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Help prepare our athletes for the Games by insuring the highest standards of performance.

Southwest Regional

Qualified Judges Requested for the Southwest Regional

Calling All Level 1 or 2 Certified Trainers

The following note comes from Steve Serrano on the Southwest Regional.

"We're fired up as we enter the fourth season of the CrossFit Games. We’ve seen our local communities partly defined by the Sectional and Regional competitions in the past and the planning and cooperation that go into each event speaks volumes about the local and larger CrossFit family. It's clear that we have the ability to shape our region as we develop the processes for holding these events.

We hope to continue to improve as athletes, trainers, coaches and organizers. We want to place the focus in our event on the performance of the judges. We want the athletes selected for the Games in July to be confident that the standards set and maintained by our judges helped prepare them for the challenges ahead.

Jeff Martin and his core group of volunteers from past events will be providing top quality judging for this year's Southwest Regional Qualifier. Completing the judging corps will require a good number of experienced CrossFit trainers.

If you are a Level 1 or 2 certified trainer and would like to participate as a volunteer judge, click here to register.  The link will take you to the Southwest Regional registration page.  Be sure to select "judge" in the choice of your desired work area.  Note: Since we're getting within weeks of the event, please mail Steve and we'll make sure you get on the judges email list.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting Southwest Regional and the larger CrossFit effort."


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The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

The CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open

11 comments on this entry

1. Wayne Willette wrote...

I may be interested, if you need help, but I want to be able to spectate, too. Is this an entire weekend committment? Let me know if I can do a half day or something along those lines.

2. Steve wrote...

Sent you an email Wayne.

Thanks again.

3. Ruben wrote...

Why was this scheduled on Mother's Day weekend? Perhaps that might lead to a shortgage.... :/

4. Steve wrote...

Ruben, bring her, I'll get her some flowers, it's the perfect gift!

5. StevieV wrote...

I highly recommend TRAINING the judges for 2-3 sessions on "movement standards" prior to allowing them to judge. Got to see some pretty bad judging at the so-cal sectionals and that could have been corrected with some movement standard training. I know that an evening of judge training takes place but it doesn't seem to be enough. I know it is a big investment of time but well worth it for the athletes who have been training for months on end for these events.

maybe the judges need to be judged for a round of the event that they are going to judge. Gives them a behind the scene perspective. Just sayin'

6. Steve wrote...

Thanks for the input StevieV. We're working a version of that involving the standards, videos, plus demos and actual work at the venue.

7. Ruben Rojas wrote...

@Steve great answer!!! ;) See ya at regionals!

8. Robert Bumgarner wrote...

Hey Steve,

I already registered to be a volunteer judge for the South West Regionals. Just following up since competition is getting closer. i am still wanting to help out!!

-Robert Bumgarner

9. Steve wrote...

Thanks Robert. Got the email.

We are extremely close to our goal but we could use a few more judges. We' want to be able to give as many break periods as possible.

10. Herm wrote...

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS! Patty and I will see you all there :)

11. Roger Harrell wrote...

The mother's day weekend really made this tough. About 6 of our top athletes couldn't compete with us in the affiliate cup due to family obligations. Ah well, it is what it is. We'll see you next weekend.


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