we were registering on Friday. Anyway, no big, just another day off work.

6. mike k wrote...

hey im in the picture with Edgar P!

7. Steve wrote...


Apologies for any inconvenience this has brought. Some of the numerous venue issues in our process have not been under our control. The space limitations of trying to address it in these posts doesn't begin to do it service.

With that said, we are working our asses off to try and make sure that all of the 650 plus athletes who show up get the best judging available to date. If we had the masters completing all their events on Saturday and Sunday we would require about 125 judges working per day. The slop that would create is not acceptable.

Registration and the vendor displays at the CF Ethos facility on Friday will be in a brand new 3,500 square foot facility, separate from (next door to) the awesome 5,200 square foot Ethos gym. The first two masters' heats on Friday will have room for the 55 athletes to have hundreds of spectators, consistent with the ratio of spectators at the Regionals last year for this sized group.

The heats of the third masters workout will begin at UC Irvine on Saturday, running concurrently with the team and individuals' heats.

When we first posted our initial event information and stated:
"Event Details
- Masters events will take place early, possibly before the individual and affiliate team competitions." we were still uncertain of how much earlier we would have to go.

Those are a few among the judging, equipment, venue, med support, volunteer and registration dynamics we're still progressing through. Again, sincere apologies for any miscommunication.

Please email me for any more detailed information.

8. Rick wrote...

Just wanted to say thanks for even considering trying to add a "Masters" competition to an already busy event. I went to last year's games to cheer on our affiliate team and was completely blown away. Now to have a chance to be a small part of that, at my age!! Too excited!!

Again, thanks for all the hard work. It sounds like a pretty challenging task.

9. Steve wrote...


We wish we could make it better for everyone. Thanks.


The masters workouts should be announced within the next week. Get ready!

10. John wrote...

Steve, as per Rick, I'm excited as well to be participating this year! Looking forward to seeing the new facilities.

Is the plan for all participants to move on to WOD #3 on Saturday (or will there be a limited number only moving on)?

11. Steve wrote...


All masters athletes compete in all three events.

There are no cuts for the individuals or teams either.

12. Bill wrote...

Thanks for putting together the masters. I look forward to the event.

13. Terry wrote...

Thanks Steve,
I am glad it was moved to Friday, sounds like it will be a great event, plus that will give us a chance to watch the young guns.

I know its been asked, but any idea when the WODs will be posted? Like this week? next week? Since all the WODs for Masters are the same, the Masters participating in the regionals held in late May get a little more practice time. I don't think that will make a difference, but just saying.

Thanks again.

14. Steve wrote...


A few days ago we were told it would be within a week. They're incredibly busy at HQ so I'd give 'em a little extra room. The week extra lead should be insignificant for the other regionals.

You guys may have your hands full here... in the best region!

15. Steve Esqueda wrote...

Spectator Registration for Master's WOD # 3 on Saturday.

Hi Steve!

We have an athlete competing in the Master's division. Would spectators only coming to see him (his family) still have to pay the full $50.00 for two wristbands? Or will there be a "one-day" spectator option as well? Thanks and see you in May!!!


16. mike k wrote...

Hey Steve ,

do you know when the wods will be released for regionals?

thanks so much for all ur hard work and effort!!

17. Steve wrote...


The only option available now is the $50 for two people for two days. On Sunday only there will be a $25 single admission.

The first two events of the masters piece at our competition are free.

18. Steve wrote...

Mike K,

Three of four workouts will be announced on Wednesday the 5th. The other workout will be announced when you check in on Friday.

19. ruth mcloughlin wrote...

So are there two workouts on Saturday?

20. Steve wrote...


Two on Friday, only one on Saturday. The Saturday morning masters heats start at 0800.

21. Lee wrote...

Hi Steve,

Sorry to be bother, but I have a question re the scoring and final selection for the Masters. Previously it was stated that a point scoring system was to be done and the 15 lowest totals from around the world will be selected to compete in the games this year. If this is the case, it makes it very confusing how the best of the Masters will be truly selected. For instance, if a Master is competing in a region where there are very few Masters, then the person who scores lowest could win their regional and be given a spot in the games over someone who has a heavier lift and faster times in the WOD's? is this the case? Or will CFHQ look at all Masters scores and pick the best 15 from the world? I ask as the initial description is confusing and quite frankly, unfair to those of us who are competing in a larger group.

Does what I'm asking make sense? Thanks for clarifying.

22. lee wrote...


Disregard my last. It is the world competing. Thanks

23. Camille wrote...


Are we going to be allowed to use our own jump ropes for WOD #1?


24. Steve P wrote...

I had a similar question to Camille's. Are ropes being provided and if so, what brand/model/type are they? Also, if we can use our own ropes, can they be any type or are there any criteria they have to meet? Thanks!

25. Steve wrote...

Bring your own rope. No restrictions (other than not motorized or with those little bike handle tassle things...). We will have some basic back up ropes.

26. Steve P wrote...

What, no tassles?#%!

Seriously, thanks for your prompt answer (on a Saturday night no less) and all your help wrt the games and this forum.

27. robby wrote...

due to injury, i have decided to give up my spot in the masters div. i would be happy to sell it to anyone who may have missed the deadline and would like to compete. it's 100.00 which includes an additional spectators admission. anyone interested can contact me at happy competing.

28. Mark wrote...

Robby, so sorry to hear about the injury. Good luck selling the spot. It sucks to train hard, look forward to competing, and then pull out at the last minute. I wish you well and hope you heal fast.

Also, Steve (25) to be clear, if we do have tassles on our Buddy Lee ropes, will we be DQ'd? I may have to do some work in the garage tonight to get them attached!!



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