Southwest Regional

Tune in for a Live Webcast of the Southwest Regional

Catch all the action Saturday - Sunday May 8-9 streamed live from Orange County, CA

The Southwest Regional, which goes down May 8-9th in Irvine, CA, is going to be an epic competition. There were over 550 men competing in the four Sectionals (Northern California, SoCal, San Diego/AZ, and Hawaii) leading into this event, on top of the prequalified athletes from the 09 Games. Now, only the top 64 are set to compete next weekend.

On the women's side, 230 women competed in the four Sectionals, and we have 53 competing next weekend. In the Affiliate Cup competition, 70 teams are competing. Only four men, four women, and eight teams will advance to the Home Depot Center in July.

The Southwest is the hardest place in the world to qualify for the CrossFit Games. If you are anywhere near Orange County, CA on May 8-9, you should come by to witness the battles first hand.

If you aren't, we have great news. We are going to do a live webcast of the entire event starting approximately 8am on Saturday and ending around 4pm on Sunday. We'll have four cameras covering all aspects of the competition, with  announcers Marty Cej from BNN in Toronto, Justin Judkins from CrossFit Radio, and Miranda Oldroyd from CrossFit 801. Jason Khalipa will also make an appearance as guest announcer from time to time.

The webcast will be shown here on the Games site for free. More details coming soon!

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23 comments on this entry

1. mike wrote...

After competing in one of these sectionals and watching another. I'm surprised only 4 men/woman are allowed to advance. Southwest Region is by far the deepest pool of talent around.

2. Deuce wrote...

Its called "shooting from the hip." This has never been done before by this group of organizers. They seem to be "making it up as they go." No criticism intended the sport of fitness is going faster then anyone expected, and it is probably really difficult to wrangle in...... Hopefully, the organizers (HQ) will learn from any mistakes, make adjustments, and put on a killer event. To the point that only 4 men and women qualify from the Southwest, well here is my opinion (if you care)

The programming should be the same at each Regional event. Then the best 75 around the world will advance to the Games. This could be all from one region or a good mix from all over. Until there is uniformity in the programming at the regional level then you will not have the top 75 athletes in world!!!

3. Don wrote...

I have to respectfully disagree with the desire for uniformity in programming. I believe it is the very fact that there is such diversity in the programming for the Sectionals / Regionals that we end up with the fittest humans on the planet at the Games.

4. Robs wrote...

Only 3 from Europe kan qualify to the games, last year Europe had 1st place(Mikko) 7th(Blair Morrison, qualifying from UK) and 16th Place (Thorstein from Iceland),

Even with Mikko Prequalified that means you have to be one hell of an athlete to advance to the games from Europe. I think the picture is the same at all the regions so I neither agree or disagree with you.

I'm sure if the 4 athletes gualifying from the southwest Region all ends in the top 10 in the 2010 games, they will adjust the number up for the 2011 games.

5. Tony Budding wrote...

In Europe, you had 149 male athletes competing in their four sectionals, plus two pre-qualified athletes seeking 3 spots. In the Southwest, you had over 550 male athletes competing in their sectionals plus the prequalified athletes (don't have the exact count) seeking 4 spots. The difference is even more dramatic for women.

6. Dean wrote...

Its incredible to have regional participation at the Norcal level. And certainly 550 to 4 is a tough ratio, that should in theory spawn the top athletes. That should have held true last year as well. But last year Norcal had 1 qualifier in top 16 vs Canada w 3 or Europe w 2. The point is competition is not linear. The best example are the 5 last minute online qualifiers who failed in sectionals qualifying, and 2 placed in top 6 overall. Clearly "theory explains reality, but reality destroys theory". If you have been watching and reading about the Games, its anything, anytime anywhere, I think that goes double for this years games, anyone from anywhere can win, because at that point, it comes from inside.

7. Herm wrote...

Patty and I excited to be judging this event! Regardless of the outcome, all of the athletes set to compete are great examples to aspire our fitness to.

8. Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit wrote...

The NorCal Region last year also had some of it's top athletes pre-qualified due to prior competitions. . . this year a good number have to go to Regionals thinning the field even more.

I know that it logistically it would be hard, but a top % of the competitors would be nice (top 10% or top 15% for example).

Either way it will be an amazing Regional Event! (leading to an even more amazing Games)!

Can't wait.


9. DAN LAU wrote...

where in irvine will this take place? any info would be great thx!

10. Wayne Willette wrote...

Jeremy makes a good point. Top % would give the chance to squeeze more talent out of the rich areas. It's a good way to fix the imbalance where you have one sectional with 80 competitors and 20 advance, but others with 200 and still just 20 advance. I'm sure as the sport keeps evolving this will be something that HQ will be forced to address. At any rate, the Regionals are going to be one hell of a battle and I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

11. Steve wrote...


UC Irvine. More info with map links can be found on the S/W Regional's page.

12. Chris wrote...

This is awesome!

I have to comment on the % idea. In my opinion that is just a bad idea. The number of competitors will overall be weakly correlated to the number of "elite competitors". Take Europe for instance, there were relative few competitors in the Sectionals - why? Most people had to travel far, between different countries to get there. In other words, very few that didn't think they had a chance would go. Compared this to the Sectionals here in California where a lot of people just had to drive their car the morning of the competition. That really lowers the cost/ effort to compete. So if 200 people compete, maybe 50 have a serious goal of being in to 20, the rest does it for fun or for the experience.

13. James CFAddiction wrote...

There is no perfect system. If the programming were uniform around the world and the top 75 scores were selected, there would be an unfair advantage from those in cooler climates.

Until CrossFit HQ evolves into a year-long point accumulation system like NASCAR, there will always be discrepancies.

Tony, have you thought about a NASCAR-like points system for future seasons?

14. Wayne Willette wrote...


That doesn't make sense. Look at some of the sectionals. They included 3-4 states just for sectionals, i.e. Ohio included KY, MI and IN. The event was held in Ohio, but all those athletes in that event came from one of those four states. CA had 3 different sectionals due to the amount of competitors. Keep also in mind that CrossFit originated in CA, so naturally there is going to be a denser population of elite athletes, not to mention there are over 200 affiliates in CA. You can't argue with those numbers. % make sense.

15. Robs wrote...


I used Europe as an example.

I don't disagree on the way the spots for the games 2010 has been distributed.

16. five finger kso wrote...

It can get pretty hot on the treadmill though, and be careful of the friction.

17. five finger kso wrote...

I used Europe as an example.

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