Canada Regional

Athlete Profile: Louise Hodge - Canada Regional

2nd at the Canada East Sectional.

Louise Hodge spent a number of years training in gymnastics and track and field before finding her real passion, snowboarding. After a short stint as a professional snowboarder, she was introduced to CrossFit by her boyfriend, the rest is history.

Name: Louise Hodge
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 123lbs
Affiliate: Crossfit Montreal
Sectional Result: 2nd Place
Regional: Canada
Fran: 3:48
Cindy: 24 Rounds
Clean & Jerk: 125lbs
Snatch: 90lbs
Deadlift: 230lbs
Back Squat: 185lbs
Pull-ups: 40

What is your athletic background?
I’ve participated in sports at a high level since I was 7. I was a Provincial level gymnast for 7 years and then ran track at a Provincial level from age 15-19 years. I credit my track coach, Marcello Campinaro with much of my athletic ability that I have today. Gymnastics was a great base sport but training with Mr. Campinaro for track helped mold who I am as an athlete. He worked tirelessly on perfecting my running stride, strength training and my mental focus. He also helped me find my race, which turned out to be the 400m run, my fastest time was 59 sec. Mr. Campinaro has produced countless National level and Provincial level athletes because he gives his heart and soul into what he does. I was also very lucky that he was an exceptional strength and conditioning coach. I worked out very hard in the weight room with him and he gave me the foundation that has aided me in my CrossFit training. I did not go near a gym for at least 12 years after I left high school and track.

What is your history with CrossFit?
I moved to Montreal when I was 28 after I met my boyfriend, Roch. We were both living in BC and decided that Montreal would be a good place for us to start out together. Roch found out about CrossFit on the Internet. I remember him telling me, "I have to do this, I want to train people to do this." So, Roch went and got his Level One certification done and started coaching at Crossfit Montreal. He tried to convince me for over a year to try it but I was a snob and thought I was already in great shape. I finally gave in and after my first training I almost threw up. I had a difficult time adjusting to the fact that I really sucked at some of the movements and had lost a lot of my strength form my track days. It was also different to be trained by a loved one. Roch and I have had a few good disagreements and I have been pretty frustrated but I have learned to listen, most of the time. Roch qualified for the Games last year in Aromas. It was an inspiration to go there to watch him and all of the amazing athletes pouring their hearts into the workouts and remaining humble while doing it. It also put a lot into perspective for me as I realized that I had a lot of work to do if I ever wanted to reach the level that they perform at. Being in Aromas also made me understand that CrossFit is far more than just a competition, it is an outstanding community that is actively involved in changing many unfortunate aspects of our society. I am very proud to be involved in this movement and I plan to keep getting STRONGER, FITTER and FASTER.

What is unique and/or interesting about you as an individual or athlete?
I left home at 19 and moved to BC to pursue my dream of snowboarding every single day. In a few short years out in BC I  became a sponsored snowboarder, living and breathing for the mountains. I competed in a few professional races and events but mostly focused on big mountain riding which was my passion.


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20 comments on this entry

1. Roch wrote...

Ya Louise!

You deserve that picture there!!

Your contagious positivity and intensity benefit the entire community!

Your drive and integrity inspire the athletes you train with to push themselves to the next level.

I love you and I'm happy to have you by my side.


2. Jonathan wrote...

WOOT WOOT....Crossfit Montreal represent....awesome profile...your going to kill it Louise...:)

Keep up the awesome work and get ready to hit it like a firecracker!

3. Louise wrote...

The snowboarding pics of me were taken by Scott Jeffery, he is from Nelson, BC and is an amazing photographer,father, athlete. Thanks to Scott.

4. Jenn wrote...

Congratulations, Louise! To me, you are a real, live superhero!

5. A Maloney wrote...

WAY TO GO LOUISE! You're doin' it girl!!!!

Keep at it, an all your hard work will pay off!! It's amazing to see how far you've come in so little time (in the grand scheme of things). You definitely are a great inspiration!!

Keep it up sis!


PS - Glad that handstand picture finally got up!!!!!! LOL

6. Lisa wrote...

Nice Work, can't wait to meet you and Roch and Mizar. Looking forward to an amazing weekend at Nationals.

Great pictures!!

7. Pierre-Paul Seguin wrote...

Way to go Louise! You're such a blast to train with and to have around. Keep pushing hard! We love ya! Where's the cheerleading pic?!?!

Pete and Ang

8. Mike - CrossFit PEI wrote...

Awesome profile Louise! Amazing snowboard pics too. You were rock solid at sectionals and will do great at regionals.

9. Anthony Bainbridge wrote...

Good luck Louise! We can't wait to see you kick ass at regionals!

10. Jacques Ambroise wrote...

Awesome Lu,
you'll do great at the regionals!

11. Tracy Allen wrote...

Canada East will be well represented with Louise!!

12. Cécile wrote...

Go Loulou go!!

I love having you as a training buddy because you're such an inspiration and always so supportive and encouraging! But most of all I love having you as a friend- sniff sniff.

Best of luck, not that you'll need it, enjoy every second!

13. Jason wrote...

Awesome article Louise.......
I had no idea you were such an accomplished snowboarder!!!.....looking forward to seeing you guys in Calgary and next time you are back "home" in Burlington make sure to stop by for a workout..

14. Ang wrote...


Haha if I get so pumped just watching you beat your DU record imagine how excited I am going to be to cheer you on at regionals!!

You totally deserve this and MORE! I wouldn't be where I am without you as my training buddy. As many have said, you are such an inspiration and you JUST MAKE THE WHOLE PROCESS FUN!

Keep it up babe, your positivity is contagious and you are going to excel in this as you do in everything!

Love ya,

15. theoneandonly:FRED wrote...

goooooooooooooooooo loulou!!!!!

16. Amanda wrote...

Way to go Louise can't wait to see you rock it in Calgary!!

17. Marcello Campanaro wrote...

Hi Louise,

I wish you all the best as always. As I always say its the athlete that makes the coach. It was too easy with you here. There was Nothing you couldn't overcome or handle. Toughest kid I ever coached with a whole lotta BA(the good kind) and a whole lotta love for what you were doing.


18. Ruth wrote...

Nice work Louise! I'll be cheering for you in Calgary! It was great having you at crossfit connection in Burlington. When you are in town drop in again for a workout!

19. Matthieu wrote...

Go Louise Go.
It's your year!

20. Math Dumontet wrote...

Way to go Louise! You kick ass!


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