Virginia (inc. DC, WV) Sectional

WV, VA & DC Sectional Wrap-up

Maggie Dabe's report from the east coast.

Maggie Dabe of Crossfit Fairfax checks in with the following report on the WV, VA & DC Sectional.

"The WV, VA & DC Sectional was a huge success. Close to 400 spectators, 250 competitors and 70 judges and volunteers gathered at the Richard Ernst Cultural Center in Annandale, VA for 2 action-packed days of CrossFit competition. The standings were changing after each event all across the board except the 1st place spot in the Men's division. John Steger jumped out to the lead after the 1st event and never looked back. Remember that name!

The event took place without any glitches thanks to the hard work the volunteers and judges. They were the foundation that supported the event. Speaking of support, a special thanks also goes to all the sponsors. To Sorinex equipment, for supplying the BaseFit system that allowed us to do Cindy, the Kickboxes and tons of bumper plates and all the barbells, as well as prizes for the top 3 athletes. To Again Faster equipment for getting us the weight vests. To Steve's Club for providing us with Paleo Kits to sell to raise money for their Non-profit organization. To Lululemon Athletica, Don Churro Cafe, Leading Systems Technologies, Elite Performance Chiropractic, The Art of Massage. All the sponsors stepped up and made the event a huge success.

Next stop… Logan, Ohio!"

Top 5 Men
1. John Steger
2. Ken Gall
3. Jason Hoggan
4. Caig Furneisen
5. Michael Giardina

Top 5 Women
1. Gretchen Kittelberger
2. Meghan McNally
3. Becky Conzelman
4. Jennifer Navarro
5. Katie Wasalaski

For a full list of results, go here.

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23 comments on this entry

1. Richard Vanmeerbeek wrote...

Congrats Erin, you're the bomb!!!

2. Craig wrote...

Does anyone know the brand of bar that was used during the c + j event and the overhead squat event?

3. Harold Doran wrote...

Great weekend and damn I’m sore as hell! For anyone interested, I took a moment to examine some patterns in the data from our sectional this weekend.

As a disclaimer, this is not intended to support or critique the WODs for this weekend in any way. It is only an analysis of what appear to be the case in the data we have. It’s what I do for a living and because I have such an investment in Crossfit I enjoy doing this for situations like this. In other words, this is only for fun and maybe spark some thoughtful reactions. But, it is not intended to claim that anything is good/bad, fair/unfair about what we did this weekend.

First, for women, the median number of rounds for each WOD is:
Cindy = 11 rounds plus 4 reps
CJ = 8 reps
OHS = 79 reps (3 rounds plus 19 extra)
SDHP = 7 rounds

And the medians for the men:

Cindy = 14 rounds plus 2 reps
CJ = 9 reps
OHS = 74 reps (3 rounds plus 14 extra)
SDHP = 7 rounds plus 3 extra

Now there are some interesting patterns in the way the individual WODs affect the final scoring. These patterns in the data are true for both men and women, but there is a stronger pattern for women than for men.

First, the biggest predictors of the athlete with the best overall rank are both the CJ WOD and the OHS WOD. For the women, these two WODs are HUGELY correlated with overall rank. For anyone who cares, the correlation between the CJ and OHS WODs for women are .82 and .83, respectively.

For the men, the correlation is also very, very large, but not as large as it is for the women. For both men and women, Cindy was the smallest predictor of overall rank and the SDHP WOD was always in the third place. What’s interesting for the women is that 25% of the women in the top 20 had Cindy scores below the 50th percentile compared to all athletes.

So, what does this mean? In general, men and women who performed best on the CJ and OHS WOD had the highest scores overall. For the women, these correlations are so high that scores on Cindy and SDHP almost don’t matter in the final scoring.

In fact, I rescored women (and men) using only the CJ and OHS WODs. When you do this for the women, you get the same top 20 women. So, this means you can basically toss the scores from those other two WODs out and you get the same top 20 women.

For the men, if you rescore using only the OHS and CJ WOD you get 15 of the same 20 men scoring in the top 20.

For the women, we can even go one step further. It appears that the CJ WOD alone can predict total overall success. If you score women on this WOD alone, and toss out the scores from the other three WODs, you get 19 of the same top 20 women as the highest scorers.

4. Harold Doran wrote...


For the men, there is no single WOD that has such a strong prediction as does the women. If you use OHS only to score men, for example, you only get 13 of the same top 20. But, if you use OHS and CJ combined and toss out the other two, you get 15 of the same top 20. There are five guys who just blasted Cindy and the SDHP WOD with good enough scores on the other two WODs to maintain ranking within the top 20.

Now, it is also possible to see what would have happened if they had used a different scoring method altogether. Instead of assigning points per rep, what if they used a straight ranking system like the games used last year.

So, for example, top person in each WOD gets 1 point, second person gets 2 points, etc. Then, add those together to create a total score. I rescored each athlete using normal sports rankings methods like last year’s games and came up with a new total ranking.

Well, this doesn't matter too much it turns out. If you were to do this for the men, you get 18 of the same top 20. For the women, if you do this you get 19 of the same top 20. But again, you can toss out Cindy and SDHP using this scoring method and get the same results.

5. Josh Courage wrote...

Great work this past weekend everyone! The event was as close to perfect as one could be and I feel honored to have been able to compete with such a great collection of athletes.

I put up a post (another one will follow today) on my site for those of you interested. Looking forward to seeing this awesome area represent at Regionals!


6. Ken Gall wrote...

Jeff and Maggie - awesome job, great event!

Thanks to all the judges and volunteers, the event ran perfectly.

Congrats to all the athletes, and thank you for letting Mike and I crash your event. You all made us feel very welcome, and the intensity at the event was really impressive.

John - congrats. You were the man last weekend, you earned it.

Jason - Good thing I got those 5 pullups and 6 pushups or I would have been in third! Awesome work...

Craig - You are a beast. Impressive work on the C+J and OHS workouts..

And I can't move my arms and legs right now...

7. J Hoggan wrote...

Jeff and Maggie - thanks again for putting together a great event. The programming, organization, and judging were really extraordinary.

Harold - cool analysis. I'd love to see the correlation of performances at Sectionals and Regionals.

Ken - I know! Ridiculous carbon-copy scoring. Great work this weekend!

John - congrats again, dude. See you in Ohio!

8. J Hoggan wrote...

Also wanted to give props to Rudy and everyone from Outlaw CF who competed. Having 7 athletes in Regionals is no joke! Ohio's going to be fun.

9. MikeG_CFATL wrote...

Jeff and Maggie...thank you to you both, your volunteers, and your jugdes for the awesome event. What a brutal weekend.

Congratulations to all those who qualified and all those who competed. Thank you for making us GA boys feel welcome. It was an honor to compete with you all. By the way, I have not been able to move for two days.


Mike G

10. JimmyS wrote...

#2 Craig,

The bar used was the "All Terrain" Bar made by Sorinex. You can find them here ( ) I purchased a used one after the event. Your thoughts on the bar?

11. Curious wrote...


Thanks for the analysis. I know its not possible, but it would be great to see some analysis done with regards to age, body weight, and height. Also if different point values were assigned to the different events, particularly since two of the WODs were almost meaningless in determining the top 20. Correct me if I'm wrong but ideally we would want four WODs that had an equal impact on the final standings.

12. Patrick Otis wrote...

Congrats to the Compound an all who came out.

ltr Pat

13. Tom Brose wrote...

I think this event was exceptional. Jeff an Maggie deserve a lot of credit for running a great competition, having lounge areas and kitchen access, chiropractors etc. I would guess this was the most athlete/spectator friendly sectional put on, and thats what it should be about.

Harold, stop by the CFDC camp next time, your scientific approach would be most at home with our crew.

14. Brian Stokes wrote...

What a great weekend! Jeff, Maggie & all the judges, vols, & photogs did a great job. I felt as relaxed as I could get. Like I said Sunday, from our perspective, everything went smooth as silk. Thanks again

Curious, I wish there was data for the age groups. It ain't easy to be an old guy going up against all those young guns!

15. John Steger wrote...

Jeff and Maggie, thank you for putting on such a great event. I can't image how much work went into planning such a huge event, but you did an amazing job. All of the judges and volunteers were very professional and super friendly. I had a great time this weekend.

Congrats to everyone who qualified for the regionals.

16. Billy wrote...

When did CF Alexandria change their name to Outlaw CF?

17. Craig Furneisen wrote...

Awesome weekend! Thanks to JT and Maggie for putting it all together. The competition was great and the volunteers and judges worked their ass off!!

To all the competitors who qualified I'll see you in Ohio!

John and Jason - You guys are both phenomenal athletes and I look forward to competing with you again.

Ken and Mike - You guys can come up anytime. Glad I was able to work out with u.

18. Harold Doran wrote...

@Hoggan Your killed this weekend. Your work capacity is through the roof. Congrats on that 3 spot.

@Curious I'm not sure what's ideal. I try and leave that stuff to people smarter than me on programming. My only goal is to try and be objective and present what the data show. I try and not insert my opinions on what I think the world should look like. If I inserted my opinions, we all would have been doing lots of muscle ups and heavy deadlifts this weekend because those are ideal for me :)

@Tom Brose, I'm just across the Great River from you over in Old Town. Maybe one day I'll hit a WOD with your crew and talk shop.

19. J Hoggan wrote...

Billy - CFA changed to Outlaw CF a little over a month ago. Rudy wanted to change it ever since the gym moved to the Kingstown area, right on the edge of Alexandria and Springfield. Basically, most people thought of the Old Town area when they heard 'Alexandria' anyway, and 'Outlaw' has kind of been the gym mascott since it started.

Craig - Thanks, dude, you too! Having you in my heats definitely was motivational. See you in Ohio!

20. Amber Karnes wrote...

All my photos from the weekend are up:

21. Nick wrote...

Hey I placed number 13th but I will not be able to go to regionals, is there anyway that I can pass off my spot?

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