UK/Ireland Sectional

UK-Ireland Official Events

Here is the official announcement of the Sectional workouts. This is an updated post. Previous posts can be disregarded.

Athletes from the United Kingdom and Ireland will converge this weekend on Mildenhall Air Force Base to try their hand at securing a spot for the European Regionals in Sweden on May 8-9.

Until the venue is under the control of the organizers, at 9pm Friday night, it will look more like a basketball court than a CrossFit proving ground. However with help from Concept 2, a local equipment manufacturer, Beaverfit, and an army of local affiliates, the transformation will provide everything needed to test the capacities of athletes in the UK and Ireland.

Event 1
3 rounds for time of:
10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
15 GHD Sit-ups
20 Wall Balls (20/10lb, 10-foot target)

Event 2
For time:
50 Double-unders
3 rounds of (3 GTOH 60/30kg, 10 toes-to-bar)
40 Double-unders
2 rounds of (3 GTOH 60/30kg, 10 toes-to-bar)
30 Double-unders
1 round of (3 GTOH 60/30kg, 10 toes-to-bar)

Event 3
For time:
Row 500m
Load 20/15 35lb sandbags onto truck (bags adjacent truck)
Run 1200m
Load 20/15 35lb sandbags onto truck (bags 30' from truck)
Row 500m

Movement Standards
GHD Sit-ups - One hand touch at bottom of movement, 2 hand touch on post at top of movement.
Wall Ball - Crease of hip below the knee. The ball must make contact with wall or ceiling at top of movement.
Double-unders - Only completed reps will count, failed attempts will not count - Bring your own jump rope, some ropes will be available.
Ground-to-Overhead - Barbell can move anyway from the floor to overhead (clean & jerk, snatch, squat clean, split jerk...). Arms must be at full extension overhead with elbow in line over shoulder and both legs must be at full extension with feet reset under your body (no wider than shoulder width) before bar returns to the floor.
Toes-to-Bar - Toes, feet or shins must make contact with the bar at the top. Toes must travel behind the plane of the bar at the bottom of the movement.

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42 comments on this entry

1. Rob Silver wrote...

Wow, how many times are they going to post this??? Stop messing up HQ...

Question for Kempie:

Brian Sharp, Brian Mueller, and myself were planning to come up late friday after we finished giving the friday night WOD class. Is it possible to register late friday night or early sat morning?

2. anthony wrote...

Rob - We will be holding registration on Friday evening. What time will you be arrving?


3. kempie wrote...

Rob - first ease up. Lots going on but everyone is working their tail off and a slip or two is no big deal

secondly - saturday morning is doable but not preferable. Drop me a mail and we'll see what we can do for Friday night.

Cheers, kempie

4. jonny smut (crossfit Northern Ireland) wrote...

Any chance of getting this right....

since my last comment has been deleted I just want to say again chest to bar pull ups, sooooo last year and the year before.
Muscle ups would have been a bigger challenge but it looks like the Wods have been designed so everyone can finish them.....

5. kempie wrote...

Jonny - they would have been but they would have also knocked out a significant proportion of our growing community. As well as being a first step on the path to Aromas these Sectional events are an opportunity for athletes of all levels to participate.

Strength and skill will never be bad things to have - they just may not always be tested to the max.

Cheers, kempie

6. StevieV wrote...

Freaking awesome WODS - I like the FUNCTIONALITY of the sandbag wod.

7. Kari wrote...

Good call Kempie. I have noticed that the sectionals in the staes have really caused a big portion of the participants to get DNF. If you have the ability to make it to the games you will, but for now let's allow people to finish the WODs. Hope to see you again!

-Kari (from Asia this time around ;)

8. kempie wrote...

Hey Kari - hope to see you again someplace too.

Cheers, kempie

PS - congrats to you two

9. rob Silver wrote...

Sorry guys. Didnt mean to appear angry. I just found it funny. Tough to explain silent chuckles via type. Thanks for doing all this. I know it is an incredible amount of work and it will definitely pay off in a well run event.

We are going to decide what to do tomorrow. We will definitely let you know.

10. Joel B wrote...

Good luck folks.
Kempie is an architect of pain.

11. Peter wrote...

Awesome WODS!

Sectionals are all about participation.

Great job Kempie and co. Looking forward to hearing how well it goes,

If I was only back home in the UK...

To everyone taking part - enjoy an excellent event :-)

12. Matt Swift wrote...

Go the Irish! I love seeing CF getting so strong in your region. I will get over there to play with you guys sometime. Good look to everyone that competes, go hard!

13. dave o dowling, perth wrote...

5.43 WOD1
good wod

14. julie wrote...

Yea, my comment was deleted as well...wasnt even that bad compared to usual. The wods are good, buuuuuttt it does need to be more of a challenge! if we are truly sending the best, we shall have to see what the sectionals bring.

15. Party Boy wrote...

Good Wods, glad to see the UK leaving the WODS open to all levels of athlete at the sectionls- that what they do out here in OZ and thats why the community is the fastest growing.
OK Johnny Smut you can do muscle ups thats great - but so what if they leave them out. It doesn't matter, the best athletes will qualify through anyway regardless of exercises.

Crossfit is not elitist- its fitness for all.

Im sure they will have them for you at the regionals.

Let Joe average have his time with the big boys- great programming and good luck.

16. Mudd wrote...

Is the Chest to bar standard Bar to touch below sternum?

17. Andy wrote...

I hope so Mudd because some of the butterfly pull ups that i've watched on some of the sectionals are barely chin above bar.

18. OllieS wrote...

Loving the workouts! The variety is good, bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, rowing, running, skipping! Really cool format on the last 2, makes a change from the usual 21-15-9!!! Last workout looks great. Good to see no HSPU!!!!!

19. Dominic CrossFit Central Manchester wrote...

Great choice of Wods as always from Kempie, we are all looking forward to the weekend so we can throw ourselves at them. See you Friday my friend. Best, Dominic

20. Scott Jenks CF Essex wrote...

Agreed great workouts, look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

Fergus - Remember to set your alarm!! Have a great Paddys Day

21. Gez (CrossFit Swansea Co-owner)) wrote...

Just wanted to leave a comment regarding the WODS.
Well done to Kempie, Andrew and Anthony on the choice of exercises. Crossfit is a developing sport in the UK and you have reflected that perfectly by allowing everyone the opportunity to compete and feel confident about the competion, you have not cut out great swathes of individuals by including for example 30 M.Ups in a chipper (bearing in mind we can do M.Ups). As a Crossfit affiliate owner / coach and from a business and sport development point of view you have hit it bang on! This will aid the growth of CF in the UK I have no doubt.
Well done guys
See you Friday!

Its very easy to criticise from the safety of a keyboard.

22. Mark Campbell wrote...

What time does it start on Saturday??

23. kempie wrote...

Mark - entry will be open from 8am for a 9am start. You should have received an email with the schedule a week or so ago. It is also posted on and will go up here on the Games page soon too. Also mentioned in the schedule was the registration on Friday night. Hit me up on email if you can't track down the info you need.

Cheers, kempie

24. kempie wrote...

Yep - chest is anything from the collar bone on down. Nipples or abs to bar is legit too but not required

Cheers, kempie

25. Fergus wrote...


How did I know that you'd mention that...

I'll have you know that I only sleep in if I get completely leathered drunk the night before and, as I'm not intending on doing much drinking then (or today), I should only need one alarm.

But I may just bring a second, just in case.


for those of us who are looking increasing unlikely like they'll make it on Friday night (work commitments), are registrations open on Saturday morning?

26. kempie wrote...

Fergus - if you are going to register on the Saturday morning then you'll need to be there for 8am sharp to get things done. First heat is at 9am sharp and there will be no allowances made for late entry.

Not trying to be a hard a$$ but we have a lot of WOD's to get through in a fairly short day.

Cheers, kempie

27. Scott Jenks CF Essex wrote...

Is the (A) on the map the exact location where the gates to RAF Mildenhall are, just wondering as I dont want to be late Saturday morning.

28. Fergus wrote...

Cheers Kempie,

I'm hoping to travel down with Mike & Mrs Mike on Friday so it shouldn't be an issue but fail to prepare etc etc

Scott, Kempie's being a hard a$$ so don't be late;)

29. kempie wrote...

Scott - and whoever else is not going to be at the registration on Friday night - send me an email with the heading "Map Please" and I'll send you a map to the back gate that we will be using.

PS this better be a damn short list!! ;)

Cheers, kempie

30. McCoy Turner wrote...

As I am a CrossFit virgin it is really encouraging to see that the WODs have been devised to encompass everybodys ability. I fully understand this is a competition to find the fittest person on the planet, however, the cream will always rise to the top!

Really looking forward to my first real contact with CrossFit, see you all there!

31. Andy wrote...

Totally agree about the choice of exercises for the wods. Opens it up completely to the public and will allow everyone to experience the competition without feeling as though they have been victimised for not being completely able to perform some of the more challenging exercises. I have no doubt that next years event will bring a whole load of new CrossFitters to the competition and the standards will have been raised even more.

Nice work guys! See you Friday

32. Ron McKinstray wrote...

Neil, Ron and all at CrossFit Scotland would like to wish good luck to all competing at the games this weekend. Great wods that echo what week do with our members every day. Hope the rest of the community take notice. The games are a fantastic opportunity to promote CrossFit, an opportunity we can not afford to miss.

One suggestion for next year would be to release the general partication standards earlier, much earlier and instead of brining 3 competitors we would hope to bring 30. Okay they would not necessarily have a chance of winning but the shear buzz of competing would be fantastic for both them and spreading the word.

33. kempie wrote...

Ron - good point on the earlier emphasis that this would be an event emphasizing participation.

TBH I hadn't appreciated at an earlier stage the possibilities opened up to us by the Sectional/ Regional format.

Look forward to the Scots invading en masse next year

Cheers, kempie

34. Buddha wrote...

Cool Wods. Thought u guys would have more guinness and whiskey interspersed with your Wods.

Chug 3 pints
15 burpees
chug 2 pints
9 burpees
chug 1pint

Run 800m
2 shots of whiskey
run 800m
1 shot of whiskey

35. anthony wrote...

Buddha - That will come Saturday night! Maybe "tabata chug"...gotta hit as many ounces as possible...of course that would be the same workout as in the O'Pukie's Tavern shirt...thanks HQ for a great idea!


36. Joel wrote...

Just thought I'd mention that Men's Fitness UK are going to be there - I'll be competing and we'll be filming and doing photography for our June issue. I think it's a great set of WODs - doing them fast is going to be killer and skill will help (with the overhead-anyhow especially) but it's not all important, and everyone should be able to finish. Shame there aren't any handstand pushups though, I thought that might be my time to shine...

37. Chet (FK.UK) wrote...

Heat listings and start timings are now available on the FK.UK forum:

38. Aaron wrote...

Two questions- 1- do we have a time for the friday night registration, and is that and open registration?

And 2- do athletes already registered through HQ need to show at friday's registration for heat assignment?

Some particulars on that would be awesome, and I can't wait to see the community this weekend- I live close to and work on RAF Mildenhall, so beers at my house are an open invitation to anyone that wants one- Kempie, I got a bottle of Jack waiting for you my friend.

Cheers, and get some.

39. kempie wrote...

Aaron - registration is from 1730 to 2030 at the rugby club. This is an opportunity to get some paperwork done and disseminate any last minute details. Accordingly, everyone needs to stop by for registration regardless of where you signed up.

Heat listings can be downloaded here

Look forward to seeing you all real soon. For those that haven't met me I'll be the skinny bald headed bloke with a drip feed of USAF coffee

Cheers, kempie

40. kempie wrote...

I've got an answer pending approval

Aaron - registration for all at the rugby club (details below) - anywhere from 5:30 - 8:30

Mildenhall RUFC

Jeagor Farm

Holywell Row

Mildenhall. Suffolk

IP28 8NB

Heat listings are available from funckey dot co dot uk

Cheers, kempie

41. lee wrote...

Sh*t. Kempie, if you're skinny, WTF am I?

Good lifting to everyone (make your own luck).

42. Scott Jenkins wrote...

Just wondering if the rumours true that we have to go to the Rugby Club Saturday morning, my emails at work so no access today.


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