2010 CrossFit Games Finals

Congratulations Athletes!

Enormous worldwide turnout has grown the sport of fitness

A huge congratulations to all of the athletes who competed in worldwide sectional competition in the past weeks! For some, the Sectionals were the first go at a CrossFit competition of any kind. For others, they were the opportunity to demonstrate that a new class of athletes are here to make their mark on the sport of fitness.

Here are some statistics from the first round of qualifying events:

* 4,507 athletes participated in 32 sectional qualifiers across the globe from Los Angeles to Sydney. This broke down into 3,151 men and 1,356 women.
* Of these, 3,365 were in the United States (765 in California alone).
* Canada had 466 athletes, while there were 370 in Australia/NZ, and 187 in Europe.
* Just over 1,200 of these athletes qualified to compete in the Regionals, where they will take on the majority of the 150 2009 Games competitors (who will compete in their home Regions).
* Only 90 individual athletes (45 men and 45 women) will make it through Regionals and compete against the top five athletes from the 09 Games for the title of World's Fittest Man and Woman in July.

We're proud not just of the amazing athletic performances, but also of the spirit of competition and camaraderie that are essential to CrossFit. Congrats on all the PRs and on all the victories both internal and external!

The Regionals begin on April 30th. The top athletes from each Sectional will take on the prequalified athletes from the 09 Games. The stakes are higher, the events will be tougher, and the margins for error will be smaller. From thousands of athletes, we'll now move toward the dozens who will arrive on the ultimate stage for determining the World's Fittest.

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27 comments on this entry

1. john fitzsimons wrote...

simply amazing...

2. Shanna Duvall wrote...

Compare those stats to the number of athletes and spectators at the original CF Games! Incredible!

3. Jim wrote...

Where is the location for the 2010 Games?

4. Rob Silver wrote...

4507 to 100... there is going to be some SERIOUS talent at the 2010 games

5. Leo S wrote...

Congratulations to all who qualified! Excellent work!

6. The Champ wrote...

Wondering out loud:

The CrossFit Games determines the World's Fittest Athlete. An athlete by definition is a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill. The Games test all of the above except physical skills as applied to a game or sport. In other words, it shouldn't be out of the question to include throwing a football, hitting a baseball, grappling, a 3-point contest, etc...Shouldn't the World's Fittest Athlete be tested in a sport or game outside of CrossFit?

Think about it.

7. Tommy Hackenbruck wrote...


I'm sure there are many definitions of an athlete and I think you are narrowing it down a little too much. In a world where NASCAR and competitive eating are considered sports I do not see how Crossfit is any less sporting or the participants are any less of athletes. As far as skill, Sprinters are considered some of the worlds top athletes. Exactly what specific skill does it take to be the fastest man/woman on earth? I believe you are trying to define "sport" more along the lines of a "game" where skill plays a major factor.

8. Reed MacKenzie wrote...

The Champ,

Would you consider proficient rowing a skill? Or perhaps a 245 lbs Snatch? Or even driving a stake into the ground efficiently. All of these require accuracy, co-ordination agility, balance, strength, stamina and skill. Two of them are olympic events. I'd say "sport" is covered.

Even throwing a 20 lb ball at a 10 foot target is closely related to the football toss you mentioned and also requires more balanced overall fitness to do so, especially when combined with a squat first.

9. Chris Schaalo wrote...

The Champ,

Reed and Tommy are on the ball. You are using one definition of the term 'athlete', and I think we test our athletes in more domains than any other competition out there does, there's more to accuracy than throwing a football at a target (which doesn't even distinguish the best QB anyways) and I think we do a pretty good job of incorporating such variables into our competitions.

Like Reed said, I think where you're really wrong is that we test A LOT of physical skills as applied to a sport or game instead of just one. If you want to live by your definition of 'athlete' then you wouldn't consider a marathoner, olympic rower, olympic weightlifter, sprinter, jumper, or swimmer an athlete simply because they don't "throw a football, hit a baseball, grapple, a 3-point contest, etc..."

10. The Champ wrote...


I can't be wrong. I posed a question, I did not make a statement.

The definition of "athlete" is pulled directly from Websters.

If rowing, running, weightlifting, gymnastics, etc... are all sports or skills involved in a sport then it seems that having the athletes hit the highest mph serve with a tennis racket, throw the highest mph pitch for a strike or kick the longest field goal would all fall in the realm of a valid CrossFit event. Would they not?

Aren't we supposed to be prepared for anything?

11. Leo S wrote...

Champ -

Why don't they play chess during a football game? Why don't they shoot arrows during a swimming meet? Why not throw a 3 pointer while doing a ring routine?

CrossFit Games determines the world's FITTEST athlete, not the world's BEST athlete. It's not trying to combine all sports into one.

12. The Champ wrote...

CrossFit events test all or one of the following: strength, speed, endurance and let's add coordination. Isn't throwing a football the farthest a test of strength? You have to be explosive and use your entire body.

Once again, prove to me why this couldn't be a valid CrossFit event.

I would love to see something like this thrown at the athletes. Makes as much sense or even more sense than driving a stake into the ground.

13. Greg wrote...

Hi, Champ.

My understanding is that YES, those would be valid CrossFit events, in that they could certainly come "out of the hopper" and the athlete who does the best ON AVERAGE given a series of such events would be considered the fittest. But such events, while valid, are unlikely to be used because getting a smooth/reliable enough average for all the athletes would take too long to be a practical competition. SO, the tests of coordination and power and so on that the CrossFit competitions use are a little more general, less specific, less prone to be a product of a quirky background -- and therefore more effective in quickly and reliably identifying the fittest.

14. Joe M wrote...

Hypothetically, yes it could, but it would be a very poor choice. Much like max energy on 1 pull on a C2 Rower. Valid physical test? I suppose, but that would be an awful event to put on.

What energy pathways does a longest football throw tax? 1 rep max explosive power if you're stretching it? Sorry i'd rather watch the snatch event any day.

15. The Champ wrote...

I'd like to see if these guys and girls are fit and athletic.

After seeing the top finishers at some of the sectionals, I began to wonder if these top CrossFitters were athletic. Could they excel at all sports. They are beasts, but I think it would be very entertaining to see them apply their strengths to specific sports.

16. joe wrote...

Champ did you compete in the sectionals ?

17. Brett wrote...


You defined athlete. The CrossFit Games are a means to find the fittest athletes in the world, emphasis on fittest.

Define "fittest athlete" and then you have an actual argument.

CrossFit training is a supplement to sport-specific training for athletes involved in sport. Unless, of course, that athlete's sport is fitness.

18. The Champ wrote...


Yes, the last two years.


Websters defined athlete.

19. Joe M wrote...

It's the sport of fitness not the sport of athletes

20. The Champ wrote...

Joe M:

I'm not sure what energy pathways these things tax, but they must tax something or pitchers, quarterbacks, etc...would never lose distance, velocity, accuracy, etc...


I think you hit the nail on the head, "CrossFit training is a supplement to sport-specific training for athletes involved in sport."


Based upon your statement, CrossFit consists of different sports and skills. We know CrossFit says to be prepared for anything. So any sport should be fair game, right? Especially since the tests I have mentioned all require, co-ordination, agility, balance, strength, stamina and skill.

21. Reed MacKenzie wrote...

The Champ,

You are right. These would be valid tests of fitness for all of the reasons that you mentioned. I think a 3 point competition , a football toss, a wrestling match would be valid tests. That being said, I don't think CrossFit missed the mark by testing Snatch (heaviest and light for volume), running (short and long distance), rowing, driving a stake, sandbag carry, box jumps, wall balls, muscle ups, double unders, squat cleans, push press, pull-ups. You get my point.

A lot was tested. Fitness and athleticism. I was impressed with that competition and I would be equally impressed if some of the events that you questioned whether or not they should be included were added. YOu may see something along those lines in the future. Who would have thought that a stake drive would be in there. Javelin would be good too, a lot like football toss. We could go on and on.

So I guess to answer your question: these are some of the fittest men and women on the planet and ALSO some of the best athletes.

There is nothing un-athletic about what they accomplished in my humble opinion but I like your "outside the box" thought process.

22. Anna wrote...

Funny that "The Champ" doesn't even use his real name. This guy makes stupid comments on many box sites. Ignore him. He wants attention.

23. joey maggio- real name wrote...

Everybody calm the eff down. One of the worst things crossfitters can do to crossfit is immediately dismiss someones questions of fitness. These questions, no matter how much sense they make to u, are what keep this ever evolving sport progressing. Just because this guy is questioning something does not mean he is an idiot or that he is questioning the validity of the sport. Most of your responses were pretty dead on as far as why throwing a football wouldnt be a practical test but dont think for a minute coach isnt gonna throw something out there that people aint gonna like. I bet if Coach did for some reason throw that in the mix folks would immediatley decide it was a genius idea! We have to keep an open mind as hard as it is. If someone suggested driving a stake in the ground before last years games I promise that folks wouldve laughed. But its our weaknesses that define us. Lets keep these discussions civil. Were all on the same team. Rock on yall- its gonna be a helluva season.

24. joey maggio- real name wrote...

Also wanted to say that it doesnt matter one single bit if someone participated in sectionals or not. There opinion in crossfit matters just as much as one of our 'superstars'.

25. The Champ wrote...


I love you too. You want me. You can't have me. (But send me a picture anyway.)

Joey Maggio:

You get it. Isn't amazing that I can ask a harmless question and, some, not all, CrossFitters act as if I punched their mom in the face. If I had not asked this question and one of the events this year was "2 Minutes of max distance football tosses". The reactions would have been as follows:

Anna: "Coach has done it again! The man is brilliant. Way to think out of the box!"

Bob: " F-ing sweet. This is going to be f-ing awesome. Be prepared for f-ing anything people."

Mitch: "Speal is going to kill this!"

26. The Champ wrote...

...and no way am I using my real name, too many crazy people out there. Here is all you need to know about the Champ:


Finished in the top half of 2010 Sectional and 2009 Regional.

Would finish first in Sectional/Regional if there was a 40 and older division. Guaranteed.

Knows age does matter. Not only physically, but it's easier to be 25, single, employed/unemployed and CrossFit than 40, married, two kids, self-employed and CrossFit.

Doesn't follow the main board because it doesn't prepare you properly for the games and the programming took a turn for the worse.

Strength: Pulling movements
Weakness: Pushing movements

Love: Pullups, Espresso and Anna, not necessarily in that order.
Hate: Snatch (Oly Snatch that is)

Dead 435
C&J 225
50 Pullups
Grace 3:24
Fran 3:15
Cindy 25 rounds
5k 21:30

gotta go!

27. Laura Rucker wrote...

Well, I don't play football but damned if I didn't hit a bulls-eye football toss that almost every guy in line at a Miramar airshow game booth missed and ring the bell on one of those test your strength hammer swings at a little street fair. So a random skill test might be interesting to see in a CF competition. Throw something far, hit something hard, jump real high, swim a sprint. It's not beyond the realm of CrossFit to add a "be good at stuff you don't practice regularly" component, since Coach says to learn and play new sports regularly.


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