Patrick Burke at the 09 Games

North Central Regional

Athletes to Watch - North Central Regional

Key players for this weekend's event.

The competition this weekend at the North Central Regional is going to be fierce! Fourteen veteran Games athletes bring years of experience from Aromas to the North Central Regional, and a gang of aggressive up-and-comers are hungry for a chance at CrossFit Games glory. "Run fast and lift heavy weights" is the classic tradition of CrossFit competition. On Saturday, athletes will face a max effort lift, a long run with obstacles, and a classic CrossFit triplet. The bottom line is to separate from the pack, you will need to be a well rounded and conditioned athlete. Sunday remains unknown until the close of the first day. How these athletes handle the unexpected will affect their position in the end.

Male Athletes to Watch

Matt Chan CrossFit Verve - This is Chan's third Games season (8th in the 2008 CrossFit Games, 18th in 2009). He brings lots of competition experience to the table. Matt delivered a highly balanced performance in the Mountain Regional last year, taking first place by moving weight fast. At the Ranch in Aromas he proved he could lift with the big boys, marching through all but 2 of the bars in the deadlift event. Expect to see Chan's name at or close to the biggest number in the clean and jerk event.

Patrick Burke MBS CrossFit - Burke made it into the sweet 16 at Aromas last year, a success in itself. He won last year's triplet event at the Games, demonstrating his ability to compete at the highest level. If he can pull a good lift and hit his stride on the run, the current triplet could give him a leg up.

Sean Tallman MBS CrossFit - Also out of MBS CrossFit, Tallman competed last year. He has done extremely well in local competitions. After an impressive showing at the Rocky Mountain Sectional, where he took first overall, he is expected to do big things in the individual competition. Rumor has it that Tallman can fly, so expect to see him setting the pace on the run.

Ricky Frausto CrossFit Omaha - "Omaha Ricky" has been well known since he entered the final event seconds behind Chris Spealler at the 2008 CrossFit Games. Eventually finishing 6th overall, Frausto has remained well respected as a competitor. Last year he secured second place at the Rocky Mountain Regional event, in a photo finish on the last event with Matt Chan. Frausto likes to go heavy despite his size. He's not fond of the Concept2 rowing machine, but expect to see Ricky with the leaders at the end of day one. 

Kyle Kasperbauer CrossFit Omaha - Kyle is an ox and likes to throw around heavy weight. He will need to keep up on the run to stay with the pack for day 2. After just failing to complete of the couplet in Aromas by fractions of a second, Kyle will return to competition hungry and motivated.

Kevin Montoya The Flex Gym - Montoya entered the Mountain Sectionals as a dark horse competitor this year and made a big impression. He took second overall and expressed a good balance of competencies. If he enters the second day with a view of the front, he'll most likely cross his fingers for gymnastics and body weight only movements where he does his best. That's not to say that the his numbers are unimpressive, at a body weight of 175 his total is close to 1,000 pounds.

Pete Rasmusen CrossFit Fire - If the first place winner from the Midwest Sectional event has any chinks in his armor, they haven't become apparent yet. He performed consistently well across the board in the wide variety of taskes required at St. Charles. He hasn't had to run yet in any CrossFit competition, but he can go the distance overhead.

Justin VanBeek - Took second place at the Midwestern sectional and maintains an even demeanor towards his path to the Games. VanBeek is treating this as an experience on his road to the Games next year, but there's no doubt that he could secure a spot in the top 4 if he shows up to play.

Female Athletes to Watch

Nicole Gibson CrossFit Roots - Although she's not a heavyweight, she has the ability to move a good amount of weight overhead.  She also has the ability to run… fast! Will the combination of the overhead weight and the run keep her competitive for the triplet? We’ll just have to wait and see. We can also expect her do very well if Sunday’s individual event involves some gymnastics movements. She’s well rounded and has staying power to go the distance.

Jasmine Dever and Kristen Olson Front Range CrossFit - The two females from Front Range CrossFit decided to forego the individual competition after securing first and second overall in the Rocky Mountain Regionals least year. Instead they joined their team in the Affiliate Cup at the 2009 CrossFit games, and endup finishing 10th overall. It will be exciting to see these two compete again as individuals. They can both move weight - fast. They will need to stay on pace during the run and hang with the triplet. 

Kim Haggar CrossFit 5280 - With a second place finish at the Mountain Sectionals this year, Kim proved she is a well rounded athlete. She is competent in the lifts but also hold her own when it comes to the longer metcons. Kim will be one to watch on the triplet.

Katarzyna Slowinski CrossFit Roselle - Katarzyna smoked the overhead event at the Midwest Sectional event. The Air Force WOD was a well balanced test, but we've not seen Katarzyna go long yet.  Expect big things on the lifting portion and expect her to blast through the rowing in event 3.

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Matt Chan at the 09 Games Jasmine at the 09 Rocky Mt Regionals Ricky Frausto at the 08 Games

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Matt Chan - 2009 Crossfit Games Deadlift Event

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Patrick Burke - 2009 Crossfit Games Triplet

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1. Jamie@CFA wrote...

Keep an eye out for Rob Gerdes.. He was very unhappy with his first games performance and will be back with a vengeance ... Good Luck Rob .. you may not be a CFA athlete any more but you will always be part of the CFA family

2. Damon - Wasatch wrote...

Damn that's a stacked region. War John & Kelly Brown! Good luck to all.

3. heidi wrote...

If you want to follow the Regionals tweet-style, go to @frontrangecf and please comment if you'd like to share anything. can't wait for the games!

4. Lifetime wrote...

Alex Nettey - 3rd Place in Midwest Sectional. Watch out...

5. Terrance Gant wrote...

Dont forget about Rob Gerdes..... He has a chip on his shoulder this year and no military obligations holding him back.... Go Big Rob.....

6. North Central Regional Games wrote...

Join the conversation! Follow the North Central Regional Games on Twitter @frontrangecf use #ncxfitgames

7. Justin Raddatz wrote...

I'm taking bets on Matt Hathcock right now. Look for him to kill it this weekend at Regionals.

8. NIck Patrick wrote...

Omaha Ricky and Kasperbaur are primed and ready to rock! Watch out for these two

9. Jen H wrote...

Watch out for Kelly Allen from ML CrossFit. She can lift a massive amount of weight over her head!

10. louis vuitton neverfull mm wrote...

Omaha Ricky and Kasperbaur are primed and ready to rock! Watch out for these two


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